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Friday, September 3, 2010

Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL????

I finished up yesterday with Lentil soup and salad for dinner. It was yummy and filling and healthy. I was so hungry last night. SO SO hungry. I guess it was all the exercise at lunch? I don't know, but I ended up with a snack around 9pm. I had room in my budget and I was starved. I had laughing cow cheese, a few crackers and grapes. I haven't been snacking at night lately and I am puzzled. Total calories for the day were 1562 which is higher than a long time. But, with the exercise, net cals were 1040.

So I've been hungrier this week than the last 2 weeks. Is it because I'm building muscle and shrinking inches? I don't know. I did recall this am that I changed birth control pills about a week ago and maybe that's it. Could explain the hunger AND the no loss this week. Being a woman is a BITCH. It bites. And also is wonderful, and nothing I can change. I have to get off these damn pills. My husband has GOT to get IT taken care of and SOON.

Yesterday after my run I weighed 210, a loss of 3 pounds. This am I weighed 213.6, the same as weigh in on Wednesday. WTF? I think I 'm going to stop weighing in between my weigh in days, if I can. It is such habit to hop on the scale.

BUT what I REALLY want to talk about today is FOOTBALL!!!

I am pumped about my weekend, but also feeling a little nervous. I am SUPER DE DUPER pumped that college football kicks off this weekend. I am so excited to head back home and see my family, but most of all go to the opening OU game. I love my Oklahoma Sooners and I love my football. But, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat too much and drink too much during the game. It's going to be a challenge for me and I haven't quite figured out how to handle it. I really want my traditional gin and tonic prior to the game. The food in the stadium is NOT health food, so I'll eat before the game and maybe smuggle in a healthy snack food? Any other ideas are appreciated.

These weekends usually start with pre-game food and drinks, stadium food and drinks, after game food and drinks. Sometime in there we usually get an adult night out w/ movies and dinner and drink. Sometimes they'd end with trips to IHOP at 2am. Usually there's Sunday dinner with the family including pies and cakes and such. AND don't forget the road trip food and snacks and drive thrus.UGH! It's a lot to work out and I need to get it done because there are 3 home games in a row to start the season. We go to every game.

OBVIOUSLY, most of that is just not doable with my new lifestyle. I've already done some planning on food and workouts. My BFF and I are planning a trip to the gym and maybe a run in the park. There's lots and lots of walking on game day as you have to park probably 1-2 miles away from the stadium. Plus, I'll count the jumping and cursing at the refs and clapping and screaming and bouncing and standing. Yeah, so I enjoy my football, OK? For fun I'll be wearing my Polar just so I can see how many calories I burn doing all that.

I get to see my BFF and we're planning a shopping trip so I can buy her some new clothes and steal all her old ones. She is in 13s and 14s and I have just reached 16s. So I can steal her old 16s and when she's a 12, I'll take the 14s back! A HA! A plan that helps us both. Affording clothes on her single parent teacher's salary is hard and this is a win-win for both of us as I don't want to spend a lot of money buying 16s I won't be in long. The jeans I just bought are already loose in the legs and butt.

(This next part will be of no interest to you if you don't do football.)

The game this weekend is not a biggie-Utah State, but I am excited to see the team with our returning quarterback. I haven't seen them play since the Spring Game and I have to admit there were things I saw then that worried me a bit. We still have O-line issues. Our running backs are iffy. Our receivers are inexperienced. I mean, De Marco Murray is great IF he can make it through 3 games without an injury. Last year was SUCH a disappointment with Sam Bradford's injury, and all the other injuries. We really had the makings of a National Title run last year, but injuries killed that. This year is a big question in my mind so we'll see.

On the NFL front my Cowboys look like shit. So let's just wait and see there. Sigh. BUT, I'm super proud of the Sooners who will take the field on NFL teams this year. Sam Bradford is looking great at the Rams, even if the rest of the team isn't. He's going to be a star. Mark my words. I'm just so happy to have actual games to watch and not that training camp and Hard Knocks and Pre-Season bullshit. (Yes. I watch all that stuff. I told you I'm an addict.)

(Football part over.)

And, so let me know if you have ideas about meeting this challenge for me. Let me know your weekend plans and challenges and how you plan to handle it. To be honest this football weekend thing is a bigger deal to me than Holidays since they come more often and I have less control over the food since I'm not cooking. I'll plan to post this weekend and let you know how it goes if I can. I haven't figured out posting from my phone yet.

