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Monday, October 18, 2010

New start Monday

Well, here we are Monday morning. Not my favorite day of the week, but it is what it is.  In the words of my 4 yr old this am, "Monday stinks. I'm tired."  Yep. Well said. But, at least the day is going well so far.

We're not talking anymore about Friday. It's over. I'll not recap the food situation as well....it was bad. But, Saturday went great. I did really well. Ate breakfast, arrived at the football game and had a baked potato and that was all at the stadium. That evening had a snack of grapes and crackers. Yesterday was good also. So the food went well.  The only thing I could have done better was the water and I'm retaining this am. Up a pound, but I know it's water.

The walking and standing and riding in a car was hard this weekend. By Saturday night after the game I was in a bit of pain. We walk about 1.5miles each way to where we park. I had to stop to rest about 3 times. But, on the bright side, I wasn't sore yesterday morning as I was afraid I might be. I've decided I'm not going to work out this week. Give my incisions 1 more week to heal. It doesn't do my attitude any good to try and fail. I think by next week, I'll be ready to get back to it. I'll need to go slow and as frustrating as it is, I know I'll be better off in the long run.

I received a comment from someone I don't really know telling me that she had started reading my blog and that I seem to be much more negative since I gained weight. I tried to respond, but her blog was taken down and there was no way to contact her.   My response to that is: No actually, I've always had trouble with negativity. Being positive is actually quite a new thing for me. Please read this post about how I am a negative-aholic.

Lately I have been pretty negative. But, I won't apologize for it. If you are looking for all sunshine and roses, well, you are reading the wrong blog. I have been sick and unable to do the things I had just started to really love for the last month. I had surgery and I'm on the mend, but I am frustrated and a little scared. I don't want a set back that results in being back where I was. Talking about that fear and being angry about it is how I keep my mojo going to get back to where I was. That's me.

I am who I am. What you see is what you get. That's a go getter. A busy person with no time for things getting in my way. Someone who has ALWAYS let things and myself get in my own way before now. So my negativity is mainly my anger with myself for not getting it sooner. And my frustration that I've seen a glimpse of how good I can feel and what I can do only to have it taken away, albeit temporary.

But I appreciate the reminder. I need to continue to work on all aspects of the things I'm trying to change and that isn't just the physical part of it. There are mental things I am trying to change. So this week while I am unable to really boogey on the exercise, I'm going to work on getting my act together. Doing some thought. Getting myself organized at home. Cleaning out the cob webs so to speak. (well, not all of them. It is Halloween after all.)

We're heading into a very hard time of year for me. It is the busiest at work. I have Halloween BFF's bday, "niece" bday. Son's bday, Thanksgiving, daughter #2 birthday, Anniversary, Christmas and My birthday within an 11 week period.  Whew. I'm going to try to head into it with a positive attitude and tackle each one as they come.

Now a different subject......I was glued to the TV this weekend watching BASEBALL.  That's amazing because in general I don't like it.  It is slow. There's too much chewing and spitting and scratching of crotches. Not to mention the math. Batting averages, pitching stats and what not. Ugh. BUT, I did enjoy watching the Rangers win Saturday, what I got to see and for the first time since OU was in the College World Series, I can't wait to get home to baseball. Weird.

It's a good thing the Rangers are doing well or else the suicide rates in Dallas would be sky rocketing. The Cowboys are in the toilet. no maybe they've moved down the drain to the sewer.  It is SO infuriating. It's like when my son brought home a C in Science on a test. Now, it's OK if he tries his best and doesn't get something, ends up with a C. But when he's dorking around and not paying attention and not really trying, NO WAY. That's where we are with the Boys. We've got players with the potential for A+ work only giving it C effort. The Vikings didn't look THAT awesome yesterday. They just screwed up less.

BUT....MY SOONERS ARE #1 BABY!!!! I was hoping we'd hover at 2-3 for a while an then move up, but they are playing so well I'm feeling pretty good here. The only game I'm a little concerned about is the OSU game. We play them at their place and the in state rivalry game is always a gamble. I do think we'll win. We have a real shot. WOW!


  1. I like raw blogging! Keep on keeping it real.

  2. You don't have to be someone you're not just because you're blogging. I prefer honesty to just having sunshine blown up my skirt. If someone doesn't like it, there's a very easy fix -- they can stop reading it. Besides, I think as long as you don't drive your car off a cliff during your 11 weeks of festivities, you'll be doing fine.

    As an aside, because I know you love them so much, many years ago when I was a newlywed, our first house was on Sooner Street.

  3. Gosh, I hope this doesn't mean I've got to log a positive post everyday, I'll go crazy, perhaps just crazier. :)

    I say, be yourself, but better!

  4. Oh, one more thing...
    Thanks for your comment on my blog about the connection between sleeping and weight loss. It has inspired me for the last two nights of getting my butt in bed at a normal hour!

  5. I think if we didn't have a tendancy towards negativity we wouldn't have gotten in trouble with unhealthy habits in the first place. Nobody expects you to be Pollyana! You are adored just the way you are. Keep listening to your body and rest when needed. I think you're 100% right about waiting instead of pushing yourself too hard right now. You'll be back in the swing of things in no time!

