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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good Morning Tuesday ??

Well, I didn't sleep great. I kept having this dream that I was being poked in my side with a big metal spring from our mattress and I was super pissed because I've been telling my husband that we needed a new bed. We had an argument about it in my dream. Then I woke up and realized that it wasn't the bed at all, but my gallbladder. I rolled over. No more dream. Hee hee. Too funny.

Kids off to school but not without difficulty this morning. Little one was on the floor. Nothing made her happy this morning. So I did it. Yes I did it. I offered her a mint. We have these little peppermints with chocolate inside from last Christmas. I gave her one. Suddenly she was happy. I know. I know. I taught her to feed her frustration. But, it's just a mint, right? I mean, everyone needs good breath, right? Ugh. Sometimes being a mom is hard.

I just couldn't stand one more minute of her lying in the floor crying because her socks weren't right or her shoes weren't right or she wants straight hair like Barbie. For goodness sake, NO ONE's hair is straight like Barbie's, is it?  Especially when your Mom and Dad BOTH have curly hair. One recessive gene + one recessive gene = CURLY HAIR.  I didn't make it that way.  But when you're 4 you just don't get it.  I even tried the, "God made you with curly hair and he thinks you are perfect so if you don't like your hair you'll have to tell God."  Well, I got back, "FINE! I WILL.  I'LL tell him and HE'LL make my hair straighter because HE LOVES ME!"   Now do you see why I used the mint distraction?

Food wise I did OK yesterday. I was under my calories despite the carb heavy menu. I weighed the same this am, but I think that might mean I'll be down a little tomorrow since we ate so late. I feel like I'm down a little.  I just hate not exercising.  It is soooo much harder for me to lose weight without the exercise. I am still tracking my calories and I've been over at times, but not by much. It's a lot harder to stay under the budget without the exercise.  I'm feeling not too bad this morning. I had yogurt and a muffin for breakfast. And water. I plan going home at lunch. Maybe I'll try the bike if I still feel OK.

Let me be a lesson to all of you.  If you THINK you can LOSE without EXERCISE you are WRONG.  Maybe for a while. Maybe at first. But not to GOAL.  You're FOOLING yourself if you think EXERCISE isn't IMPORTANT.  If you don't believe me TRY IT.  Exercise EVERYDAY for 2 weeks.  COMPARE your losses with and without. See which one is more.  I'll BET you that you lose nearly TWICE the WEIGHT.  Ask ALLAN about MATH.  He'll tell you.  The more you  BURN the more you lose.  The LESS you EAT the more you LOSE. The people who are SUCCESSFUL do BOTH watching the DIET and EXERCISE.  ASK any of them.  They'll tell you.  Ask Jack or Sean or Christine or Shelley or Trish or Chris or ANY of the weight loss success stories. The FACTs don't lie. EXERCISE WORKS.  Now go and make it work FOR YOU! 

You have to be CONSISTENT.  You have to eat RIGHT and EXERCISE all the time. That should be your GOAL.  Yes you'll make mistakes. But your GOAL should be to DO IT EVERYDAY AND DO IT RIGHT.  With that as your goal, mistakes are less and SUCCESS is MORE!



  1. Oh crap, My queen is on a roll !!!

  2. I wish exercising was as easy as it is to want to exercise. But I agree...I can't do this sitting on my butt.

  3. There is no way I can lose weight without exercise. I have tried it. No way.

  4. Not only does exercise work, it helps tone the jiggly parts that crop up once you start removing the fat!

    Can I just say that I love your daughter's spunk? And yes, those days when NOTHING is right for a 4-year-old...it all that it took was a mint to get her out of it, then you did good!

  5. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!! you are spot on.. it is such a simple thing yet the most complicated to get across no matter how one tries to explain it... you must burn energy to lose weight.. you must burn calories to lose weight.. its like a car.. fill it will gas it burns the gas. and you fill it again.. exercise is not only good physically but so good emotionally a sense of accomplishment if you will.. and .. the mint incident.. well.. I am sure even God passes out mints to get people satisfied every so often :-) .. glad she was happy with the mint..

  6. Easy with the CAPS there doc, you'll burst a blood vessel. lol

    I think the mint was more than warranted in the circumstances...never mind straight hair, tell your little one she'll go bald if she argues with the man upstairs. ;o)

  7. Yes Doctor. I hear you. I'll go out to the gym later and get up really early tomorrow to do my run. Don't fret about the candy too much. If you did it all the time, a piece of candy wouldn't have worked, but every once in a while, it's a mighty handy strategy to have in your arsenal of parenting tricks.

  8. Exercise is a must; message recieved! Sometimes we all look for the easy way out. I know i still do which bothers me. But deep down I know as you have prescribed here; you have to put in the effort. Have to, or else, well you wont get better. If I had an award for fave post of the day this would be it. So as cheesy as it sounds please accept the cool smile on my face as just that award. Thanks!

  9. You're right! I totally agree. Weight loss without Exercise is almost impossible. I know you'll be glad when your surgery is over and you can get back to your normal routine. It won't be much longer. Hang in there!!

  10. Laughed about the story of your daughter. My younger son is really crabby in the morning. Now I tell him "Have a rotten day!" because he likes it better than "Have a good day!"

  11. I totally agree. How quickly the weight creeps up when I don't do both. Fortunately it goes as quickly as it comes.


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