Everyone have a great weekend and GO SOONERS!


  1. I gave you a blog award! You can read about it here: http://www.phoenixrevolution.net/archives/1120


  2. I'm going to the University of Louisville v. University of Kentucky game tomorrow. Big in-state rivalry. Do I wear red or do I wear blue? I really suppose I should pick a side, but I'm from CA and went to UCLA. Maybe I'll wear purple as a sign of my desire for unity. Ha! I'm bringing a large platter of fruit kebobs to the tailgate. Watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe and pineapple. The last blast of summer fruit. BTW, the damn pineapple cost me $5.29 each. Getting expensive . . .

    Have fun!

  3. It's really a shame that you're a Cowboy fan AND an Oklahoma fan. I'm a Steelers and Ohio State and Wisconsin Badgers fan. We're just not compatible on the football front. Tsk ts.

    I think your plan for the football weekend is pretty darn solid as far as the exercise goes. You've got a gameplan, and you're already solid in terms of exercise, so I'm sure you're going to be fine!!

    For food here are a few ideas:

    * Chug a glass of water before every alcoholic drink, in the hopes that it cuts down on your drinking by even one glass.

    * Smuggle in almonds into the game.

    * Smuggle in a Medifast protein shake powder in your purse. Add it to bottle water; shakes up just fine. (I bet Baileys would mix awesomely with Medifast Dutch Chocolate protein shake. Just saying.)

    * At IHOP order oatmeal with a side of fresh fruit.

    * Eat any tailgating meat that doesn't have sauce, but no bread! So hotdog ala fingers. Chicken kebabs. (NO WINGS. No fried foods.) You can ask your tailgating chef to refrain from BBQ sauce for one meat item, yes?

    * Bring a fresh tossed salad to the tailgate. There will be others in attendance that will appreciate the gesture.

    * Light beer is better than dark. Alcohols that are clear in liquid are better than dark (Vodka over, say, rum or whisky). Choose wine over mixed drinks (for sugar levels)

    Hope that helps some!

  4. Cannabis and Diet Pepsi Max... Not sure what to eat at all... I was just mentioning my plans... Have fun

  5. You are such a football fanatic! We live in Aggieland and can't help but get swept up in the fever, even though we didn't attend the school. Still, there is nothing like a good college football game! I'd just try and smuggle in stuff like beef jerky and nuts - maybe buy some popcorn during the game? Bet you will be much more conscious of whatever you eat, so that will be good - and even if you splurge, bet you don't go as overboard as you would have before you started this healthy lifestyle. Besides, your stomach will probably revolt if you eat too much junk - you've been treating it so well that it won't know what hit it!

    Oh, and yeah...stop with the extra weigh-ins. They mess with your mind too much.

  6. Football... NIU Huskies started there season last night and lost, ho hum.
    The Bears were 0-4 in preseason & look worse than the cowboys, ho hum.
    Eat before you go to the game & just drink diet soda or bottled water at the game. May not sound fun but remember the fun is the game & the people you are with. The stadium food is not why you are going. Have fun!

  7. I know what football is at least? That said, I graduated from FSU but attended a whopping 4 games (maybe -- that's a generous estimate) during my tenure there.

    I'd stay stick to zero calorie liquids at the game. I have to admit live football is fun :) It's just that my attention span tends to flake out.

    This weekend I have no idea what we're doing. Tonight we might take the boys to the local arcade to meet up with our newspaper's "mommy" forum folks, or considering there are some new Legos invading the house we might be at home trying not to kill ourselves tripping on small sharp squares hiding in the carpet.

    Food-wise I have leftover salmon from last night (wild caught -- amazingly good), a brown rice and quinoa mix, and some green beans. On tap for tomorrow night is a great chicken/ chive recipe I found at eatingwell.com, and for Sunday I'm still trying to decide if I want to drag the boys to Sea World, Universal, or Disney or instead stay at home in the air conditioning.

    Regardless, Monday is a holiday so I'm pretty psyched :D Enjoy yourself at the game!

  8. I think you have a good plan for the game and since you are already in the habit of eating good - I think you will do it automatically. As for the football...............GO VOLS!!!!! We've got Derek Dooley and a really inexperienced team but I think we will do well this year.

