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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday. " You'll Put Your Eye Out, Ralphie"

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Yesterday was the first day of Allan's Double Dog Dare You Challenge.  I have to admit I did just fine as this is what I've been doing for months now.  The one thing the challenge does for me is push me to get back in the habit of water intake, which I needed. When I was sick water made me nauseated, so I had cut back. Now water is back to being tasty and the challenge is helping me back to normal.

The other thing it has forced me to do is think about my goal weight. This has been something I haven't really determined, but I did some math (thanks a lot, Allan. I hate math.)  I looked at my BMI and I have set my goal weight for 125. That number seems absolutely crazy as I probably haven't weighed that since 6th grade. But, the calories for that weight are 1375 which sounds easy peasy. So that's what I picked.

I didn't cheat. I may have participated in bullshit around the office and such, but not about my diet. Bullshitting is part of who I am and I don't think I want to stop or could if I wanted to. BUT, as far as the diet goes I am walking the line.

Here's my food for yesterday:
Breakfast: Jimmy Dean light sandwich and coffee, 309 cal
Snack: Orange, 70 cal
Lunch: Tuna salad sandwich, grapes, 1/2 serving of pop chips= 375 cal
Snack: apple 95 cal
Dinner: 1cup spaghetti, marinara and 1 meatball: 375 cal
Snack: 1.5 cups grapes: 90 cal
Total: 1313cal
Water: 92 ounces

Today I am going on a field trip with my daughter's first grade. I have packed a turkey pastrami wrap and some fruit. I have a bottle of water to take with us. We should do a ton of walking today.  We're going to a pumpkin patch and farm. I did this trip with my son 6 years ago when he was in first grade and it was a lot of fun.

Yesterday I did not exercise as I had planned as I had a terrible migraine all day. I came home at lunch and slept for 30 min in my dark bedroom. I felt better and was able to make it through my day.

The Cowboys game did not help with the migraine and I ended up giving up and going to bed early. I didn't even finish watching all of the travesty. I am pretty sure that Jerry Jones has done something to piss off the devil as I am sure he had a deal and maybe they are re-negotiating. That was just awful!  I don't know why the hell they didn't do something about that offensive line in the off season. Pretty sure that there are so many holes that somebody better do something before next season. We take our football seriously around here.  It would be a shame to have that pretty new stadium burned down in angry fan riots. I hate the Giants. Eli can suck it, child that he is. I can not believe Romo broke his clavicle. This is a nightmare. Sooo this week both my pro and college teams lost. Ugh.

Tomorrow the World Series starts so there is hope. I am going to find a shirt today for the series. The whole town is buzzing and Ranger crazy. I've never seen anything like it. Everywhere you go they are talking about baseball and the Rangers and the Series. It is strange as usually they are a non-issue this time of year.

And now I'm off the wake the children....have a good day. BTW, I love little pug dogs. If or when I get another dog, it will be a pug. 

What are your plans for the day? Are you doing Allan's challenge?


  1. My plan is to avoid bad choices while being forced to dine out all week long. Not very ambitious but challenge enough for me.

  2. My plan for today is to stay in my calorie range (if my coworkers would just finish the Halloween candy this would be less of a strain) and try not to go nuts worrying about Middle!School!Angst! going on at my household.

    Well, that and do my cardio tonight and watch The Biggest Loser :)

  3. I'm doing Allan's challenge too. It's not any different for me either, because it's what I've been doing only now I am more aware of how big my portions are and drinking enough water.

  4. Go for it! I'm with you on the water. I had that habit nailed. I don't have quite as good an excuse as you, but no matter, I've got to re-establish my 64+/day. Good luck with your Ranger rooting!

  5. Today is the first time i've heard of allan's challenge but i have been catching up on my required blog-reading this afternoon and have now seen it mentioned a few times...i am pretty much already doing most of the points, and i am tracking everything again this week already but i will take him up on the water challenge as i really need to be more consistent with this - here in Blighty we use millilitres, and 64oz of water is 2000ml/2Litres per day (around 4 pints), which i think i can manage if i space it out over the day. I've tried to stuff water intake in too fast towards the end of the day once and it felt like i was water-boarding meself! D'oh!

  6. I am not in the challenge, but I do have my own. I have decided that since I cannot jog due to my ankles, I am going to become a walking fool and that I want to get myself down to 230 by November 30. I am now going to be out walking at every chance I get and have come up with a plan to only add 500 calories to my limit for Turkey Day. I am also going to use my 4 days off to get in 20 miles of walking! Woo hoo!

  7. Great job on your goals Ann. I feel so much better when I drink water.

    What a fun field trip! I remember doing those things when my kids were little, hope you took some photos as well!

  8. Stopping in on Allans link to you for the DDDY challenge!

    Can't wait to read on as the weeks go!



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