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Monday, September 27, 2010

Stupid Monday

I hate Mondays. I just do. It's all that much worse when I feel bad and I do feel bad.  At this point, I'm just going to try to make it to lunch. A lot of you asked why I wasn't getting the surgery sooner.  Well, my husband has this huge national meeting for his job and he's giving a couple of presentations. So, it's not something he could easily postpone or reschedule. So me and my gallbladder will have to find a way to live together another week. Yippee.

I had 2 goals yesterday.  One to rest and the other not to throw up.  I met one of those goals anyway.  I tried to walk a little and it didn't work out.  I took the girls to their party and had to leave considering I was in a lot of pain. Oh well. Daddy picked them up for me.  At least my Cowboys won and looked like an actual football team again. Thank goodness.

Tonight my son has a football game at 5:30pm and Boy Scouts Court of Honor at 7pm.  It's gonna be a busy week with Daddy gone. My BFF is coming to town next weekend to hang out and bring me some clothes that don't fit her anymore. She's lost about 20 pounds now. That gives me something to look forward to.

I hope all of you are staying on track and working out. I had to cancel with my trainer today as I'm pretty sure I'd be puking if I tried to do 1/2 our usual workout. So instead, home for me at lunch and a nap if I'm lucky. At this point I'm sick of food. I ate toast, crackers and soup yesterday. That was it. Oh, and sprite. Not a very well rounded diet.

Oh, and I didn't post twice yesterday. I was in bed all day and I forgot. So, I guess I screwed up that challenge. Sorry, Allan.

Everyone post something uplifting and let me know how well things are going for you.  I'll live vicariously through you for now.  Have a good Monday!


  1. You get a pass when you are Stoned !!! So sorry for the pain, and I am sorry that these won't pass

  2. My sister was living with a nasty gall bladder for far longer than she should have. She has HOCM so resisted the surgery. She finally gave the ok and ended up having the Sleeve done too. She's feeling MUCH better.
    At least there's a light at the end of the tunnel and you'll be feeling better soon. Hang in there ... good luck this week.

  3. I know from experience that life will be much better for you without the gall bladder. Mine was removed in 1975, and I haven't missed it. Better days are ahead for you, so hang in there.

  4. Hang on, every day you get through is a day closer to life sans gallbladder!

  5. Something uplifting... uh...

    It's Monday, and Mondays eventually end?

    That's about as positive as I get on this day of the week, LOL.

    I've consistently stayed within my calorie range for a full week, with no overages, and that will continue today, so that's cool. Also, instead of sulking because my husband had to work yesterday (he was supposed to have the day off, but... sigh), instead I took the boys to the grocery store to grab some raspberries for my breakfast, and I also hit up my treadmill (I'd been planning to take the day off from cardio), and redid my pedicure. So all in all, it was a win.

    Hang in there -- I can't imagine how you're handling the pain from this gallbladder and having to wait to get it taken out. I'd worry more but at least you have your own medical expertise to draw upon as well as your doctor's, so I'll trust that y'all know what you're doing :)

  6. Something uplifting, hmmm, Oh I know, your husband will owe you so big time that he'll have to treat you like a princess for a month after he gets back!

  7. I was 24 when I needed my gall bladder out and 9 months pregnant... I had to wait so I ate lean turkey and rice, raw fruits and veggies for the weeks I had to wait...any amount of fat made me try to excrete bile and get sick from the stones trying to dislodge.

  8. Uplifting....
    Well, today is my first day back on program since last year sometime. I'm doing well and I even ate a veg.

    Stones suck.


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