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Saturday, September 18, 2010

, Trying to post from my phone so I can meet Allan's challenge to post twice a day. Yesterday I felt like poo. I'm afraid I'm having gallbladder issues.


  1. I hope not, they're very painful!! Hope your feeling better soon.

  2. I hope you are not! That is the surgery I will be have 10/13. Had to wait 4 months so that I had the money for ins deductibles. But TG so I have not had any upsets to send me to ER. Of course it does make you eat right and cut the fat!!! Have fun at the game - I will be watching my VOLS from home.

  3. no! no gall bladder problems! Maybe you ate something that had some hidden fat in it or something like that!

  4. No, no, no - I had the dreaded lap chole last year. One incision, still a difficult surgery if you're the patient, even if you hand pick the surgeon, anesthesiologist, OR and post-op crew.


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