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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday. Randomness.

TERRIBLE migraine today. Had it since yesterday evening. I had a long long long board meeting last night. Didn't get home until 10pm.  Other than the headache I feel really good.

My food has been great. Yesterday I was around 1000cal. I'm still holding off on the exercise, but I do plan to start again this weekend. I don't know where I'll start, but being off for the last 6 weeks is going to make it hard to get back to it.  I have to be careful about getting discouraged. In the past when I've gone for long periods of not exercising I've gotten discouraged about the amount of decline in my fitness level.  This has led to my giving up in the past.  Also I have to be careful not to go too fast which could lead to my being overly sore or hurting myself and then I'll REALLY be upset if I have to quit again for a while. 

I'll likely start with the stationary bike and walking. I hope to work back pretty quickly. I have no idea what to do about the C25K.  I figure I'll try walking and some intervals of running and see how I feel. I was nearly done with the program before I got sick.  I may just do it over with the idea that it would improve my times. I won't know until I try.

Man, I'm cold all the time. Is anyone else experiencing that?  Today I am FREEZING and I have on a long sleeved shirt.   My nose is cold and my hands are like ice. I used to just sweat all the time and I was never cold. I used to be hot most of the time, but I am definitely changing. 

Of course it may be the low fat ice cream I had for lunch. Sometimes when I have a migraine, cold stuff helps. I don't know why. But in lieu of food, I had the ice cream, 225 cals.  Not the best choice, but hey, it's a dairy, right? And that's all I wanted.

I am wearing my size 14 jeans today and they are comfy. It feels really good. but, I keep looking at myself and thinking, "Am I REALLY a size 14?"  I mean that is down from a 22-24 last year at this time. I look in the mirror and I still see huge hips.  My legs are definitely smaller. Even I can see that my legs, especially my lower thighs, above the knee are shrinking.   It's like my brain knows I'm smaller,but my eyes don't see it.

My wedding rings are getting really big. It won't be long and I'll need to either get them sized or stop wearing them.  At my son's football game Tuesday. They almost flew right off when I was clapping.  Guess I need a new one. Have to tell hubbie either I need an upgrade, or I'll have to quit wearing it.  Ha ha. And speaking of the boy- his broken arm is healed. We had the Xray. He's out of the brace except for football. Thank goodness. That thing was getting stinky, even with washing it.

I'm wondering how all of you choose which blogs to follow.  I have a long list. I like that because not everybody stays active. With a long list, I usually have some people to read. There are some I absolutely MUST read and others I just don't connect with much. Others still I am finding I really don't agree with most of what they write or they are just plain downers. I know we should be encouraging to our fellow bloggers and I certainly do that. But, when do you say that's enough. When do you decide it is affecting your attitude?  I don't know about you all, but when I read about one person having a splurge here and another there, It really gets my bad side going. You know the old, "All my friends are doing it, why can't I?"

I certainly appreciate all my followers. I still find it hard to believe that this many people care what I have to say. Some days it just amazes me the support I get from all of you.  If only I'd known that all that was just waiting for me earlier.

Looking toward the weekend. I have a few social obligations this weekend. I'm sure it will be a busy one, but then when is it not busy in my life?  Friday night we have a carnival at my daughter's school.  These things are always crowded, loud and annoying, but something you have to do for your kids. So we'll go for a while and then leave. I usually don't get too tempted at these things because of the crowds and noise and the fact that the lines are long. So, I'm not worried about temptations there. 

Saturday night we have a neighborhood chili supper. We're supposed to bring adult drinks and a dessert to share. I'm bringing my whole wheat low cal brownies.  That way I know I'll have something I can eat. These taste so good they don't really taste diet at all.  As far as the chili and such goes, I'll eat a healthy snack before I go and drink a big glass of water. That way if they don't have anything that I can safely eat, I won't be hungry and I'll eat when I get home.  We'll be watching "How to Train Your Dragon" outside on the big movie screen, so the kids will have fun.

Only 2 glitches. First, Friday night is game 6 of the Rangers series. A MUST see. Of course they lost last night, but hey, it is the Yankees we're playing. We only need one more win and we're in the series. I feel good about it.  The whole office is wearing Rangers gear tomorrow. Should be fun.

