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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday. Three more days..

Well, I've been sick since yesterday with a lot of pain. I knew better than to eat those hot wings. In a lot of pain this morning. Has cheerios and milk and a little coffee. Took the girls to a birthday party this morning. I KNOW. Who schedules a birthday party for Sunday morning?  It started at 10:30am. It was at the local bouncy place so of course the girls didn't forget and I had to take them.

So I'm in pain. Can't take anything since I have to drive. It's loud loud loud with music and screaming kids. Luckily there was a bench so I sat.  About an hour in the pain got bad and I got nauseated. I'll spare you the details. Needless to say the next hour was awful. I couldn't call my husband to get me because he was gone with my son.  On the bright side, the pizza and cake was absolutely no temptation whatsoever. 

I laid down when I got home and I've been in bed since. Had a little soup, sprite and crackers and so far it's stayed down. I've got work I should do, but I don't feel like it. Thought I'd better get on and post before I fall asleep. We'll see if I post again today. If not, too bad.

It's three more days until I can get this damn thing out and feel better. I cannot wait. My daughter, the 4 year old, got upset because I guess she'd been thinking about the surgery.  "Won't it hurt if they cut your tummy Mommy?"  "How will they sew it up?"  "I don't want you to go there." We had a long talk about how I have a boo boo in my tummy and the hospital will make it better.  She seemed better after that.  My 6yr old was patting her and saying, "Don't worry Daddy will be there and he'll bring Mommy right home as soon as they fix her tummy and then Mommy will feel like swimming and playing again." 

They are so sweet and it made me realize how my being sick has affected my kids. I feel for Mommies and Daddies that are sick way worse than me and facing way more serious stuff.  I have a neighbor who has cancer.  I've decided that I'm going to cook dinner for them and offer to watch their kids as soon as I'm feeling better.

I weighed and I was down a pound this morning. Go figure. I give up. That's still up 2 from a couple of weeks ago. I so dread and look forward to getting back to the gym. Either way, I'll feel better and I don't care how hard it is, I'm going back. The gym will be my bitch again real soon. Just 3 more days.


  1. I'm sure the gall bladder is going to weight at LEAST 2 lbs. I bet the people at the gymn miss you !

  2. Best of luck with everything! I like that you said the gym will be your bitch and not the other way around ;-) You'll be back in the game in no time.

  3. I've been thinking about you a lot.

    I'd sure not worry about trying to post twice a day...I think you'd be excused!

    Ohhhh maybe the stones weigh a few pounds! Hehe, I do know better...I still have mine in a jar. They're actually quite pretty!

  4. Sorry you're feeling so bad today - surgery can't come soon enough!

  5. Hang in there!! And yeah, the little ones are so sweet when we aren't feeling well. I remember when the Elder was the Only, and I was expecting his little brother. I'd thought morning sickness was gone, and I was innocently sitting on the floor sorting laundry when WHAM!!! Instanausea. I hopped up and hightailed it down to the bathroom where I played Inspect the Toilet Bowl for about ten minutes. The Elder came in and patted my hair and said "It will be okay Mommy."

    He's a sweet child. Still is. Except when he and his brother are trying to do each other in.

    3 more days... I'm sure they can't come soon enough. I'll keep thinking about you!

  6. Not far to go now. A handful of days until you get your surgery. I'm happy that your weight hasn't gone up, that's one less thing to deal with during your recovery.

  7. Sorry you are not feeling well. I'm am praying for you!


  8. I understand what you're going through with this gall bladder thing, because I've been there. I think you've done very well to keep up with your work and family as much as you have. Believe me, there will be better days ahead for you, once the darned thing is out.

    After I had my gall bladder surgery, my son (8 years old at the time) took my stones to school for show and tell. I didn't realize he had done that until the teacher mentioned it to me. She thought it was funny, but I was a bit embarrassed, although I'm not sure why. It was probably quite educational for the other children. I'll be thinking about you. Take care...

  9. That's a great idea to "pay it forwards" for your neighbors, and do a random act of kindness for them. I think that's wonderful. Your kids sound totally adorable, too. Get better soon. (And you're rocking that lab coat)

  10. Good to hear tha the pizza and cake were no concern for you. Hoping the next three days go well as you prepare to get this going behind you. It'll be a joyous day whenyou are ready to hit the gym again. Looking forward to that post.

  11. I'm sorry you don't feel good. I remember how crappy I would feel before I had my gallbladder out and how much better life was after it was removed. I was pregnant when mine started to give me problems and I kept telling my doctor about it and he thought I was just some over dramatic pregnant lady with gas and nausea...lol. 4 weeks after having my baby, the pain came back and wouldn't leave so I went to the ER where they decided it had to come out immediately. When I went to my 6 week postpartum appointment, I told the doctor about it and I think he might have had an awe-hah moment.
    I love how kids have a way of making everything sound so simple. But they are right, you will feel better.

  12. Glad to hear that temptation can't hold a candle to you. Your little ones sound precious - it's nice when siblings get along instead of tearing each others hair out. Hope the Op brings the sunshine back doc.

  13. Way to go on the party. You made that temptation your bitch too.

  14. ohh boy I soooo know how u feel and it is amazing how great you will feel afterwards are u having the full surgery or laproscopic... i had laproscopic and its a breeze... I had a little gas pain from the air.. and that was in my chest and shoulders.. and the worst i felt was a bit of bruised sensation on the inside.. nothing horrible.. just be careful what you eat when its over and give your body a chance to adjust... I promise you will feel sooo much better very soon... I am sure the pizza was the last thing on your list at the party lol.. Hang in there.. the best is yet to be!
    Sounds like you have some very sweet little ones too!

  15. Well, atta girl, hang in there. You have alot of folks cheering you on and wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Just think: once the surgery is over and your back to being your famous bad ass and a super fan, the Cowboys will come to my town and we will send them howling back to Texas!

  16. HI and Good Morning, Doc,
    Today my institution hosts the NObel Conference on Making Food Good. Marion Nestle will be one of our featured speakers. I was wondering if you had a question that you would like me to ask her about nutrition, food or food policy? Feel better, too! Michele
    email: mkoomen@gac.edu


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