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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday. Well....crap

So last night I got home from the long ass meeting and I was hungry. I ate 3 pieces of cheese and 2 wheat pitas, some grapes and 20 gold fish crackers. What can I say?  There are only certain things I can eat right now. I had trouble going to sleep. Two little girls in the bed, tossing and turning plus stress and keyed up from the meeting left the Sandman unavailable I guess. Add the pain. The pain was so bad last night after sitting in those uncomfortable chairs. Crap.

Woke up this morning tired, but at least I got up on time. Lots of pain this morning. Lots. Ate some cereal and made it worse. Crap.  My 4 year old had a fever. Crap. I called the Nanny so she would come early since I couldn't take her to school. Coffee pot is broken. Crap. I'll just repeat that. Coffee. Pot. Broken. No coffee for me for 3 days and I am not happy. Husband better either fix it or replace it before Monday or he'll be in TROUBLE.

My medical assistant's son had an infected knee and had to have surgery yesterday. Crap. So I've been working with fill-in girl for last few days. She's nice and tries hard but she's not used to me and how fast I move and what I want.  So, work has been a real chore the last few days.  But at least he's ok.

I forgot the snacks I packed this morning.  Crap. No snack. Oh no. But, MIRACLE OF MIRACLES.  A drup rep brought in a veggie tray. YEAH!  How nice for a change. So I've got a snack now at least.  It's end of month and that means I have to get everything that got behind yesterday due to the various meeting done today.  I'll be working through lunch.

At least it's Thursday. There's a good college game on tonight and my husband should be home this evening.  And of course, tomorrow is Friday. Yeah.

That's all for now. See ya later.


  1. And I thought my day was crap.... LOL... Smile..

  2. It does sounds like a bad start to the day. Here's hoping the rest of the day is MUCH better. Great job BTW on avoiding all the temptations yesterday.

  3. you ARE having a crappy day, doc! Sounds like it's turning around though with the veggie tray! Hang in there . . .

  4. I'm fine now... it's when I leave work that I'm shuddering over the rest of the evening. I already see how it's going to go (I blogged it -- and the horror!!!)

    Yay for the veggie tray, though!

  5. lol...that does sound like a pretty crap-tastic kinda day doc...but your post made me chuckle guiltily.

    I can't believe a rep (of any kind) brought in healthy food...i'd buy whatever she's selling 'cos it sounds like karma to me doc.

    Be well mate.

  6. yeah, that was a lot of crap for one day. May the sun come out tomorrow!


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