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Monday, September 13, 2010

Ohhh the Nausea!

This weekend was a mixed bag. First, I did well at the game on Saturday. I ate a big breakfast of toast and eggs. On the way up for the game, I had some sunflower seeds and a WHOLE bunch of water. At the game I discovered that they have plain baked potatoes at the BBQ place. So, that's what I had for lunch. Of course they pile on the butter and I had to pull most of that off. But it was very yummy and a healthy choice in light of the other stadium options. Late in the game it was getting pretty hot, so I had a small cup of low fat frozen yogurt and some more water. It was yummy and really hit the spot!

Exercise for the day was the long walk to and from the stadium as well as the jumping and cheering and standing that goes along with football game watching. My Sooners did a number on Florida State and they looked WAY better this week. Sigh of relief.

On the way home from the game, I had KFC grilled chicken. It tasted so good and ended sooooo badly. Within 1/2 hour I was pulled over on the side of the road losing it. And I had a real hard time getting the rest of the way home. I was sick all day yesterday and still feel bad today although less. Needless to say, yesterday I did not exercise and I really didn't eat much at all. I had toast around 4pm when I crawled out of bed for a few minutes and later that night a little soup and crackers.

I made the mistake of not drinking enough fluids, but I just couldn't get enough down that would stay. This morning, I was down a pound and it wasn't worth it. I would have rather kept that pound, skipped the sickness and lost it the better way, but oh well. I didn't work out today either. I had an appointment with my trainer I had to cancel so I could go home and try to eat a little soup and take a nap, which I did. I feel a little better, but not by much. It will be a very long time before I darken the doors of KFC again that's for sure!

I felt too bad to watch the whole Cowboys game last night. I went to sleep not long after the half and I'm pretty glad I did considering the hideous outcome. Geez! I KNEW McNabb at the Redskins was gonna be bad. Another reason to HATE the Eagles (Sorry Alan). I'm too sick at my stomach to rehash the nonsense I saw last night. But WHO doesn't take a knee before the half?!?! And WHY with all the money Jerry spends can we NOT get a kicker? Why? My friend Sam looked good at his first "real" game as a pro for the Rams. They lost, but he's looking great. He attempted like 60 passes. Lordy! They want their money's worth, eh? He and another OU fav of mine Mark Clayton did a lot of connecting. Maybe a little more next time and they might win the game? And one last note....the Lions were robbed. That was a touch down.

That's all today. I'm too tired and too weak for my brain to think of more. Maybe I'll be able to be witty and inspiring tomorrow.


  1. I am so not a sports fan unless my son is playing. But tonight we are going to the football game thanks to friends with extra tickets. Hubby really wants to go. The bad news: we are in a suite with catered food and the game doesn't start until almost my bedtime! So late night snacking... I hope I can resist.

  2. well, that was a learning experience anyway. i don't really care for the grilled chicken at KFC, but it' never made me sick. They may have MSG in their secret recipes, and if you have been eating mostly what you've prepared yourself your tolerance for that may be gone?

    Anyhow, lesson learned. I'm not goint to attempt it. Kiddo wants to go out to eat and I'm crossing that off the list of possibilities.

  3. I hate when good food "ends badly"

  4. KFC does that to me almost every time - at least to some extent. About twice a year I test it - and usually lose. It smells SO good though...

  5. I can't do fast food anymore - the last thing I ate, two onion rings, had me puking...on my last night in Maui. My system, and it sounds like your, now, is too accustomed to healthy food. Sorry you had to go through that...but if you're like me, you'll think twice and then a third time before eating fast food, lol!

  6. Bucket O Chicken will whack a Cowboy fan ever time. Chicken 1, Dr F 0. Was puking enough punishment for eating that crap ? You know better, Thanks and that is all... Get well

  7. They should have asked my son, a college level kicker, to try their kicks. They would have scored some points! Never ever underestimate the kicker.

    No fun to be sick like that. Get better.

  8. Allan- I didn't eat a bucket, just one grilled breast. No skin.

  9. Oh dear! Feel better soon! (The skin is the best part of that chicken. Yum. But soooo bad!) No more KFC for you!

  10. Sorry you aren't feeling well. I had a similar experience with a Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich on my way to an important meeting for work. I missed the first few minutes in the bathroom. Ugh.

    Be SO GLAD you missed the end of the CB game. Just an awful end :-). Yeah, it was weird seeing Donovan in maroon and gold.

  11. oh no Doc! I have not had KFC for a loooong time. But I used to work there and I would do some pretty bad things to the chicken who came in 2 minutes before close and so I can't get over the idea the people are doing that to mine. Cowboys game was a frikkin joke and I am hacked about Buehler. and yeah, take a frikkin knee you idiot!

  12. So sorry you got sick. I think a lot of us have had similar reactions to former faves. I can't eat regular (full fat) ice cream without getting almost instant retribution which sends me flying to the nearest bathroom. Sorry your Cowboys lost too, but I have to tell ya, DH was thrilled.

  13. First... I am a Bears fan. No, I am THE bears fan. And I agree, the Lions got robbed. The Bears will take the win however and I'd expect the next time we meet to be a battle of near-epic'ness. Ok, it wont be close to epic, but it will be fun, or horrible if both teams can't hold on to the ball again. Hey, you want jay Cutler, take him - the puke!

    Now, KFC grilled chicken... I brought it home a month ago. I was cool with it. The rest of the family petitioned to have me exhiled to Wisconsin. I like wisconsin so I signed the petition too under condition I NOT ever have to become a Packer fan. I'd rather go back to obesity than don the maze & green of that team.

    I need caffeine, I am not yet wound up enough - have a great day!!

  14. Sorry you were sick.

    I know when a certain food has made me ill, that's it! I don't even want to think about it again, never mind eat it.

    Could be that cloud DID have a silver lining? That's one fast food place which will never tempt you again.:)


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