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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday and Drug induced bliss

I do not in any way condone using drugs improperly, but I gotta tell you getting an organ removed is a justified reason AND they sure do work. I am tired and sleepy, but feel a little better. I slept 7 hours with only 3 interruptions. That was a great improvement over the last 2 nights where I was up every hour. My wonderful hubby is taking such good care of me. My girls keep wanting to see my belly and the boo boos. I guess I don't need to worry about wound infection since they look at it 3-4 times a day.

I ate fettuccine Alfredo last night without guilt. I only ate 1/2 cup and 1/2 cup of pasta and pesto. I even was able to eat a few bites of salad. It's amazing to me how much I miss veggies.  For snack I had gold fish. Thank God for goldfish crackers. I drank a sprite, but mostly I had water because it tastes better for the most part. My nanny made me an apple crisp. I ate some with fat free vanilla yogurt.  It was healthy dessert since the crisp was made with splenda and low fat cinnamon graham crackers. It tasted so great!  I ended up with 1627 calories which is way more than I usually do. My LoseIt says I shouldn't have more than 1300 for 2 pounds a week loss. Obviously I didn't exercise.

I got up this am and had cheerios. I'm not sure that was too smart. We'll see. Also had a little coffee and it tasted good. but, my belly is starting to hurt. Still waiting on #2 to happen. I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats and wondering so I'll keep you posted. Sorry for TMI. You have to remember I talk about this stuff with patients all day. Good news is my hydration is improving. My pee is almost clear again.

I actually got up and moved around a little this am, straightened up and sorted through some mail, but about 40 min was all I could stand and now I'm back to bed. Hope you all have a great weekend. Do something active for me since I can't. My mom took the kiddos to the Texas fair and I'm sure they'll be stuffed with friend nastiness and filthy but happy when they get home. Hubby and I are going to watch some TIVO. I love TIVO. If I wasn't already happily married, I might just marry my TIVO. It's an HD dual tuner TIVO and can record 500 hours. Ha ha. Now I know you're jealous. The perks of being married to an engineer and techno geek. I love geeks!  They are awesome.

I'm sure we'll watch some football at some point this weekend. OU has a bye, but there are plenty of good games. GO COCKS!  I'm not a huge South Carolina fan, but there's nothing more fun than screaming, "Hit em hard Cocks!" or "Score, Cocks, Score!"  Plus they're playing the Tide and it'd be nice to see them go down.

I am a little bummed as I have tickets to the Boys game tomorrow. We play the Titans, but I seriously doubt I'll feel like going. That means that my husband will take the Boy. He's excited as he hasn't been to the Death Star yet. So, they'll have some male bonding. As if my nearly 13 year old needs a reason for his testosterone to spike. Lord. I'm not ready for all that.

Anyway, have a super weekend. I will as long as I keep the pain pills coming. Unbelievable how bad it hurts. I don't even want to think about how bad the old procedure would be where they open you up. Ack.

Eat right and move! I mean it!!


  1. Five hundred hours????

    Yes I'm totally jealous :P

    I'm moving this weekend -- I swear it! In fact, I'm in the middle of taking a break from a 2 hour treadmill walk. I've done an hour and fifteen minutes, and I've got forty-five to go. Usually it's just an hour but tomorrow my husband will be off work (in theory) and we've got a ton of things we have to run and do, including get my older son's science fair experiment supplies. So... yeah, not seeing much time there for a workout. If I manage one, it'll be a bonus.

    Dinner tonight's going to rock. Whole shoulder pork roast... yummo! It's 90 calories an ounce (yes I know that off the top of my head -- a quick check gave me a more exact 89.9), and considering I'm being cautious the rest of the day even 6 ounces of it won't put me over 1300 calories. I'll be adding some potato fries (probably regular ones since I forgot the sweet potatoes today -- my brain, she is wiped) to get me closer to 1400.

    You're sounding good -- awesome! Keep getting better and soon you'll wipe the floor with me as far as speed is concerned. Not that it's that difficult since I'm limited to walking... LOL.

  2. Hey, sorry I missed you on my blog list -- duly noted and corrected! Was just a ditzy oversight. Glad you are feeling better and your family is helping you heal. Look forward to hearing more about your recovery and return to normal life. Good luck!

  3. Okay, I'm moving, sister. Got my 3 miles in this morning before 9 a.m. A little running, too. Funny how running gets a bit easier when you lose a little weight.

    Sounds as if you're in good hands. Love that your girls are checking your boo-boo!

  4. Hey Doc, post surgery, post anesthesia, figure you poop in.....a week ? Hmmm

  5. Hey Doc. Sounds like you are working towards being on the mend. I came home and checked your blog first thing so I could so how you are doing. I have talked a lot of shit lately and need to know how hard I am gonna have to work to back it up. I did not walk today obviously. I took off to Fayetteville for my test at 6 and got there in time to find the parking garage and hike up the hill to the test site. I am going to push extra hard on my 5k tomorrow. I figure i rested yesterday and today, I likely can use those fresh legs to get a better time!

  6. When you get time, head over to my blog...I've given you an award.

    Tony B. @ Half of 360

  7. Rest, recovery and some TLC from your family seems like a very good prescription.

  8. In honor of you I worked out with weights today!

    So glad you are feeling better and ever grateful for drugs that help you feel that way!

  9. Feel better. I tried to milk my gb surgery but it didn't fly. lol I got sympathy the first day or two and then shipped back to work!

    Get the rest while you can!

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  11. i was not a happy camper with the footall game... sad for us to lose.. but I am hoping we will be back in our game next week we play ole miss.. Though I am not glad we lost.. I think this will help the Alabama in the long run... ya can not always be a winner.. losing teaches you how to be a better winner by having remember what it really takes to win... I think that can also be applied pretty much to anything in life... and to successful weight loss.. you might lose ( gain) learn from it... and then move on.. glad you are feeling somewhat better.. may that be the case each day...

  12. Glad you're on the other side of that procedure. The Bama game must have made you feel better. Oh, and I broke a personal rule and added to Cowboys to my fantasy team - Witten and Williams. Witten came when I traded a better tight end for Mark Sanchez. Williams was cut by someone else and he's better than my backups. Hope those two turn it around!

  13. I am not a COCK fan (Carolina Gamecocks that is) but I dislike the Tide more, so the game yesterday was bitter sweet for me.... :)

    Speedy Recovery for you! Rest up and enjoy the games today! :)

  14. Glad you are on the mend. Don't know how you kept the blogging up while. I did move some today just for you! Up and down a hill by our farm 5 times. I am doing this to get ready for Yosemite in a couple of weeks. Rest up.

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