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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Done Day. Finally.

Long long day today.  Work. Meeting. Work. Meeting. Didn't get home until just now and the only reason I'm posting this is because I agreed to Allan's twice a day challenge and I'll be damned if I don't follow through.  Unbelieveably stressful and chaotic week on so many fronts and it is wearing on me. 

BUT, I will not be defeated. I AM AN ASS KICKER, not someone who lets the world kick my ass.   I AM STRONG and I AM CAPABLE. And I will not forget that. AND TODAY, I kicked the ass of the following temptations:

1) Cupcakes. Beautiful fresh cupcakes brought in from the new and trendy cupcake place. I DID NOT touch them.  I did not sniff them. I did not even reach in the box an swipe off that glob of fallen icing that was just sitting there calling me name. NO. I didn't.

2) Luncheon meeting, free food and the choice of menus at the new gourmet burger joint.  I chose the salmon patty salad and it was YUMMY!  I didn't choose the bacon swiss mushroom burger with chipotle sauce and onion rings that also sounded tasty, but a little like death on a plate. Instead I picked a meal of around 220 calories and I was satisfied and full with none of the OH MY GOD I need to unbutton my pants feeling of the past.

3)Red velvet cake brought in by drug rep JUST as the mid afternoon hunger was hitting. OH NO YOU DIDN'T!  No I didn't. I sat at my desk and ate my watermelon fresh from my garden that I brought instead.

4)  The no time to eat before the meeting drive thru opportunity at various  fast food joints. In the past this would have been my favorite.  I could drive thru with little guilt since I literally drove from my office to the meeting.  AND I was alone and could've eaten whatever I wanted without anyone knowing. Secret binging was my favorite. If no one sees you eat it, it doesn't count, right?  BUT NOT TODAY!  I ate my homemade oatmeal 120 cal muffin instead.

5) The meeting dinner food buffet of sandwiches, fruit, cookies, brownies and such. Now when I first arrived, I'd just had my muffin. I wasn't that hungry. I grabbed some fruit-fresh pineapple, grapes, apples, melons. YUM!  I was happy.  But as the meeting wore on and 1 hour turned to three, those cookies sure were calling my name. PLUS some jackhole decides to bring them over and place them under my nose in the center of the conference table. ACK!  The smell of fresh baked double chocolate chip was wafting up from me on their lonely little platter the whole time. AND I had calories in my bank. AFTER ALL I DIDN'T EAT A "REAL" DINNER, right?  And, did I cave. NO I DID NOT.  Why?  Is it because 1 cookie is bad? No.  Is it because I'm afraid of a cookie? No. It's because I KNOW MYSELF.  Eating that cookie tonight leads to, "Well, just ONE bite won't matter" tomorrow. SO KISS IT COOKIE PLATTER.  I don't even care that cookies were still there and MAY be thrown away.  GOOD BYE transfat carb overload sugar high inducing sugar addict making piece of shit. Hit the can.

One more day ending victorious! Score card: Me 1 and Evil Food Temptations from Hell THE BIG ZERO!

Have you faced any temptations lately?  How did you fare?  What was the tally on your score card?


  1. You rocked it!

    I resisted the box of chocolate chip brownies that was sitting on the counter when I walked in to work this morning.
    I wasn't really very tempted. Oh how I wish I could keep this ambivalence about food in the front of my brain always and forever.

  2. Congrats on your victories! That was a lot of ass kicking today...fantastic. And great job maintaining your two a day challenge. It's a lot for me, I can't imagine how you do it.

  3. Fabulous Day!!! Way to go!!! I bet you feel great!

    Me on the other hand...had a great food day, exercised this morning for 30 minutes and 40 minutes at the gym tonight, feeling great and then I blew it! I had a handful of candy corn. I hate candy corn. What was I thinking?

    You've inspired me to push through and keep focused!


  4. can you send me some of that willpower? I'll keep it boxed up for my weaker moments (can you imagine the market for willpower?!)

  5. dude, what is with these people? Aren't you all supposed to be doctors. lol.
    red velvet cake and everything else. No wonder you gained weight.
    hold on there.
    Great job.

  6. and that attitude right there, that was exactly the basis of my comment yesterday Doc. You are the local bad ass, and we all know it. Keep it up Doc!!

    You made me think and I just don't really get the temptation feeling that much anymore. I don't have the same opportunities you do though with your busy schedule and people bringing food around either. I suppose I won't know how my temptation control is until I give in one day and take on a chinese buffet, but I honestly don't see any reason to do that if you want to know the truth. I went to those places as a way to over eat and I don't have that urge anymore. I literally just realized that about me. huh.

  7. I resisted pizza, my personal nemesis. Doc, you're doing great. There's no worse time for temptation than when you're in pain. Kudos to you for doing so well.

  8. I didn't kill anyone out there... Awesome eating Doc, you da bomb...Enjoy the peace of surgery and the off time..

  9. Tell those drug reps to have some R-E-S-P-E-C-T and bring in healthy snacks (fruit travels well) along with the evil stuff! That's the least they can do for trying to woe your "bidness".

  10. Umm, maybe that should have been "woo" instead of "woe" - it's early here in the desert.

    Be kind to yourself (all of your self) today!

  11. Now that's what I call a day of tempting foods...and you know what..You kicked it's ass! Way to go gf!

  12. Rock on with your bad self! I nearly had a handful of indulgent trailmix, hand up to mouth, but I saw that almond and the pb chips and the white chocolate chips and my ass getting bigger and me going over my calories for the day, I put it back. There was also the strawberry shortcake from the meeting yesterday. Why can't people bring in fruit trays?

  13. I like reading about your mental awakening :)

  14. I have been resisting a box of pastries that is sitting about 10 feet from me since 8am this morning. Every time I walk by them I look to see if maybe there is some super healthy alien pastry hidden in the box.


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