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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In. Cough Cough

Well, I am feeling a lot better. Still hacking and coughing, but it is better. I have asthma and it does flare up if I get a cold. That on top of the blockage in my airway, and I've had some trouble talking. It's really hard to talk to patients all day when you can't get enough air. But, it's better so I guess I'll be thankful for that.

I woke up this morning and my body was craving exercise. I hadn't worked out since last Friday. Even though my lungs weren't sure it was a good idea, I forced myself upstairs to the bike. I rode a 6 mile program, an easier one than I've been doing lately, but I didn't want to push it too much. Did my floor work- push ups 20 real ones, 30 girlie, 100 crunches, 60 second plank, 50 reverse crunches, 50 bridges. I actually felt pretty good after, tired, but good.

My weigh in was ok. I lost 1.4. I'm still a little higher than I was 2 weeks ago and probably would have lost more if it weren't for getting sick. I've had half a bag of Hall's cough drops. Sure that didn't help. But, they help keep my throat and voice from giving out on me.

I have guests coming tonight. Family for my daughter's 6th birthday. But, they're low maintenance family so shouldn't be too big of a deal. Spent my lunch hour today running around in this hideous heat to 4 different bakeries to find the right cake for her party. She wanted a certain princess cake and she's been asking for it since like February. It never occurred to me that they might quit making a cake, but 3 of the 4 places either didn't have it or never did. Wal-Mart had the princess castle cake. Thank God. I still have to get her present. I've decided that when I have to think this hard on what to get my kids then they don't need anything.

After running around in the heat, I was not hungry for lunch. However, I knew that when I left the office there was a big ole birthday cake from someone's birthday today. I love birthday cake. Love it. White cake with butter cream icing. YUUUH-UMMMM! So, I knew better than to come back to the office without eating something. I stopped by the yogurt place and got yogurt with fresh black berries, strawberries, and blueberries. It was tasty! I made it past the birthday cake with only one teeny tiny bite. I hope I fair that well on Saturday at my daughter's party.

How do you handle "occasions"? Most of the time I can ignore the office crap-cookies, candy, cakes, etc. But, I will probably have a harder time passing up birthday cake. Remember I said I love it.


  1. Good job today with the eats! I only eat something high calorie and non nutritional once in a great while. There always seems to be someones birthday or a holiday so I choose wisely. I have never regretted something I didn't eat!

  2. Hey there, Congrats on your WI. Down is down and that's progress. When I was a primary school librarian, there were gorgeous looking birthday cupcakes brought to me almost every day. Way too many of them found their way to permanent existence on my waist and hips. Finally, one day, I noticed one little cutie-pie coming toward me bearing a plate full of b-day cupcakes. Just before she got to my office, she had a huge, snotty sneeze, right onto the cupcakes. That did it for me. From that day on, I oohed and ahed; I congratulated the b-day child; I gave them a b-day bookmark; and, after they went on their way, I tossed the beautiful, iced, potential typhoid Mary cupcakes right into the circular file. Even on a store-bought cake, I still imagine that one of the workers has sneezed all over it. That works for me. Good Luck!

  3. I am struggling with stuff like that. This past weekend I ate cake. And a lot of other stuff. My problem right now is that I am overeating if I go off plan just a bit. But when I am in control, I think an occasional treat should be okay. I love Tami's comment that she never regretted something she didn't eat. And she is a great weight loss role model all around:)

  4. I am new here but congrats on the starting a blog to hold accountability to yourself and others. I did the same ( I saw you joined, thanks!) and it has worked wonderfully for me. i don't have a sweet tooth per se, I am a pizza fiend! I so far have not had a great deal of difficulty with avoiding the foods I am weakest at. I did eat pizza early on and on the day I bought it was fine. I just ate the leftover piece the next day after my bank was out. Only slip up so far and I am 17 days in. My theory is the same as Sean's. Don't deny your cravings, just make sure you enjoy them responsibly. I used to eat the whole pizza, I now only can eat three slices. The key is to enjoy those three! Savor them, eat them slow. I used to eat pizza real fast and then want more!! If you eat a craving food slower, it seems like you had more. Just my two cents. I am fairly new so I don't have alot of help to offer.

  5. Right now, I'm limiting portions. Grab a very small plate and a modest sized piece of cake won't seem tiny. Congrats on your weight loss this week!

  6. That cake sounds yummy! Be sure to treat yourself to a LITTLE slice of it! And take pics...sounds adorable!

    How do I prepare for "occasions?" (1) I eat beforehand. Something healthy. (2) I mentally say that any unverified unhealthy foods are explicitly off limits. (2) Bring your own healthy snacks if you must. (3) Keep yourself busy. No lurking around in the kitchen gabbing with adults. Take them outside, or into the living room!

    (Thanks for your comment on my blog BTW. HUGS!)



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