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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedsday. Wheeze, Cough.

Good morning everybody. I am up early as usual and am blessed to have my fall allergies and asthma in full swing.  I hate hay.  It's a good thing I'm not a horse or other farm animal. We spent the day at the pumpkin patch farm yesterday. The kids had a blast. They got to pet the goats and rabbits and pig. See chickens. They have a maze for them to run through. They made a scarecrow.  And everyone came home with a pumpkin.

I came home with a pumpkin and plenty of wheezing. The hay ride is no barrel of laughs for me.  It always sets my asthma off and this is no different. But, the things we do for our kids, right?  I picked up some cute white mini pumpkins and fall corn for my table centerpiece. I also came home with some acorn squash and carnival pumpkins to try.  Apparently these little pumpkins taste like sweet potatoes when baked so I was sold on trying them. I'll take some pictures and let you know how they turn out.

Diet wise I stayed in the challenge goals. I ate a little more than usual yesterday since I came home to fresh and warm from the oven pumpkin bread. (Have i told you lately how much I LOVE my nanny?) I had a slice for snack.  Still my calories were at my goal of 1375.  I drank about 96 ounces of water. I did a lot of walking with the kiddos. And over all it was a good day.

Breakfast:  Yogurt, egg, oatmeal muffin: 302 cal
Snack: apple=70 cal
Lunch:  Turkey pastrami in a flat wrap with lettuce, string cheese and mustard and an apple: 317 cal
Snack: Pumpkin bread=320 cal
Dinner: Salad and 3 ounces of steak left over=289cal
Snack=8 wheat thin crackers

Last night we went to my son's last home game and they WON! Yeah. Finally. Poor kids. They've come so close several times, but this is the first win. The majority of kids on the team have never played before and it took a while for everyone to "get it".  My son was so proud. Daddy took him to Braums's for ice cream.  I didn't go since I had to get the girls home and ready for bed AND the tiny detail of me eating my weight in Braum's ice cream when I am overly happy and tired. No go on the Braum's. Even though my husband called and asked if I wanted anything. "No.  Thanks, hon for asking."  Get used to saying it. It really works.

Well, I'm off to work. First game World Series and I bought a NLCS CHAMPS shirt today so I'll wear it tomorrow instead of the plain Rangers I'm wearing today. SO cool that I don't have to worry so much about finding my size anymore as everywhere generally has the regular XL.  Yeah me!

I'm pretty high right now from my inhalers, so I've got the shakes. I better stop typing and get to work. Have a great day everyone!


  1. Congrats to your son on the win :) Congrats to you on no ice cream :)

  2. Extra meds, send em, love some shakes.... Get well..

  3. I have allergies too. No fun!! feel better :)

  4. I wish I had your nanny (and I don't even have any kids at home!) Sorry about the allergies and asthma, hope you feel better soon!

  5. Ugh, allergies. Our house is a big pit of sniffling and eye-rubbing from it too.

    Don't even get me started about how much I love Braum's. It's responsible for the size of my entire left butt cheek and both my thighs, I think. Luckily, I've moved somewhere that is Braums'-less. Bad for taste buds; better for the waist.

  6. I think if you were a horse, you'd probably love hay! It's your humanness that may be the source of the woes here (if you look at it a certain way). Good job on the braum's denial; turning down ice cream is heroic.

  7. allergies suck! would it make a difference to try some Benadryl before you go? I read somewhere within the last few months a study linking alleries and appendix or absence of it. I remember because my allergies didn't start until after kiddo was born and that was about the time of my appendicitis as well.

    Anyhow . .. pumpkin bread is yummy and it's great to have a treat like that and stay within your limits. That's awesome! Plus, easy-to-find clothes! Isn't it great?! Whoo and HOOO!

    Ice cream is easier to turn down this time of year, but I did have a little frozen yogurt yday. Still within my limits though :)

  8. Allergies are the pits!! Way to go to your son.

  9. Sorry about your allergies. We have them too, no fun. Congratulations to your son and his teammates for winning a game. We will be rooting for the Giants since we live in northern california. The rangers are my second favorite team so its fun watching this year. Cannot say the same about my Dallas team. :(
    Have a great day and enjoy the game.

  10. great job for your son's team!!! and great job to you on the Braum's! It really is easy huh? Hate the allergies thing, this was my first year with them and I want to apologize to all the folks I used to laugh at over them having allergies.

  11. I have been living on a zytrec/claritin cocktail - allergies SUCK! But it's cool that you got to experience the pumpkin patch with your kids. :)

    Yay for your son's first win!!! So cool to see a team finally get it - love watching team sports like that.

    Your nanny sounds so wonderful. I want one, and I don't even have any kids at home anymore!

  12. Maybe the problem is that you bought an "NCLS" shirt. ;-) Just kidding - as a Phillies and Mariners fan, I don't have room to talk. And I've already admitted my man crush on Cliff Lee to you. Better luck next time. And hope you feel better.

  13. You really do like sports! How funny!!! Sorry about the allergies, though. That pumpkin bread sounds amazing....I want some. <<>>


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