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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rangers WON!

I'm Sooooo happy for the Rangers! First trip to the World Series and now I finally have a reason to take interest in baseball. Saturdays are all about sports for us today.  This morning we went downtown to see the high school homecoming parade. My son's troop was the color guard so he was right in front and he was so excited.  The girls thought it was too cool to see brother in a parade.

After the parade we made a trip to Sam's. That place is dangerous on weekends. I'm proud to say we left there without any free samples.  I am amazed at the selection of candy everywhere. Geez!  I didn't buy any because it is another week to Halloween and I'm pretty sure they won't run out.  I bought healthy stuff-grapes, yogurt, apples, salad, raspberries and sugar pears.  These tiny yummy pears only come in season this time of year and the kids and I LOVE them.  

At lunch today I made a tuna salad. It tasted really good as I haven't had it in a long time.  I had some watermelon also. Believe it or not our plants are still producing. I can't believe it. I went out this morning and saw THREE more litlte baby watermelon. I hope they continue to grow and ripen before the first frost. Of course here in Texas that could be 2-3 months from now.  It's pouring rain here so I didn't get to do the outdoor work I needed to get done. Still have to winterize the pool, do some weeding and mulching before winter. 

I had yet another complication to exercise. I wore some new shoes and got a HUGE blister on my pinky toe. I think it got a little infected then because it is swollen up and red. I couldn't get any shoes on except flip flops this morning. I tried bandaids and 2 pairs of socks and I couldn't get my sneakers on.  So, no running today for sure. Sigh.

Last night was the school carnival. Got out of there with no food. My daughter won a cake walk and came home with cupcakes, but haven't touched 'em and the kids are eating them.   The girls had so much fun at the petting zoo holding baby ducks, chicks, bunnies and petting the little baby lambs. I didn't have the heart to tell them these things are food. Ha ha.

Tonight we have the neighborhood party and I've got my low fat no sugar brownies ready.They look yummy.  Dinner tonight will be chili at the party.  I'll be eating a healthy snack before I go to minimize my hunger and therefore my temptations.

Right now I'm watching Texas lose to Iowa State.  Nebraska plays Oklahoma State. I think they'll win that one. Then Auburn vs LSU. It's painful to cheer for LSU, but we need Auburn to lose. Then our OU game is tonight at 6pm. We play in Missouri and hopefully we'll win.

I'm going to catch up on work now.  I have to take the boy to an Orchestra Spook House at his school. His best buddy is in orchestra. The girls are prancing around in their new Halloween costumes that came in the mail today. Kids are funny.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Uh oh. Tornado sirens. I better check the radar...


  1. ACK! We're getting pounded out here west of the metroplex, hail and everything.

    Yes, we need some rain, but not all at once, please. Stay safe!

  2. Congrats to the Rangers. Glad whenever the Yankees go down! And way to go at the guntlet of candy and other temptations!

  3. Geez, I get all the way to the end of your post and see tornado sirens...had to go check the weather. WHERE IS FALL, TEXAS?!?

    OK. Good food plan tonight. I don't have to buy Halloween candy this year (we'll be out of town) but in recent years I've waited until the day before, and then bought things I don't like. Not to say I never ate it, but it made the chances less.

    Hope your toe gets better - that sounds painful!

  4. It sounds like you're batting 1000 on food temptations. Way to go! As to the toe and running, my little toe is so skinny and boney now that it's rubbed up against my skinny, boney 4th toe and I have a painful corn between the toes. Ouch. It hurts to run. I'm getting by with a padded tubular bandage and loose shoes. Right now, biking is way more comfortable than running. Do you have a bike? We could be twins!

  5. As a New Englander, a hearty thank you to the Rangers :)

  6. who are the "rangers"?

    ha. i kid. i kid. i barely know the names of the teams.

    i hope the infection clears up so you can get back to running soon!


  7. wow I dont think I have the willpower that you have... cupcakes in my house would be SCREAMING my name!


  8. I just found your blog and wanted to say I love it! Will be back for sure :)

  9. YESSSSS!!! Go, Rangers!

    You're handling the food temptations very well. I always do better when I plan it out in advance, like you're doing.

    So did you get a tornado, or just the sirens? My non-Tornado Alley guests always used to freak out about how calm I'd be when they would go off. Hope nothing came of it.

  10. Sooo glad the Rangers won and beat the damn Yankees! Enjoy the Series!


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