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Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Rock!

First let me start this post with a summary of my day yesterday. Woke up, bike 7 miles, then push ups. Breakfast was yogurt, oatmeal muffin and a plum for 291 cal. Lunch was cottage cheese, cantaloupe and strawberries for 282 cal. Dinner was 1/2 cup roasted red potatoes with onions, steamed green beans and meat loaf. For a treat, my Nanny made us whole wheat brownies from a recipe I had cut out of a magazine. It has no oil, applesauce instead and she used splenda, 1 serving was 150 cal. A small, but respectable sized brownie. Total for the day with snacks was 1236 and with the 374 I burned net was 882.

This morning I woke up late. Dang it! I wanted to work out. I don't know why I slept through my alarm or screwed it up somehow. But, I didn't wake up until 5:40. So, I had 15min. I had downloaded the app 200situps for my iphone. Today was as good a time as any to get it started. So I did. 30 situps(actually, it's crunches where you raise up to about 35degree angle) later and I was getting ready for the rat race of the day. Breakfast today was a bagel thin sandwich w/ egg substitute and ham for 195 cal. That plus coffee and strawberries leaves this am at 296 cal.

Since I missed my full cardio this am, I planned a trip to the gym at lunch. Then, I had a thought. I didn't do my C25K yesterday due to very sore gluts and hamstrings, but now they are better. It just finished raining and is pretty cool. I'll go running outside! So I go to my car to get my bag and change. NO BAG! Dang it! I had taken it in last night to repack it and forgot it at home.

I keep my bag packed with 2-3 workout outfits, socks, undies, shampoo, etc. I carry it in my car all the time. That way I have it when schedule permits. You never know in my life when time may open up. Gotta be ready if so.

So there I am cursing myself that I forgot the damn bag. Go back in to the office. It's 12:30 already. The little whiny bitch in me says, "Well, we might as well just forget it. By the time we get home and get changed it'll be 1 and then it'll be such a BIG hass..."

"SHUT UP BE-YATCH! We're working out. Get your ass in the car. NOW!"

OK. So, I headed home, got changed. By that time it was raining again. Cue the plan of the cosmos. Nothing is random. OR have I been watching too much Rubicon? Anyhoo....Did week 8 day 1 of the C25K. That's right. TWENTY-EIGHT MINUTE RUN. Cue applause and crowd noise. It was hard the last 10 min. I really had to push, but I did it. I'm still slow, but getting better. I'm still running like 14min miles. Slow, slow, slow. But, I'm working for endurance here and THAT I'm scoring on. After the 5min walk, I decided to keep going. I had time, right? So I ran 3 more min, walked 4, ran 3, walked 5 and quit. That means for the FIRST TIME, I was able to run a little more after the C25K.

I rock people. I really do. I may not rock like NFL caliber or Olympic athlete caliber or even High school athlete caliber, but for ME, MY CALIBER......I ROCK!

The scale is still not cooperating. Same weight today. I honestly do not understand why since the scrub pants I'm wearing today fit last Thursday and they are falling off this Thursday. Seriously, I can't carry anything in the back pocket. I had my otoscope in there earlier and damn near lost my pants in the middle of the hallway.

And this morning I went to get undies out of the drawer. I pulled out the new ones and they looked so small. There are a size 8 (or XL. And why are underwear sized like shoes anyway?) I'm serious, I didn't think they'd fit. I almost put them back in the drawer and dug out one of the older baggier pairs. But I'll be darned if they didn't fit and I mean great. I hadn't realized how baggy the old ones were and it feels good not to have bunchy crotch today.

And since I'm expressing my rocking-ness, or is it rock-ness, or Rock-like-ness? WHATEVER. Since I'm bragging today, I would like to add a few more things I love about myself. This is inspired by Katy over at Project-Look good naked whose recent post was challenging us to stop focusing on the negative and find positive things we love about ourselves. So here's my list:

1) I love my eyes. They're a really cool color of blue and change depending on what I'm wearing or even my mood. I've been asked many times if they're contacts. They're not.

2)I love my brain. I'm smart. Not everything smart, but most things smart.

3) I love my gift for empathy. I really have a knack for sensing people's moods, figuring out what they need to hear, knowing how they are feeling. It feels good to be able to do that because...

4)I love my ability to help people. I know it's cliche but, helping people is really why I do what I do every day, even on days when I'm not enjoying it much.

5) I love my sense of humor. I'm funny. I love making people laugh. I love telling stories. I've been told to do stand up, but I'm no where near that level.

6)I love how strong I am. I love being able to do 100 crunches. I love being able to do bench presses. I love challenging my body.

7)I love that I am diligent. I don't miss tracking my meals, I don't miss checking my labels. I don't eat anything I can't figure out the calories. I don't miss reading my favorite blogs. I don't miss posting.

8)I love that I'm tough. I don't give up easily. Even when I want to stop, I just try harder. Not to the point that I'm hurting myself, but pushing myself to new levels. I never thought I could do burpees or jump over benches or do weighted squats or chinups. When faced with these challenges I could have refused, said"I'm too fat or I'm not ready for those or I'm not in shape enough to do it." But I didn't. I tried it even though it was hard, even though I was uncomfortable, even though I was embarrassed that my fat ass was jiggling all over the gym. I'm tough, and I love it.

9)I love that I'm a good wife and mother.
10)I love that I'm a good and loyal friend.
11) I love that I have an hour glass shape. Even if it's a damn big hour glass right now.
12) I love that I had the balls to post all this crap I love about myself.

Now, do you?


  1. I love having a strong, capable friend like you on this journey to FIT!

  2. I also think you rock. I also wish you lived near me so that you could be my doctor and maybe even (do I dare wish?) my friend! *giggle*, *blush*

  3. I love it - you need to find smaller scrubs! Forget the scale, there are other measurements, and, as a wise doctor once said, YOU ROCK!! Congrats!!

  4. I like this post Rockin' Doc!!! I often start feeling really good about myself but for whatever reason, I try to suppress it if I have it for more than 30 seconds. I am not overly prideful, but I do have pride. I prefer to keep it under wraps most of the time but it is there. So great job on being your own honk there Doc. I need to practice that too!

  5. You DO rock! Keep up the great work Doc! :-) Have a super awesome labor day weekend!

  6. Hell yes, you rock!

    And thanks for encouraging me to run. I'm doing a few 50-yd dashes in with my walking. It's fun and I'm not overwhelmed. Someday I'll say, "I'm a runner." I will rock!

  7. You have a freaking " You (I) ROCK" fan club! Are you kidding me-you rock us all!!

    I love the list of positive things. I will steal this idea and post some of my positives on my blog, too.

    I finally looked up the p://www.c25k.com/ program: I am gonna start this!! Doable!!

    Rock your Friday!

  8. You do rock! Congrats on W8. I just started W2. I can hardly wait until I can jog for that long.

  9. You ROCK Doc! I so love reading your blog, the easy, chat-like, natural down to earth style of writing that makes it most entertaining. Of and of course your successes to date.


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