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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Night!

Well, my work is done. I went home at lunch and had bean soup, a little salad and a sprite. I laid down and took a quicky nap. I feel lots better this afternoon. So glad since we actual have grown up activities planned for tonight. My nanny will be watching the kids for us so my husband and I can take his BFF out to the fancy schmancy movie theater. We will be seeing The Town which I'm dying to see as it looks so great.  We will have dinner there and I'll figure something healthy out. They have a great salad. I will likely avoid the drinks even though their bar is awesome, but I don't want to be in the BR puking and not enjoying the movie. This is a rare treat to have a night out and I'm going to enjoy it, pain and all, damn it. 

My son has a dance tonight and he's excited as the little chicky he likes is going and asked if he'd be there. NOT an official date, etc, but he is happy. He's such a cutie. OMG I'm not ready! Time moves so fast. He is losing his little boy looks and looks more and more like a little man every day. Sniff. Sniff.

I'll let you know how the movie goes. What's your plan for tonight and the weekend?  Anything fun? Exciting? Healthy? Tomorrow if I still feel good, I'm getting my booty on my bike. I'm dying to get some exercise going again.  Have a great night!!


  1. Have a good time out on the town. Yes, those little guys grow up in a blink of an eye. My baby has a 10 year old. I could swear we just strapped her into her little rear-facing car seat to bring her home from the hospital.

  2. Enjoy the fun. Tell Jr. that condoms are a good thing, and the pitter patter of little feet, not so much...Now enjoy the weekend... And remember at all times, she's not your daughter, and give him an Atta Boy from Al...

  3. No real plans at all for tonoght or this weekend. We'll be putting together our fun on the fly this weekend. Hope the dance is a blast and that you enjoy the weekend!

  4. Hope date night was awesome. How cute about your son. Yes,they do grow up fast and the whole dating thing takes a while for us moms to adjust to.

    Not sure what the weekend holds for us. We don't have anything planned at this point other than chores!

  5. Wait, I though all y'all in Texas went to high school football games on Friday nights. You know, Coach Taylor and the Riggins boys and all?

    I'm going to the fair, because my quickly growing up son is performing there. A serious food hazard!


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