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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Part Two

Well....the Cowboys have the worst record since 2001. How proud I am. Geez. As if I wasn't nauseated enough. Ugh. And now wrapping up Sunday with the Manning Bowl. Maybe I've had enough football and we'll turn to some TiVo soon.

Birthday party was at a Karate place. My sweet little girls in their cute little dresses kicked some little boys ass. They asked for it though. They were jumping around and punching at them so......big one round house kicked the bratty kid in the stomach. Little one punched and side kicked him. The kids were supposed to be using targets but a few little boys were not following instructions. Guess they'll listen now. My girls have been in TKD for 2 years. HA! That's what I've been paying all that money for.

Two clean girls, brushing teeth and then it's story time. Big boy has gone to bed after homework, french horn and chores. He was pooped after a fun weekend of camping and canoeing. So pooped he got in the shower without being told. There are miracles! He loves to read prior to bed, like his Mom. Husband is finishing his own homework. Why did I think that being a grown up meant no more homework? HA! I have some of my own that I'm not doing right now. I'd rather blog instead. Procrastination is my name.

Well, I successfully ate toast and a poached egg. That was about an hour ago. Still have pain. Whatever. I guess I'll call my friend the radiologist and have him ultrasound me if I'm not better tomorrow.

Two little girls calling "Mommy....I'm tired." Your wish is my command. When you're in bed, I can be soon after. Good night all.

If this is boring, blame Allan. His idea to post twice a day. But....I like the idea of more focus on the weekends and I'll be damned if I fail in Allan's challenge. Never hear the end of it. Hee hee.


  1. Well,I wish I could say I am sorry about the Cowboys but since one of them losses was to my guys Da Bears, well, I'll just say the Cowboys can still finish 14-2, right?

    How can this be boring, you talked about a party karate style! Sounds like a good time.

  2. So, you're advocating violence? A bold move, doc. Ha ha.

    (And you knew this was coming) Maybe some of those tough girls should join the Cowboys!

  3. The Cowboys and the Vikings, Neither team showed up. Sigh..

  4. Yeaaaah. Ummm sorry about the Cowboys! *whistles and looks innocent* I'm glad that you had a good, busy weekend!

  5. Glad you got something down. Take care of yourself, I've got my fingers crossed that you're okay.


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