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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Monday....I mean TUESDAY

Well, I took my computer with me this weekend, but as usual I was busy running around and visiting and didn't ever get it out of my briefcase. Thus, no posts until now.

I think I did pretty well this weekend. The scale will tell tomorrow. I'm trying to stay off the scale, but it's hard and I don't feel much different although my pants are looser. I did have a couple of NSV this weekend and I'll share those.

Saturday am we woke up and finished packing. Cleaned house as I have some freakish OCD thing about leaving a house that isn't cleaned. Loaded up the car and headed out on our trip up to Oklahoma for the opening home game. The first NSV came as I was getting dressed. My in-laws had sent some OU college world series t shirts for us. I haven't seen the in-laws since Christmas last year. The shirt they sent for me was a 2X, which is the size I used to wear, but it was way too big. In fact, ALL my OU t-shirts were too big. Which was great, but what to wear to the game? Luckily they sent a shirt for my son, size XL which was too big for him , BUT FIT ME! I wore and XL t-shirt with no numbers in front for the first time since....I don't remember.

I was very excited and happy, despite the nasty cigarette smell that lingered on the shirt. I fixed that with a little spray downy. I also had trouble finding any shorts to wear as they are all too big. I settled on a skort which was the least big, but frankly was hanging off me by the end of the game. Traffic on the way up to OU town was heavy, but always is on game days. Not too bad considering the construction. We arrived in time to hang out at my Aunt's for a couple of hours prior to the game.

As usual, we drove into town and parked about 1.5 miles away from the stadium. Part of the fun of game day is walking in with all the other fans and seeing the sights on the way. It was packed, people everywhere. A lot of them drunk as they probably had been partying all day. On the way I saw a man in his 30s on the roof of the porch of one of the frat houses. DUDE. You're past your prime for those shenanigans! Everyone had turned out I guess since it was our first game and the win would put as at 800 wins for the program.

I ate breakfast at home prior to leaving the house and packed granola bars and apples for the trip. We stopped at Carl's Jr. Can I just say, ewww? I got their low carb burger which is basically a cheeseburger in lettuce instead of a bun. I took 3 bites and it was so greasy and covered in mayo I threw it out and ate an apple instead. When we arrived in Norman, I had some watermelon. We walked to our fav watering hole (bar) and had our usual gin and tonic. I drank 2 and 2 large glasses of water so by the time we arrived at the stadium, I was full and having fun. At the stadium, we decided to grab a sandwich. I had the brisket sandwich w/ no sauce. That and one fiber one bar were all I had the rest of the night. And water. Lots of it.

The game was less than impressive. I was very disappointed in the play of both offense and defense. We played Utah State which is at least a Division 1 team, but still, we should have wracked up MANY more points. We have a quarterback in his second season that looked like he'd never started a big time game and a defense that is supposed to be one of the best in the country this year that looked sluggish and made rookie mistakes. Coach Stoops was pissed and rightly so. We won 31-24 and could've done better. As usual it was a sell out crowd. We've had something like 200 consecutive sell outs. It was crowded, but the good news was I fit better in our tiny little square of a bench (NSV#2). Guess my butt is getting smaller.

Next week we have Florida State on tap. It will be no walk in the park. But, at least it's at home because I honestly think we would've lost that game Saturday had we been on the road. Ugh....

On Sunday we went out to eat at a Mexican place. I did pretty well. I ate just a few chips (6), 2 corn tortillas. I ordered chicken breast w/ onions and peppers, minus the cheese and steamed beans instead of refried, steamed corn instead of rice. I ate only 2 bites of the chicken, 1/2 cup beans, 1/2 cup corn and a bunch of salsa. It was tasty. I feel like I did pretty well there. After I was stuffed and we didn't have dinner. Just a snack of fruit, fresh tomato slices and a few crackers. We went shopping in the afternoon and I looked for clothes for me or my BFF, but we didn't find much. I ended up with one pair of pants (bargain $9) and 1 shirt I got for her. I realized that I wear the same size she is wearing now (NSV#3) which meant I couldn't steal any of her clothes yet.

