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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Weigh in. Go Rangers!

Woke up this am and felt good. Except for the itching. That's right I was up last night with terrible itching. Why you ask?? Well, I'll tell you.  Tami posted a lovely recipe for Maple Roasted Root Veggies. It has carrots, sweet potato, turnips and parsnips.  It looked great and I thought, why not try something new, right.  So I got the stuff and added rutabaga since I'd never tried that or parsnips and it is also a root veggie.

So the first bite was yummy. So good. The second, my mouth started to burn and itch. I asked my hubbie, "Is this stuff spicy?"  No he said it was sweet and he actually liked it a lot. Then, my throat started to itch, my lips started to swell and I realized, I must be allergic. I took a benedryl and I quit eating. Later I realized that my mouth felt like how it feels when I eat horseradish.  I used to think it was SUPER horrible spicy until I realized that it was really just me and I'm allergic.  I looked it up on the web and turns out they are related. In the same family and release the same sort of enzymes. So....so much for trying something new and healthy. I'll be making that recipe again, sans parsnips or rutabaga. I LOVE sweet potatoes.

Weigh in this am was 210.4.  Down 2 pounds from the official weigh in last week and 1 more pound to pre-surgery weight. I'm pretty happy with a 2 pound loss considering I haven't been able to exercise.  I've been eating well, watching my calories. Keeping it to around 1200, not more than 1300 daily.

Today I'm all about baseball and if you knew me well, you'd know that's bizarre. I usually don't like baseball as it is slow. There are too many games.  There's WAY too much math. RBI, ERA, PQRS RJSIH?  WTF does all that shit mean anyway?  An all that spitting and scratching, ugh. 

I'm learning to enjoy it.  I certainly listen to ESPN enough that I understand the game. I always know what's going on, but I've never really cared before.The games are long and I've never had a team that I really cared about until NOW.  GO RANGERS!  I am super pysched and I so hope they beat the Yankees in New York and we're on our way to the World Series.  Am I a bandwagon fan? I don't think so. I always listen to how they do, check their scores and want them to win. I've never been to a game, but I would if most of them weren't in Texas when it's FREAKIN hot. But, I might actually try to pay more attention now. I will definietly be buying a Championship shirt as soon as they are in stores.

But, football will always be my first love. LOVE it.  Don't know how the hell I'm going to keep up with baseball, college football and NFL AND NBA which starts next week, but I'll find a way somehow. I loves me some sports!

I'm feeling better and I plan to start exercise this weekend. Can NOT wait.  Until then......eat right and move as much as I can and Sports, sports, sports.

Have you had any weird food incidents? Discovered something new you never thought you'd like?   Allergic to anything?  Have a great day!


  1. Glad you didn't just get a thrill from the spice! That's something my brother would have done, who is always up for a hot-ass mouth challenge:-)

    I wish I was allergic to some foods, maybe I wouldn't be needing to lose all this weight. No allergies this way but I am finding mushrooms interesting and willingly ingesting them now.

    Glad you're losing post surgery. WTG!

  2. Yuck, food allergies are the worst. I hate being allergic to healthy food! Why not candy?:/

  3. I'm not allergic to anything that I know of, other than cats.

    So, naturally, I have three. Yes, I'm aware this likely marks me as insane.

    I recently discovered that whole chickpeas don't make me gag, which is huge, because historically I hate all whole legumes with a passion unequaled. I'm pretty psyched.

  4. Baseball...never saw the point! If i lived in the US i'd be a total basketball fan - quick, exciting, players jumping into the crowd and the occasional slam-dunk resulting in a smashed back-board....excellent.

    Football, Football you say - how dare you! lol. Football is what we play here in the UK doc, all you guys have are a bunch of fairies running around the field in crash-helmets and padding 'cos they're too delicate. Pah! Rugby is the real-deal. Ha ha tee hee....i hope you realise i'm joking here doc as i know how much you like the "American Football", as it is called here in the UK (i know, i know, i'm a damn limey!...but it's only the same as brazil nuts - in Brazil, they are just called nuts, right).

    Anyway, changing the subject, good news on the weight-loss, and i look forward to hearing that you are back to C25K - do you think you will be able to pick-up where you left off or are you gonna back-track a little to build up again?

    Food incidents - none as bad as yours i'm afraid. Food discoveries - gotta be the sweet potato...i was in my 30's before i ever tried one, and they are lush. They just looked so off-putting on the shelf.

  5. Boooooooo, Rangers! Lol, I'm a die hard Yankee fan. Always have been. Except they are making lots of bad decisions this season so you may very well get your win, but my love remains lol.

    As for your loss, congratulations!!! 2 pounds is awesome when you're not exercising :)


  6. Rangers are as good as the Cowboys... Go baby...

  7. I'm allergic to some spice used at a mid-eastern restaurant here in town - I was enjoying my chicken kebabs when all of a sudden my husband said "your chest, neck and face are bright red" - weird, because I didn't feel hot or itchy...of course you know we had to go back a few weeks later to test it again...same reaction. Oh well, cross that place off my list.

    I love baseball - was on the support squad when I was in high school, my son played it forever, love it. Hope the Rangers win - it would be so cool!!!

    Glad you are feeling so good - you recovery really has been fast. Hope the running goes well for you! Oh - did the shirt arrive yet?

  8. Congrats on the WI--8 sticks o' butter! Go! I had an allergic reaction to shrimp once when I was eating LOTs of shrimp to try to avoid the other goodies at a buffet party. I was able to gradually add them back over a few years and have no trouble with (normal quantities) now. I think I'm also allergic to something in my favorite Lime-Chili Almonds because the insides of my cheeks get swollen, but it goes away and there's no further reaction, so I ignore it and try not to overdo it on the almonds.

  9. Have a great day!! Wow that sign off was chipper for you! I am not allergic, nothing new food wise for me. So, ho, hum. But, I do like the fact that you are waiting to exercise. Plus, I LOVED the post yesterday, especially the part about not getting your science/medicine from Dr. Oz or the news. Nice work. Plus, you are very credible, being a doc and all. So, thanks for sharing some insight with us.

  10. I wish I were allergic to ding dongs, Doritos and donuts. Alas, not a thing on this planet I can't eat, if the mind is willing. Sigh. Truly, I am the definition of omnivorous. Fantastic 2lb loss. You are doing great post-surgery.

  11. So sorry you had a bad reaction to the recipe I posted Ann! Glad you are okay!

    If I eat to many eggs I get a rash but if I keep it to a few a week I am fine.

  12. I'm hoping the Rangers can close it out, too. Enough of the Yankees, already! But my Phillies, they are on the ropes - yikes. Great game tonight, wrong outcome. Congrats on the weigh in.

  13. ooooh two pounds gone WITHOUT exercise= I am a little scared of when you get to exercise......

    as far as food allergies, none that I know of. I eat (or used to eat) everything in sight and never wound up with those symptoms, so I assume no allergies.

  14. Yuck to food allergies. I can't have strawberries and pineapple at the same time. I can enjoy them seperately, but you but them together and I breakout something terrible. Crazy! We are a baseball family. The Marlins are our team, but hubby is cheering for the Rangers now :)

  15. Yikes....food allergies like that scare me!

  16. Oh, that's too bad about the veggies! It sounds good! I just made a big old crock pot of veggies with a pumpkin spice that I will be listing tonight.

    Thanks for the motivation on my dieting blog, you rock!!


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