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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday morning

Well, I don't feel too hot today. Having a lot of pain. Toast for breakfast and water. Still having pain. I'm pretty tired today, not sure why since I slept pretty well, but I was up several times with belly pain.

Plan for today: lay in bed, try not to throw up.  Seems pretty simple. The girls have a birthday party later so I'll have to get them dropped off to that later. other than that, no plans.

Right now I'm watching my Cowboys get ready to be 0-3.  Penalties are killing this team. AND since when can a field goal kicker not at least TRY for 42 yards? Absolutely embarrassing. We're so screwed. but, my Sooners eeked out a win in Cincinnati last night. Gotta say those fans are something else. It was quite the hostile environment. Good practice for next week. THE BIG GAME.  Hopefully we can win this year. Texas looks pretty bad.  That display they put on yesterday brought tears of joy to my eyes. Snicker.

Back up the pound from yesterday. Just sodium and all that because I have not eaten that many calories. NOt worried with it now. Just trying to survive. Husband leaves tomorrow for a week and I'll be single mommy next week. So today, a day of rest to get ready.  Hope you all have a good Sunday.


  1. You'd think there should be some benefit to being a doctor and you could get in to get this surgery done a bit faster! I'm so sorry you're going through this, especially with the husband heading out of town.

    Yipes. I'll be thinking about you!

  2. sending good thoughts your way....zzzzz....zzzzz...-------->>>

    feel them??? LOL

  3. Feel better. If you are gonna throw up anyway, now might be the time for the Halloween Oreos...

  4. Hope you feel better. If the Cowboys get any worse, it won't be sporting of me to give you a hard time about them!

  5. I'm sorry to hear you're in pain. I hope the surgery is nothing too serious.
    Congrats on removing 40 pounds .... that's AWESOME! and total inches lost ... you're doing amazing.
    Good luck next week being a single mom considering how you're feeling.
    Keep up the good work Doc!

  6. I hope your team comes through for you, but maybe you should just nap instead.

    Hubby couldn't postpone his trip so you could get some relief earlier? Poor doc!

  7. I haven't got a clue what all the sports references are about, being a limey - is this american football or something?

    Feel better soon doc.

  8. Your 'boys did just fine today. Hope you succeeded in not throwing up and that you feel better here.

  9. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have more good days than bad before you can get in to have this fixed.


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