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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Evening from Hell

It sounded like such a great idea. Football game. Evening breeze, nice night. HA!

I left the office for my son's game with the two little girls. We made it to the game in time to see my son start. Yeah! He played starting Nose tackle on the O-line and also played some on the D-line, left guard.

The girls were bored and driving me nuts. I got them a hot dog and they ended up smearing ketchup all over the place. Fabulous. The opposing team's parents were from hell. The lady in front of me was yelling "Jesus Christ, what the hell is their problem." At the refs. Now, I am not a prude and I enjoy a good curse word as much as the next person, but this is a middle school football game and the stands were full of kids, including mine. Rude. Rude. Rude. To top it off, she is obviously a heavy smoker with the most grating voice EVER. We moved and we could still hear her.

We lost the game, 13-7, but I think the boys played well. It was our first real game since the first 2 got rained out. The other team had already played 4 other games. It's always hard the first game as the boys have to settle in. Plus the stands were loud and it was just different for them.

My son played well. I was proud. But, he got pushed down and landed on his arm in one play. In the next series, he was at the bottom of a huge pile as he helped make a sack and landed on his arm again. Wrist was hurting, hand and fingers swollen. They taped it for him and iced it, he couldn't move it.

Meanwhile....I hadn't eaten since lunch and I was starved. Feeling light headed. I drank some water and then I was nauseated. By the end of the game I was hurting, nauseated, and starving. Go figure that one out. I ate a few bites of a fiber bar. No more hunger, but more pain and nausea. Grrreat!

After the game, I checked my son's hand and wrist. It was very swollen, starting to bruise and very sore. Guess who had a trip to the ER? Luckily it was not broken and we left with just a small brace. Whew! Now I'm home and was starving so I ate some toast with cheese on it and a few crackers. Drank more water. I'm taking some meds and going to bed.

I'm trying so hard not to get discouraged, but it is hard. I tried to do a little TKD and it killed my belly. There is absolutely no way I can run right now, I haven't ran in a week tomorrow. FROWN. I have not even worked out since Last Thursday and I am absolutely losing my mind. I've worked so hard to get to where I am and I feel like it is slipping away. You know how hard it is when you don't work out for a week and then go back. I am soooo frustrated.

I don't know that I will even weigh tomorrow. It might send me over the edge. I think I'm up a pound, maybe 2 just from all the extra sodium. I'm so angry with my body for doing this to me just when I had started to come to peace with it. I've been working so hard to make my body better and THIS is how it repays me? But on the bright side, this isn't terminal and will be fixed, so I'm trying not to complain too much.

I feel like I've missed the mark on Allan's challenge as I am just posting ramblings about my life and not much about my healthy lifestyle efforts, but he didn't say the posts had to be quality, just twice a day and I am doing that. That's it for now. Goodnight and Good luck!


  1. Sounds like a rough, unpleasant, experience at the football game. Glad to hear your son played well. Hope the wrist heals fast.

    I think it is ok to complain when the mood hits you. Frustration is what it is. Complaining hopefully leads to thought & understanding why the current difficulties and how to move past them. Ok, I am having a problem getting my words to say what I am thinking, so, I am going to cite a friend...

    "Each time you go to the refrigerator, each time you go out to eat, each time you walk past the treadmill, each time you hit the snooze button, each time you pick up an alcoholic beverage, each time you find yourself doing something that does not mesh with your health goals you will need to go into battle. Literally talk to yourself either inside your head or out loud. Fight for yourself each and every time. The more you fight the stronger you will be." --Misunderstood and Admired

    You can do this :-)

  2. These are minor setbacks. Look how far you've come. You've got this in the bag. So what if you maybe gained a few extra lbs? (it's obviously not fat) so it will come right off once you are able to get back to your routine.

    As for the ramblings...I'm queen. I think it's all a part of the process. Reading about your frustrations makes it easier for people to relate.

  3. Of course you're frustrated! This REALLY sucks!Sometimes it seems like God, the Universe & Everything just want to put us in our place and remind us that we don't have as much control over our lives/bodies as we think we do.

    Don't feel too bad about the challenge, you're doing well with it! You could just copy and paste a bunch of comments and that would count, right?

    I hope today is better for you! Take care!

  4. Doc, you come see us everyday and we will be sure that once you get fixed, you will be right back on that wagon and rolling down that hill once again. I don't know that you need us as you were kicking ass anyway, which tells me this is your time. But believe you me, we are here!

  5. It's never easy having inactivity forced upon you when you've been developing great routines. Still, recovering your health is number one and I believe you're motivated enough to make up any lost ground that may arise as soon as you're better.

  6. Awe, Dr. F! My advice is this: Don't weigh yourself until your gallstones are gone. Don't get in a tizzy over not being able to work out. Try to choose healthy and low-sodium food options in the meantime, but just try to get through this period without puking up everything you eat. Drink LOTS of water. Get surgery or whatever it is that you need to get the stones cleared out. Your body will still be waiting and ready to resume weight loss when you are all healed up. Treat your body well and with respect. Don't lose hope!

  7. I am sure there are always weight loss set backs...but ones that are out of your control have to be the worst especially when you have been doing so well.

  8. Don't fret over a little gain (if there is one) at this rough time. Just take care of yourself. Your body will respond when you start back with the exercise.

  9. I know how discouraging this may be. Life just gets in the way of our goals sometimes and that's okay. My vote is to stay off the scale. I did last week and was better for it.

  10. I agree with christine doc, forget weighing-in at all until you're healed up. Maybe take the time until then just concentrating on maintaining eating healthy stuff. I've no doubt that you could even carry on losing weight if you did this. Also, you might be able to expand your culinary horizons with all the time you save by not being able to workout - i just came across a great blog here that has tonnes of healthy eating ideas.

    Here's hoping you can get sorted out soon.


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