Exercise for the weekend was good. I walked a ton on Saturday for the game. Sunday morning I got up early and headed out for a run. Can I just say that it wasn't my best run. Hilly country roads + strong head wind + freshly mowed grass + asthma= more walking than running. I tried to do the C25K week 8 day 2 which is 28 min of running, I didn't succeed in light of the prior issues. So, I'll repeat it. But, it was still great exercise as all those hills make even walking challenging. Yesterday, after the drive home, I took the girls for a walk. Well, I walked, they biked, so I ended up walking and jogging. It was nice, if a little hot. Then later we went for a swim, I swam 500 meters. And, I reviewed and practiced my TKD moves as I have class today.

This morning was hectic as my son has his first football scrimmage tonight and is excited. He had to be there later than usual, which was actually worse since it meant I had to get all 3 kids ready to go by the same time. I had multigrain cheerios for breakfast and forgot my snacks. DANG IT! But, I still have a fiber bar in my purse from Saturday and I'll be going home at lunch after TKD for a shower and I can pick up an afternoon snack then.

I did a lot of reading of blogs over the weekend and a little commenting despite my lack of posts. I was glad to see that many of us had good weekends with our families, out and about being active. That's what life is all about, right? I am pleased to have quite a few new followers, welcome! AND I have been given 2 awards lately and I'll post on that hopefully later today. I'm working on it.

Too many things to do, too little time. My constant mantra. But, at least it's a short week, right? Have a great day and leave a comment letting me know how things are shaping up for you after the weekend. I'm a bit drowsy in the post weekend slump and rainy day. Yawn. I better wake up before TKD, gotta go kick some ass!


  1. Congratulations on the XL (no numbers!!!) ... that is a wonderful NSV!!

  2. It sounds like you did a great job at the tailgating...good food choices, a little drinking, good exercise, etc! Plus you had a ton of NSVs!! Congrats to you doc! Even if the number on the scale doesn't plunge this week (and I'm sure you'll see some kind of drop) you can be happy knowing that your hard work is paying off in other ways, even if it's not all about the scale. Happy Tuesday to ya!

  3. Congratulations on fitting into the XL shirt - you are in normal sizes now!!! You did great on your football/travel weekend, which shows that you've really got this down. Nice! :)

  4. I like that you take your girls out to be active with you.

  5. You did great to stay on plan on Game Day! So much good food lurking everywhere.

    I gained a pound over the weekend, but today I'm chugging the water and have already walked. Also, I am dog sitting for my neighbor, so that will be 3 trips uphill to walk 4 dogs each time. Should count for something, eh?

  6. Good job on your weekend away! It can be a challenge but it sounds like you did very well.

  7. Great job Doc! I got a feeling you will be just fine scale wise. I really enjoyed this post, mostly because you are ragging OU. Makes a feller feel good. Haha.

  8. Great job dodging the stadium food!

    OK, on to college football. I follow two teams: Penn State and the Washington Huskies. PSU played Youngstown St. I grew up in PA and have always been a big fan, though I didn't go there. Anyway, that was their scrimmmage. Next up: Bama, the big ESPN game Saturday (but you already knew that).

    My heart breaker was UW. It's been a lean time around here, but Jake Locker is AMAZING. Not only is he a potential #1 overall pick, but he was highly regarded as a baseball player. Yet he chose to stay in school, and stay four years, and participate in the rebuilding of the UW. Don't know if I'd advise that for my own son, but wow. So it killed me that they lost on the road to BYU. Locker didn't play poorly, but it was the kind of game he needed to have to win the Heisman. Shoot.

  9. XL, to dream, perchance..... One day, down the road...

  10. I, too, know how hard it is to eat well and sensibly at a stadium. Nice work. I had a small set back this weekend at the state fair, but am back on board. Could not agree with you more about too little time and so much to...

    Thanks for sharing some more about you and passing the blog awards on so we all know a few more blogs to check out!

  11. Dropping a size is rewarding. Congrats!


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