  9. I hope you have fun at your little foot ball game thingy. Lol. I haven't actually sat down and watched a game of football in my life. I don't even know the rules. My hubby sure loves it though.

    That's a great plan to get some hand me down clothes and it's so nice of you that you can get your BFF some new threads.

    My hubby got fixed a few years ago. I'm so glad I'm not on birth control anymore. It did weird things to me.

  10. I am a nut for football, especially those Vikings. I am SUPER pumped that BF is back (not my BFF, but my BF), although they and HE looked rusty last week. When I go to the game, I admit, I smuggle in a 100 calorie granola type bar and a few grapes (1.2 cup) on the bottom of my field glass case. I have a few sips of beer from spouse, but stick to diet soda. As far as family gathering around sports, we had a lot this summer because of world cup. I saved my good healthy eating by packing a little cooler lunch box and eating only what I had in there during the game. This really worked great-I was full and no desire to eat the food that I should not.

    So, ya wanna talk football?? My FAVORITE game of last season was the championship game last season on January 17 with Dallas and Vikings here in Minneapolis. We roped some Cowboys that day and then some!! Our BF was magnificent!! Love the fact that football is back! Enjoy your Sooners, because there want be much to enjoy of your Cowboys!

  11. My husband and I are armchair Steelers fans here in PA. One of my favorite things to do for the game was to plan out our football food. Not sure what we will do this year but I think the pizza and wings are out! Still thinking on this one....

  12. That is funny-I posted about college football earlier in the week-I think based on reading yours that you would appreciate my post.

    Furthermore, I, too, started weighing in between weigh ins, but that started discouraging and depressing the hell out of me, so now it's just once a week at weigh-ins. When I was on phentermine (during another dieting try), I was losing a pound a day, and I enjoyed weighing in daily, but it was also super unhealthy-my potassium got super high. I think if dieting is done healthy, with water weight surges, etc, there is an inevitable roller coaster on the scale on a daily basis.
    Also-good work on the running!

    Polar's Mom

  13. Dr. F., I am so glad to have a big sports fan out there in the WL blogland. Like many others, I wish you weren't a Cowboys fan! I'm a big Eagles fan, so the hatred runs deep - ha ha. I'm going to post Nate Newton for my next Pounds Off Profile - while gagging!

    I'm OK with the Sooners. Actually, Sam Bradford was my seven year old's favorite college football player last year, except for Jake Locker (our local UW QB, but you probably knew that).

    Have fun at the game. You've just got to start a new tradition - OU games can't be any different than those other habits you've reformed. Let go and you'll have new traditions in no time.

  14. I am so not a sports fan.

    I love your fashion plans with your girl friend. That is a win win situation for you both!

    Have fun!

  15. I'm new to your blog and just catching up. Can I say it? I don't give a fig about football but I'm impressed with your workout. I enjoy G&Ts too. Diet tonic water is worth trying. Have a great time!

  16. I love reading your post! Keep it up doc!

    I nominated you for a blog award! Stop by my blog to pick it up! http://bmittler.blogspot.com/

  17. Be sure to look at menu's before you go ... so you can find something that fits your calore budget. For example at Wendy's I get a side salad with no croutons or dressing and a small chili which I pour over the salad for my own right sized taco salad that clocks in at less than 250 calories.

    Keep the Gin and Tonic, but substuite Club Soda and a twist of lime, you will save about 120 calories per drink!

    And about the Stadium, pack lots of strong flavored gum, like peppermint .... it will make food taste nasty. LOL

  18. Hope your weekend went well! About weighing daily--I do it because I've discovered (after oh so many years) that if I'm NOT stepping on the scale daily, it's because I don't want to see the number climbing up. I weigh am and pm and keep track of both. I know my patterns fairly well. I often weigh after a run too and know that a good run will shave 2-3 pounds off of my morning weight (even after I've eaten breakfast). Don't do it if you think it's bad for you, but you CAN really learn your body's patterns and reactions to salt/exercise/alcohol/red meat etc.

    I like college football better than NFL. Stanford went to and WON the Rose Bowl twice when we were there (I went to both games). Other favorite teams are NC, UVA, Army :( Navy, and whoever is playing against Notre Dame. Our local NFL team, the Redskins, has been the unenviable underdog for the past few seasons.


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