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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Laziness

Yesterday as a fun and busy day. We drove to Norman for the football game. We arrived just in time to drop off the girls, pick up the tickets and head off to the game. We played Air Force and there was a most excellent fly over of jets during the anthem. The crowd was wild. Usually at the end of the anthem the crowd shouts "Home of the Sooners" in stead of "Home of the brave", but yesterday in respect for the armed forces we sang it the right way. It was a bit sloppy of a game, but we won 27-24. A win is a win and we'll take it.

After the game we went back to my Aunt's changed clothes then headed out to the Japanese Steak house for dinner. It is always fun to go to those places and watch the chef toss eggs and various foods around like the Harlem Globetrotters. My husband and I split a meal as it is always too much food. Shrimp appetizer, salad, soup, steak, lobster and grilled veggies and a little rice. I ate a ton of food last night, but I didn't eat much to speak of all day in anticipation of dinner so I was under my calories. Of course we did a ton of walking which helped.

This morning we got up early and packed up and headed home. We were home here by noon. We have to pick up my son from his camping trip in a bit and the girls have a bday party this afternoon. I'm still having trouble with pain in my side and I'm worried it may be my gallbladder. I'm hoping it's a pulled muscle as surgery does NOT sound like fun at all. The only thing is that eating seems to make it worse and I get nausea. Physician heal thyself, eh?

Of course, the nausea could be related to watching this Cowboys game. Offensive line? Did we need one of those? Oh, are penalties bad? Ugh. Romo looks irritated and there's no rhythm. Gonna be a long season folks.

I better go so I can yell at the TV some more. Have a good Sunday all....


  1. My boys like those steakhouses. Yes, always too much food. Fortunately, the teen will eat that as leftovers. I hope you either feel better soon or figure out that it is something innocuous.

  2. Take care of yourself. Gallbladder surgery, even laparoscopic is no fun; both my brother and wife went through it. On the plus side they're fine and dandy today, years later

  3. Take care of yourself! :-) I love lazy Sundays! We're having one of those and it's much needed!!

  4. Ouch on the side pain -- here's hoping it really is a pulled muscle and the nausea is something innocuous as well.

    Otherwise (and other than the Cowboys) sounds like a great weekend, with much less housework than mine :D


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