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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well...CRAP! and NSV

You want the good news or the bad news first? OK. Bad it is.

So...I get a call from the radiologist this morning letting me know that he was reading the X-ray on my son from last night and he DOES in fact see a hair line fracture in the joint. Shit. So that means he needs a cast or a splint for 4 weeks. Before the game last night, his coach told him he was going to move him up to A-team. That probably won't happen as he will not be playing. He is so bummed. So am I. I totally didn't see that fracture last night. But, I was tired. I'm not a radiologist. AND I was pretty much wishing there was no fracture. News flash....I'm human.

Today I have eaten a jimmy dean breakfast sandwich (the light one), a tiny bite of chicken and salad. One peppermint. Water. A little coffee. That's it. I'm hungry, but the only thing to eat here at the office is brownies and cookies and I sure as hell aint touching that crap.

No exercise. AGAIN. Sigh. Maybe I'll try to go for a walk with the kids tonight. We'll see. Still having a lot of pain even though I had a massage which just proved to me that most of the pain is IN FACT from my stupid gallbladder. Fab.

And speaking of the massage....

The NSV! Usually when I go get a massage, I barely fit on the table. I mean, I fit, but I have to kinda tuck my arms up under myself a little as they are always trying to slide off the sides. This time I fit. All of me fit. I could relax, my arms were lying beside me and weren't sliding off the table. I was so happy as it did prove to me that my body IS smaller. Smile.

The massage was good. My back feels better. I am more relaxed. I wish I was in less pain, but I'm not so....I'll ignore it by doing my work which I am avoiding at this moment. Life is full of ups and downs, you just have to hold on for the ride. Adios!


  1. Yup, roller coaster seems the right ride for life. Hang in there Doc, you'll get through this and leave it all behind you.

  2. An NSV AND a massage! Lucky you:) When I broke my arm last March the fracture did not show up on an xray, only and MRI. Which means I had no diagnosis for two weeks. And quite a lot of money later... Sorry for your son.

  3. Too bad about that arm! Dang it!!! It won;t help to tell him "there will be other seasons."

    Sorry that you are still not up to speed. Sounds like you feel like s.... When the Doc is down, we are all down!!! Bummer! Here is hoping you get back up to your regular kick ass speed. Okay??!!

    Seriously, take care of yourself, besides the eating healthy and getting fit stuff. Like sleep-I bet you could use more. You are a busy beaver......

  4. Keep on holding on. So sorry about the son's arm. Bummer. Four weeks will seem really long to him (and you) I'm sure. LOVE your NSV. It's really working, you really ARE getting slim!

  5. I was hoping the best for your son's arm, since he was so anxious to play. He will be getting a lot of attention with that cast on, but I know he would rather be getting it on the field.

    I'm glad you were able to keep some food down today, and it's great that you were able to call the brownies "crap" because we all know they are. (Reminding myself, again.) Also, wonderful NSV!

  6. Hey, hold on to that NSV baby! That will be the fuel to the fire when it is go time!!

  7. Way to avoid the sweets! Great NSV! you can truly relax at the message now.

  8. Poor kid! I hope he's a quick healer! Mom too! When are you supposed to get relief from these gall stones? Are they doing surgery or what? (maybe I missed a post)

  9. Great NSV, but I'm sorry to hear about your son's broken wrist. What a bummer! So what's the deal with your gallbladder stones? When are you getting those taken care of?

  10. Congrats on the NSV and football injuries are not all that bad...he should enjoy telling the ladies how he got it.

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