Second, OU game is Saturday night and it's an evening game. Sigh.  We play Missouri, but I think we'll win.  Good thing we'll have TIVO.  If it weren't for the movie, we could go, mingle and leave early. We'll see how it goes. I hate watching a game after I know who won.  Maybe we'll be done at the party by half.  We have to go this time because the last gathering for the neighborhood we missed to go to a wedding. We've only been in the neighborhood a little over a year and we haven't met everyone yet. Of course, I could always acquire a migraine and send the hubby and kids...............evil, but maybe necessary. A quiet house. Beer. Football. Smile.

Am the only one enjoying apple season?   I've been eating all different kinds lately and yum yum yum!  This week alone I've had honey crisp, macintosh, cortland, pink lady, granny smith, and fuji.  I'm an apple eating fool. 

Well, this was a bunch of randomness.  I hope everyone is enjoying their day.


  1. you need to see if you can find Black Arkansas Apples.. they are tart and sweet and nice and crunchy... Golden Rustys are great too.. they are like Golden Delicious with a little tart ... Tango apples are good.. Jazz are good too.. Tango is like a honey crisp but better...those are my favorite good luck getting back in the swing with exercise.. it makes you feel better !

  2. I read the blogs that talk about more than just one subject. I roll my eyes at the blogs that say "starting today I'm doing _____ to improve my life" and then the next day say, "oh fuck it I decided not to do _____". Doesn't matter what IT is, but it's like they LIED to me. JHC, you couldn't even do it for ONE day? They had a solution right in their hands and they threw it out. fuckers. j/k

    We're sick of apples at home.

  3. Glad your feeling better. Take it slow Doc... You've got this! It's not back sliding when your healing, I know illnesses can set us back longer than we wish, but it sounds like you're rearing to go.

  4. I'm pretty much a blog hopper and if I like someone I'll follow them for a bit. I've added a lot, removed some and have found a few MUST reads. Not all of them are weightloss only, there is more to life and sometimes we need to share that.

    Glad your son's arm is healed :)

  5. I never expected to be cold, but yeah, that's what happened to me when I started losing weight. Weird, because I was always the "hot" one in the room (as opposed to the "hot one" lol) - I just thought I was warm-blooded. No, apparently that fat was a great insulator. Lose it and BRRRRR!

    Re your blogging question, I have my must reads (and I always comment on them), the ones I follow and comment on frequently, and then some I check in on every once in a while. It's hard to keep up with everyone, and I do stop reading blogs if they hit certain red-flag (to me) criteria. I figure there's enough readers out there for everyone - our little village of blogland is quite big!

  6. Having your wedding rings get too big is a huge sign of how much weight you've lost! Way to go!
    I had a friend who used scotch tape (wrapped around and around the underneath part of the ring) to make her rings fit while she was losing weight. That way should was able to wait to get them resized only once, but was still able to wear them. It worked like a charm! :)

  7. I echo Roxie completely on the blog topic. As for the exercise and apples: 1) would it help to have a buddy? I'm starting a walking group this week that I learned about by calling a local road race health foundation. They matched me up. 2) apples. ummmmm, HONEY CRISPS! You put me in front of a bag on honey crisps - - well, I was gonna say I could eat the whole thing, but they are so huge here in Michigan that 1 really is enough :-) Enjoy!

  8. Doc, I will be looking forward to your post about exercise. Just don't go nuts and try to get back in shape in one day. I need a shit talking buddy and you and I do that well.

    AS for the blogs thing, yeah I have my must haves (you being one of them) and my I likes, and the also rans, and the no, I am done with you's. I feel like I can't keep up with all of them and so I have to pick the ones I either feel I am helping or that are helping me.

    I hate that you are missing the game. I understand completely though. I promised myself to indulge more in football this season but it has been an empty promise so far.

  9. Size 14!? Okay, to be honest, I haven't tried to shimmy into a pair of jeans since...Not sure since when. There's a part of me that feels like I might be down to a 14 now, but I haven't had the chance to find out yet. Yay for you on your new size and smaller thighs! (I said that in a sing-song rhyme in my head.)

    Don't get discouraged about having to start back slowly on your exercise. Just think about how quickly you can regain your strength and stamina. I can't believe how much more I can do now versus just 7 weeks ago. These bodies we live in are amazing!