  6. The Rangers ? OMG, you are negative. Over by Wednesday night, so you can go back to the Cowboys... Wait, they suck also.. More negative.. At least you are cute...

  7. Your no bullshit attitude is what keeps me glued to your blog. No sugar coating plzkthxbye.

  8. Ha! My word verification was imend. I mend. See, you're mending already.

  9. You're not negative; you're normal. You've got a mix of different "ranges" and you're working on the stuff you don't like... it works.

    If folks require a Super! Peppy! Upbeat! blog, then they can read elsewhere.

    This time of year, I'm always grateful I'm not a football fan. Bear in mind I say this as a nearly lifelong native of the Tampa Bay area...

  10. You are a busy lady. With all those birthday's coming up, thought I'd mention on "the biggest loser", this chef made 100cal cupcakes. I haven't made them myself but it might be a way for you to indulge without ya know doing what I would and eat an entire ice cream cake before the party begins.

    As for being a Negative Nancy, WHO CARES!?!?! Like Lanie said we all beat ourselves up a little and that's part of the reason we're all here. Blogging is the way to get it out instead of eating, at least for me. Oh AND you've just had surgery say as many curse words as you want!

  11. We are who we are, Dr. F., and I like who you are. Your unique personality has allowed you to do wonderful things! Right now, you're still not feeling great. Your body has been greatly stressed. When we're under stress, we tend to go back to old, comfortable habits. I think that is normal. You will get your groove back!

    BTW, that Cowboy/Viking game wasn't pretty, was it? I think both teams need to get their acts together--but I'm still glad my Vikings won!

  12. How does it feel now my sweet, to be the mean and negative blogger.. Looks like life is sweeter...

  13. Your four-year-old is quite profound.

    I'm always amazed when someone does a "dig" comment - why, really? I guess I realize that we are blogging for ourselves first, and hey, what you read is how that particular blogger is feeling at the time of the post. Whatever, invisible commenter. ::rolleyes::

    I'm happy for you that the Sooners are doing so well. It's nice to see a football team play so well...that ain't happening in my neck of the woods.

  14. Raw honesty....that's why I like your blog. I strive to be totally honest with myself on my blog and I appreciate it in other peoples blogs. And that means that some days we are going to have to read (and write) a post that is a bit more negative. That's life.

    Way to go on pulling your eating back under control after Friday!

  15. Hey doc glad to hear your starting to feel more on the mend! And sorry but.... HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

  16. Be who you are. That's why we read. And we all have negative thoughts. You just choose to voice yours. But you have a lot of readers for a reason. Your thoughts are resonating some how.

  17. Yeah, I agree the Vikings did not look that good either. But, I’ll take the win.

    I am so glad that you decided to rest your incision for a week. Your body wills thank-you in spade later.

    Loads of folks will weigh in on your negativity bit here, but that won’t stop me. I only know you through this blog, but I cannot agree with you more that what you see is what you get. What you do every time you blog is give us all a dose of realness, reality, the real deal. Not sugar coated (because you do not have time for that) and straight from the hip. The point is, I get it. We need this kind of a virtual voice. Straight shooters. So, I thank-you. Negative, not in my book. Real, yes.

    Love you blog and love the fact that finally YOU are taking care of yourself. No work outs on the sly, Dr. Fit. No sneaking ‘em ‘em in or failing to blog about them either. I mean it. Rest up, Doc.

  18. Not sure about sunshine and roses, but you always make me smile when I read your blog. Love your Honesty!

  19. Excellent post to my fellow negative Nelly. I love how you know this is who you are and how you feel.

    Thank you for your words earlier.

  20. Keep it real. It's harder to blog about the bad days than it is about the good. For me, being negative on my blog is harder than being positive, so I admire that you say exactly what you feel. I am working on that, but it's hard for me.

    Also, Mondays do stink. I always seem to be more tired on Mondays. I think it's a mind over matter thing, honestly.


  21. Thank goodness you have the Sooners and the Rangers! I have a serious man crush on Cliff Lee! He was on my Phillies last year, and the Mariners this year. He's the consummate professional. And I'm always comfortable rooting against the Yankees!

  22. i can't speak baseball, but i'm can appreciate an honest blogger--negative or otherwise.

    thanks for following my old blog, and i wanted to invite you to follow my new one: dimplesnatcherblog.com

    be well!


  23. When I first started blogging I read that you need to find your voice and be the real you. If you don't it will come across fake and I believe that to be true.

    We are who we are! I like who you are!

  24. You write about baseball in the same "tone" I think about NASCAR and my favorite driver, Jimmie Johnson (who is #1 for the past 4 years, and is heading for a fifth championship this year!)

    You don't sound that negative to me, you sound like a normal person who is being very honest about your feelings.

  25. to ME theres nothing better than someone where WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.

    Ive met too many bloggers offline and been SHOCKED at how different they are...


  26. Tried to help you out this morning. I am back to being the DEVIL !!!

  27. Yep, weekend is over, time to climb back into the saddle of regular days. That's a lot of sports intensity you've got going Doc! I'm going to try and channel that into my own workouts this week. Good for you for shaking off the freaky Friday.

  28. I just hope that their is minimal pain on Saturday for the MU vs OU game. Perhaps let us have a touchdown or two before dragging us through the mud (which could be literal since rain is in the forecast)! Go Mizzou!


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