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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You LIKE me. You Really LIKE me!

I have recently been given a couple of awards. One was the Versatile blogger award which was given to me by Brigitte at Poohpees World. Thanks so much, Brigitte. I had actually already received this award, but didn't have it on my page (Sorry Brigitte), so I fixed that. Thank you for thinking of me. You can read my post from that award here.

Christine, my buddy, over at Phoenix Revolution gave me an award. Thank you, Thank you!

The Rules state I'm supposed to name 10 things I like and I'm just wondering how I'll limit myself to only 10, but here goes:

1) Post-exercise sweat. That's right. I love being sweaty because I've worked my ass off in some sort of physical activity.

2)Sports radio, sports TV, sports. I'm an ESPN and sports radio addict. ESPECIALLY during football season, but pretty much all the time. I love football, like basketball especially college, but NBA too. Tolerate baseball, prefer college. Like hockey. Tennis and golf are OK. Nascar-I don't get AT ALL. Poker is not a sport so stop showing it on my shows!

3) Cool fall weather. I LOVE being able to wear shorts with a sweatshirt. LOVE IT.

4) Reading a good book, especially on the elliptical. I love books, mostly fiction. I don't care for serious Oprah list type books. I like senseless escapism most of the time. Yes, I like the Twilight series. I read about one book a week, most of the time.

5)Laying on the floor playing a board game or coloring with my kids.

6) Laughing and telling jokes with my soon to be 13 year old son. He has a really cool sense of humor and we get each others humor, at least right now. We have a lot of silly inside jokes and I love it. I hope it doesn't change.

7)Walking into the gym like I own the place. The first time I went to the gym, I went by myself. I know all of you reading know what the moment, that feeling is like. I felt like I was in a foreign country and didn't speak the language. BUT, not any more. Now I walk in and own the joint.

8)Cooking off the cuff. I love to just start grabbing stuff out of the fridge or pantry that sound like they'd be good together and winging it. It usually always turns out yummy!

9)The 1-2 hours I get to spend with my husband after the kids are in bed. My favorite part of the day is decompressing with him and watching our fav TV shows.

10) Speaking of TV, I like watching it. Probably more than I should, but there are so many good shows: True Blood, Rescue Me, Burn Notice, Vampire Diaries, Hung, Entourage, Sons of Anarchy, Rubicon, Chuck, House, Spartacus

The second part of the award says I'm supposed to name 10 blogs and pass it on. Here goes:

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3)Losing Harry-been off an on with blogging lately. Let's all go over and encourage him!
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  1. Thanks for the award! I'll work on my reply... I'm still basking in the whole "FINALLY A GIRL!" excitement with the birth of my niece, LOL.

    I bought her a pink silk dress. Size 2T. Because clearly every toddler needs a silk dress.

  2. No comments, yet? But it's true, we DO like you, REALLY. It's been very slow in the comment department over the long weekend, I think everyone just sort of took a break (including me). I liked reading your 10 things--especially your rapport with 13 yr old son, and that your manage to read a book a week in your uber busy life. Hope things are going well.

  3. Congrats on your awards! I loved learning some new things about you:)

  4. Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it on to me!

    I enjoyed getting to know you a little better by reading the things you love.

  5. Oh! How did I miss this? Must've been that wild bday party last weekend with all the 9 year old girls.

    Thanks so much! I will work on paying it forward!

  6. Nothing, I never win. Think it's cause I am too snarky ? I am making an award for me... Snarkydom !!

  7. Thanks! We have a lot in common from your list. Definitely the sports, although I favor baseball. I listen to too much sports radio, though less lately as I have a read aloud Kindle for commuting. And there's not much good news in Seattle sports these days. Also like the cooler fall. Love how you own the gym - you go!

  8. Well of the 10 blogs you listed, I only read 2....so now I get to go check out 8 new ones to me. Awesome!

    Love that you've got inside jokes with your 13 year old. Want to hear a secret? It will last. My 'baby' texts things to me almost daily...things that are just between him and I and have been for years. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Oh, my baby is 27!

  9. Thanks!! I totally missed this too but will do it soon! I love reading your blog!


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