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Saturday, September 25, 2010

HOLY COW! I measured.

Had a great time at the Greek Festival today. The kids had a blast listening to the music, and dancing and eating Greek Food.  My little one thought everyone was saying "Hola" instead of "Opah" so we had to explain the difference. 

Sorry about my iPhone posts. I just haven't quite figured that out very well. It seems kinda like it's not too great a way to post.  Oh well.

I am busy watching football, but our game isn't until 5:00pm so I'm good. I hope Arkansas can beat Alabama and maybe the hated Horn will be slayed by UCLA.  I love football. And now that my stomach hurts from eating the yummy Greek Food, I think I'll spend the rest of the day in bed watching it.

The big news is that I measured.  Since 6/10, I have lost 39.5 inches total!  Can you believe it?  Oh how I wish I could find my original measurements. They got lost in the move. That was before I was smart enough to type it into my phone.  I remember my Bust, waist and hips, but not the rest.  Oh well.  Here's how my loss breaks out:
Bust: 2 inches
Chest: 3.5 inches
Waist: 5 inches
Hips: 5.5 inches
Arms: Right 4 inches
          Left  4.5 inches
Thigh: Right 4inches
          Left 6 inches
Calf: Right 2.5 inches
         Left 2.5 inches

I'm pretty pleased with these numbers. I mean, this is since 6/10/10 so I think this is awesome progress.  If you haven't measured, please make sure you do.  It's fun to change clothes sizes, but it is so cool to see your body shrink in an objective way.

I guess I'll catch up on reading some blogs now while I'm enjoying my football.  Have a great Saturday everyone!


  1. Holy cow indeed!!!!

    I've never measured....I think I will as I'm starting over anyway.

    Great idea! Great job.

  2. Very impressive!! Shows how the scale is a not-so sensitive indicator of fat loss. I'm so proud for you!

  3. Good on you for that loss, which I could say I have lost that many inches. Sounds like someone needs some "retail' therapy ......

  4. The hardest part of this whole thing was the line
    "I mean, this is since 6/10/10 so I think this is awesome progress" I think it is awesome also, and now we must be patient. This will be a fart in time when we look back next year as thin folks !!

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  6. I thought I was editing my post, apparently I deleted it. I'll try again: I'm amazed at your progress. That is a lot of inches! Thanks for the reminder, I need to measure as well.

  7. That is just fantastic - shows how important taking your measurements is! I wish I had done mine when I started my journey, but I couldn't face them. Oh well.

  8. Wow, Doc! I have not measured, but maybe I should. You are an inspiration! Have a very nice weekend!

  9. Holy cow! That is terrific! Good for you!

  10. Nicely done doc.

    Measurements rule! Lets face it, measurements are what us weight-loss folk are really after...i know that i could weigh 20 stones and be completely unconcerned if i had the physique of brad pitt! Admittedly this is unlikely, but you get where i'm coming from.

    Brilliant news...pleased as punch for you.

  11. I always think I should measure, then I never do, I'm sure I have some measurements somewhere. I have extra sympathy for you tummy pain. I accidently ate some dairy without realizing it and paid for it for 2 days. Ugh, I was so cranky, but so pleased when it stopped and I slept. Wishing you some peace a rest with your shrinking football watching self. :)

  12. Congratulations! That is incredible progress in such a short amount of time. Of course, that's looking back. Sounds like you were putting in a lot of good hard work to earn it. It probably felt like a long time while it was happening.

  13. Wonderful! You must feel great--well, great about the measurements anyway. Sorry you're still suffering through the pain and nausea. No fun. Hope your teams do well.


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