  10. Pink Lady apples - quite frankly they are the ayatollah of rock'n'rollah in the fruit world...love 'em.

    Choosing blogs - i tend to read quite a variety or different types...slow-and-steady people like me, food-nazi types, exercise-nazi types, WW types, Paleo types, etc - the more different opinions the better. Then, over time, if they reciprocate posts i'll add them to the old blogroll, otherwise i'll knock that one on the head and concentrate on folks who communicate with me. I have come across some proper "Blog Divas" in my short time in blog-land and i avoid them like the plague.

    I hope you find C25K not too difficult to get back too - i reckon that doing a wee endurance test like you suggest is probably the way to go at first.

  11. Oh the neighbourhood gathering sound lovely! What a nice, friendly idea. The nearest we get to that in the UK is the occasional street party when a member of royalty marries or on one of the Queen's BIG anniversaries. Everyone leads such busy lives that it is often hard to get to know your neighbours. I am sure you'll have fun.

    Apples - yes - I am getting them straight from my man's trees. No pesticides, and some have better flavours and textures than others. I haven't had to buy an apple for months! :)

  12. I'm freaking freezing all the time! But you're in Texas...it gets cold there this time of year? Huh! I wouldn't have thought that.

    As for the C25K...just keep plugging along and doing the best that you can, walking if you have to and jogging when you feel comfortable to. You might take a metaphorical step backwards with the plan, but it'll be temporary because your heart won't need the strengthening that it did when you began, so you'll catch up easily!

  13. LOL - I was just commenting today on being cold all the time. And I used to be the one who was still running around in shirtsleeves in December. Now I've been wearing a sweater since the first of September.

    A straight endurance run will probably let you know where you're at in the C25K program - warm up, then just run until you absolutely need a walking break. Cut a minute or so off that time and you're probably at the right level; I didn't follow C25K, but that's how my trainer taught me to build in longer runs, and how I'm helping a friend learn to run (interval splits twice times a week, and one "long" endurance run to see if our intervals are still on track.

    Good luck with it!

  14. Love apples, not to mention the smell of apple pie cooking.

  15. Honeycrisp are my favorite at the moment. I like to pick up a big pack for the week at Costco - they have surprisingly good apples.

    It's amazing how long it takes for your brain to catch up with your body, isn't it? It'll be those moments when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a window reflection or a random mirror, and think "Oh, wow! That's me!" that you really realize how far you've come. After a few of those, the reality of it starts to take hold, but it takes a little while.

    Great blog! I really enjoy the honesty and forthrightness. I've been struggling to find ones that aren't so pollyanna about weight loss. I can't take seeing "Fresh Start Today!!" over and over on peoples blogs. Thanks for just acknowledging that it's tough sometimes and plugging through!

  16. The Gum Zombie and I are apple eating fools. We should be so healthy we don't even slow down as we pass our respective doctors' offices. As for the Elder and Choreboy? Notsomuch.

    Ah well. They're still cute :)

  17. Love Apples!!! My favorites are Pink Lady, Gala, and Jonathan. But I usually just get whatever is on sale! :)

    Take it slow on getting back into your exercise routine. I had a small tumor removed in the roof of my mouth in January. I thought that since it didn't impact most of my body, I would be fine jumping back into my regular routine, but I was WRONG! It took several weeks to readjust my routine...but I eventually got back and have increased it all year. :)

  18. Sorry to hear that you had a migraine, hope that you are feeling better. The nice thing about menopause, fewer migraines. I'm still taking my daily topamax, but I haven't had a migraine in a couple of months.

    Enjoying the apple harvest, I brought home five different bags of apples last week. Loved them all . . . Honey Crisps, Jonagolds, Gala, Fuji and Cortlands . . . Yummy!

  19. Hate migraines - had one myself last Thursday. Stayed home from work cause I can't handle the light.
    Blogs, I find good ones that I follow and if I lose interest (they don't blog that often or are humdrum), then I'll unfollow. I do have my favorites though and they aren't all about weight loss. In fact, I like ones like yours which are about life.
    Size 14 is fantastic!!
    Apples - love them, have to have one a day but my favorite is the pink lady and I can't find them around here lately. Had tons in the spring and early summer but not right now. Upset about that really.

  20. I got my mom hooked on the honey crisps, its like candy, seriously and when they are cold? forget about it.
    I love reading your blog, you are one my my gotta reads, I like that you cuss and have common sense, it's a good combo.
    I probably don't comment enough, which I will work on, becuase I enjoy getting comments so much, I ought to be more generous with my comments.


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