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Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Even....yawn

Finally got home. What a long ASS day!  Worked until after 5. Ran home, picked up the girls. Went to son's FB game.  Ran from there to Boy Scouts while little dude changed into his uniform in the car. Then 1.5hr later through the ceremonies.  Drive thru (I HATE THAT) on the way home and now here getting ready for bed. Soooo tired.  Soooo hungry.  Soooo not feeeling good.

But, I'm proud of my little DUDE.  He advanced to First Class rank and earned 10 different merit badges. He's doing so well. AND he's patrol leader this year so he has to plan all the trips and things. He's done such a great job.  Now he's trying to get his homework done at 9:30pm and he's beat and his broken arm is hurting. Shhhh! Don't tell, but I did part of it for him.  Before you lecture me, know that the homework I did was a word search. How is that homework? And he's so tired, poor thing.

I ate 4 pieces of light wheat toast and a few crackers. Very balance meal. So I've had, toast, crackers and some bean soup today and a couple of bites of canned peaches. Noting green. Sigh. I wanted to, but it makes me nauseated. I didn't exercise unless you count the walk from the car to the football field and back which was a couple blocks. Also, it was a lot of work sitting in my seat at the game and at the boy Scout meeting. Does that count?  It was work considering the amount of pain I was in.

Now I'm going to take some meds and go to bed. Yawn. Sooo tired. I'm throwing the girls in my bed and we're going to sleep. Right. Now. Goodnight!


  1. Doc I will be so glad when you are on the mend and are able to be the real you! I am marking the days!

  2. I hope that you got some good sleep, missy! I'm sorry that you're still not feeling well, but soon your surgery will fix you all up! I hope today is a good day for you! HUGS!

  3. I think homework is out of control. My son, in high school, can get a lot of homework that keeps him up. I think you can be forgiven for doing some of the sillier part of it under the circumstances. I hope you slept well.

  4. We had one of those days/evenings here too and I really felt for my teen who got home from his extracurricular activity at 10:00pm (which he went to straight after classes ended) with homework still to be done. Poor guy.

  5. Another day closer to surgery, yay!

  6. Please tell your son congrats for me. All 3 of my sons are Eagle scouts! I'm still proud of that and my baby is 27 years old! Tell him to keep it up and it really will help him in his future plans. Being an Eagle Scout helped my middle son get into the college he wanted. It's not all fun and games.

    Way to go little dude!!!!

    PS:any mom that tells you she never did anything for their kid in school is probably lying.


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