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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Morning

Good Morning everyone. I'm up. I'm at work and I REALLY wish I wasn't. But, at least it's Thursday which means the weekend is just a day a way. Thank the Lord.

I've discovered that walking hurts. I tried, but it causes things in my belly to jiggle and there is a LOT of my belly to jiggle. Hee hee. So, no walking. I ate come cheerios this morning and drank some coffee.

Last night I was soooo hungry. I just haven't eaten much for days. At 7pm last night I'd had only 300 cal. I decided to go ahead and eat. I had linguine with pesto and shrimp my Nanny made for us. It was sooooooo good, homemade pesto. Not too bad health wise. I only ate maybe 2/3-1cup pasta. I also had some broccoli and bruschetta, also home made on wheat bread. Yummy! It tasted soooo good. I had pain after, but didn't throw up, so that was great. It hurts all the time whether I eat or not, so I might as well.

I remain bloated and still up 2 pounds from last week. I know it's all the sodium from the soups and crackers. But, I'm not letting it bother me. Last night my new lab coat finally arrived and I am so happy. It is an XL, no numbers in front and it fits so great. I tried to take a picture of myself and well...it was just awful. I'll have my husband take one later.

A lot of you have asked when I'm getting this gallbladder thing fixed. I am actually seeing the surgeon today so I should know for sure soon. I'll keep you posted. I'm pretty sure I'll need surgery and I'll dread it. I've had surgery 3 times, but nothing like this. Those were just ablations for my subglottic stenosis (scar tissue in my upper airway) and they were done with a laser and only took about 30 minutes each so I wasn't out too long. They left me with a sore throat for 2-3 days, but otherwise I was fine. This is a much bigger surgery, even with the laprascopic procedure.

Still..... I am thankful it is nothing worse than simple gallstones. I saw a lady last week, 42 years old and has had lung cancer the last 6 years with one surgery after another and radiation and chemo. They found the cancer 6 mo after she was married. I try to remind myself of stories like that when I feel sorry for myself.

Hope you all have a great day. Eat right! Exercise! I'm watching you! Smile.


  1. I am on it Doc! You just get that gall thing taken care of! I will keep your spot warm I promise!

  2. Hope the surgeon can fit you in soon for the op mate, my gran had gallstones and they reduced her appetite to nil and she wound up losing a stone before they could operate.

    I also think it's good to remind ourselves that we should consider ourselves lucky if we can walk, talk and function "normally" - when i read of some small kid who's had leukemia or some other terrible disease that no-one so young should have to endure i always try and reflect that any troubles i have are trifling.

  3. Exercising - √
    Eating right - √
    Looks like we’re good to go!

  4. There is a cool feel-good, new lab coat with no digits before the XL.

    Hoping you get good news from your surgeon and that you can get this fixed sooner than later.

  5. Good job carrying on. I've been feeling down today about my eating -- out of control. But your cheerful attitude and the fact that you're watching me (hee!) are motivating me to just start fresh starting right NOW! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

  6. Yay for the coat! Try to hold on to the positives today...it's even more important when you're feeling poorly! Let us know what your surgeon says. I'm worried for you!

  7. Sorry about your gallstones, but when you put it in perspective, there is a lot worse things going on in the world.

    Hooray for XL! :D



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