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Monday, September 20, 2010

I am COMPLETELY stoned!

You'll have to excuse the pun. I couldn't help myself. I had the ultrasound today. My gallbladder is full of stones. Multiple stones. I can't say I'm surprised, but I was not exactly thrilled with the results. I was hoping it would be clear and I'd have to chalk all this pain up to over training.

Alas, it is not the case. I see the surgeon on Thursday and we'll see what he has to say. I'll probably be needing surgery. The pain is near constant now and doubles after I eat. Even though I am not eating much, it is not pleasant.

Today I had no breakfast because of the test. I had frozen yogurt and berries after the ultrasound. Then I had 1/2 cup of soup and some saltine crackers. For dinner, 1/2 cup chicken noodle soup and 2 pieces of toast. I just ate 1/2 cup of cheerios w/ milk and OMG, I'm sorry I did. I only drank MAYBE 32 oz of water today which is about 1/4 of what I've been drinking. I try to sip it. Chugging it like I normally do results in nausea and pain. I hate throwing up and to be honest I'm tired of it! I drank some sprite with dinner because frankly it tastes good and stays down.

I didn't work out today. Tonight I did a little practice for TKD class. I have class tomorrow and it all depends on how I feel if I go or not. To be honest by the end of the day, all I wanted to do is lie down. I feel best lying down. I don't know why. I tried doing some crunches and push ups- no go there. Ouch. I am soooo tired from no sleep last night so I am going to try to get to bed early.

Husband's BFF is visiting all week this week. They do the same thing for separate federal agencies. They are computer nerds. They are working on a project this week and then get to go to San Antonio next week. I find this highly annoying on many levels. FIRST, how cool is it that he and his BFF get to work together. THEN they get to travel together. THEN they get a week away from home and kids and errands and MOMMY this and MOMMY that. No fair.

I dread the scale this week. I'm not eating much, but it is a lot of the wrong stuff. I tried to eat a bite of salad tonight and it just won't work. I haven't had veggies in days and this has left me bloated. I'm bracing myself for a Wednesday that is less than a success on the scale.

I'll have to find other ways to measure my success. I feel proud that I skipped the cake and pizza at the bday party this weekend. So I get a star for that. It's my week to measure so I'll do that on Wednesday. I know I've lost more inches. I have to use the smallest hook on my bra now, even the new sports bras I got for running. My scrub pants are absolutely falling off even when I tie them as tight as possible. So, I'll find solace there.

People are really noticing now, especially patients who haven't seen me in a while. One asked me if I had that "surgery" for weight today. I think she was disappointed when I said no. I have several every day who are surprised to see how much weight I've lost. Again, I don't see it that much. I appreciate that they are trying to be nice, but in some ways this is sabotage for me. I don't want to get over happy with how I look. I still have a long way to go, you know?

Monday night game is nothing to keep me up. Saints v 49ers. PUH-lease. Yawn. Saints will probably hang half a hundred on them. Of course I have it on because.....well I'm an addict. I think we've already covered that. If sleep deprivation weren't enough to make me tired today, the constant rehashing of the Cowboys' horror at the Death Star would do it. The world is ending here in Dallas. I think everyone thought Jerry would just buy use the Superbowl or some shit. I didn't see it in our future and I'll be darned, I think I might've been right. We're kinda sucking and we have like the hardest schedule in the NFL this year. Thank goodness for game day alcohol, eh?

Well, I have 2 little girls in the tub and I am hearing a lot more splashing and giggling that I am comfortable with. Big boy is at boy scouts until 9pm. That's Daddy's problem as I plan to get these girls in bed in the next 20 minutes and then I hope to be close behind.

Goodnight and good luck, folks! See you in the mornin'.


  1. Oh, I'm sorry. I hate nausea. I think you have a good plan for handling your Wed WI--re-read it before you weigh. My last ultrasound (for something else) revealed that I have gallstones too. Mine have been "silent" so far. I'm really counting on them to stay that way.

  2. Sorry to hear that you have the gallbladder issue - I had to have mine removed last summer. Apparently you can have problems if you are overweight, or if you lose weight...kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't. Sucks! Hope you get a handle on the pain soon - mine was ok as long as I ate really low fat. Needless to say I actually lost weight before I was able to have my surgery, so hey - you might get that bonus, too!

    Feel better, put away the scale - the medical issue means it's mostly out of your control for a bit. Hang in there - you'll be back to normal soon.

  3. oh no. Kathy had gall bladder problems once and had it taken out. Is that your plan?

    Yeah 0-2 is bad, but last time we were 0-2 we won the Super Bowl Doc.

    I think the best course of action is that you not worry so much on diet and exercise now, just get back after it when you get yourself healed up Doc.

  4. Hang in there. Start gathering your support system for when hubby is gone on his work project. Tell him to take the kids with him. lol

    How much does the average gall bladder full of stones weigh, anyhow? If you get it removed, I bet you a big loss on the scale that week. It'll all even out.

    Take care of yourself

  5. Now that you have a diagnosis you'll be fixed up and back at your routine before you know it. Seriously, don't worry about your weight for a week or two while you sort through your health issues.

  6. I had my gall bladder out in mid-August. Got out of the hospital on Thursday and was back to work on Monday. Granted it took a while to gain back all my strength, and had to adjust my eating slightly for a week or so, but now everything is back to normal. If they can do the surgery laproscopically, you will be down for a minimal amount of time. It's a breeze.

  7. I'm sorry you have to deal with that crap! By the time my nasty GB was diagnosed ( a year after pain started), I was BEGGING my surgeon to take it out. Best thing I ever did...next to Botox. Ha! Best wishes.

    Polar's Mom

  8. I had my gall bladder removed many years ago after I had lost 70 pounds. I was pretty sick for the few days before the surgery, so I was glad to see it go. I was told that weight loss, especially fairly rapid weight loss, can cause this. Now is the time to take care of yourself, so don't worry too much about the diet and weight loss--it will come.

  9. Sorry to hear about your pain. Hardly seems fair, given the healthy lifestyle you now are leading.

    Hey, is this just a way to make us feel sorry for you and go easy on the Cowboys? ;-)

    Hope you stayed up - turned out to be a great game tonight. What a drive by Alex Smith at the end. I didn't expect that.

  10. Have to agree with shelley doc, forget the scales and exercise for now if they are causing pain - eat as healthy as possible and get yourself right. Feel better soon.

  11. Them Saints escaped with their skins barely.

    You need a way to measure your success, it is right in front of you. All of the people letting you know that you have lost weight. Yeah, they are hanging gold stars, or trophies, or blue ribbons, on you with each such comment. Your success is obviously visible, even if you don't see it so obviously. Smile wide each time another one notices.

    Sorry to hear about the gallbladder. Hopefully te procedure wont sideline you for long. My mother had hers removed last year. A short hospital stay and couple weeks of recovery at home and then she was back at he usualy routines.

    Keep us informed, we're thinking about you.

  12. At least now you know and you can do something about it. Sorry you are hurting:(

  13. I agree with everyone else. Take care of yourself for a couple of weeks and forget the exercise. As far as diet, just eat whatever doesn't make you sick. Take care of yourself.

  14. I'm glad your pain isn't some caase for House because he tends to almost kill them at least once and 2, he's not real. I find that compliments tend to sabatoge me. It's so weird, like I'm doing well, so I can eat what I want, just plain illogical. Hope you got some rest.


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