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Monday, August 23, 2010

I want to be a Bad-Ass!

Good Morning. It's Monday AND that means the first day of school here. Oh my. How I love and hate the first day of school. This year meant the first time I have 3 kids in 3 different schools. It's going to take some time to settle in to our new routine.

The new schedule means, Little Dude has to be at school at 6:30am for football practice. I know it's early, but I keep telling you people this is TEXAS. Even 7th grade ball is intense. I mean, this could determine his whole future. In fact, I wish they were practicing even earlier. Like 4:30 AND in the afternoon. There's no reason those kids can't do more.

OK. So I'm feeling a little sarcastic. On the bright side, he'll be getting way more than the recommended hour a day of physical exercise. He's already dropped some weight this summer. I'm not ready for him to grow up. He'll be 13 in only 3months. His face looks more like a little man than a boy now. And that voice. OMG. I hope it finds its way to a consistent tone soon. Poor kid. Sounds like a beginner trying to play the tuba. Deep squeak, Deep squeak.

Brother's new schedule means everyone is on a new schedule. Boy gets up, dresses for football, eats breakfast. Mom up and showers, dressed. Wake girls up. To which my middle child, the one who hates mornings said, "WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO EARLY?" I don't know. But it does. Drive brother to football. (there's no bus for athletics) Drive back home. Fix girls breakfast. My breakfast. Pack my lunch. Make up and hair. Get everyone's stuff in car. Miss B is in first grade this year. Take her to school. Pictures, what not. Take Little Bug to school. This is her first day of pre-K. She's never been in school before and she is excited and a little scared. She'll be great. Pictures, hugs. Mom drives to work. Realizes she's there lots earlier than last year. Wishes she had time for am gym. Have to work on that.

I like morning exercise. In fact, I work out most mornings. I'm going to have to figure out a way to do that, at least some days. I think that might mean getting up at the butt crack of dawn. I'm not much on the butt crack of dawn, but I'll see what I can do. Until then, it's to the gym at lunch.

Yesterday turned into a snacking sort of day. It was not as productive as I would have wished, but I did the "have to dos". Went out side in the evening to do some yard stuff and swim. This was cut short by spotty storms which decided to spot right on top of our house. Oh well. So back inside for baths, snacks, reading, brushing and bed. Yawn.

This am I realized that I didn't drink enough water and that showed on the scales as I was up 1.5 pounds. I didn't go over my calories, but this just shows you it's not just how much you eat, but WHAT you eat. I know it is water as I feel like a big bloated toad. It's OK. Back on track today. It'll come back down.

The kids Tae Kwon Do school is offering noon time classes for adults. I think I'm going to sign up. My first thought was, I'm too fat for that. And then I realized, I know half that stuff from helping the kids practice. I can do all that stuff if I can run and do push ups and sit ups and lift weights. Kicking and punching a bag will be cake. Besides, I'm tough and sometimes angry. This would be an excellent way to use both these things AND get some exercise.

I have visions of my fit, sweaty self in the TKD outfit (whatever it is they call it) bandanna around my head in fighting stance having just broken a brick with my foot. I'm a total Bad-ass in this fantasy. Like Angelina Jolie, but fatter. Could it be left over from all those Karate Kid movies of the 80s? I don't know, but it sounds like fun. If I can work it into my budget and my schedule, I'm going for it. Besides, BFF nearly has her black belt and I don't want her to keep holding it over my head that she could take me out if needed. Not scared of her BTW. My arms are way stronger than hers. And I still out weigh her, for now.

OK. I'm not really violent. Maybe I've watched too many movies and TV shows. Speaking of...we did some more TIVO cleaning yesterday and we've been catching up on Burn Notice. If I keep watching that show AND take TKD, I'll not only be able to kick some ass, but I'll be able to build surveillance equipment, escape from most any situation, and build weapons. Cool.

So what have you thought about doing, but haven't because of being overweight? What new activities are on your list to try?

Have a great day!


  1. Can I say what hobby that I missed and have recently taken up at least once a day again, on your blog ? Thank you and good morning, I'm out..

  2. I am SO going to use that line (a new classic): "Like Angelina Jolie, but fatter." LOL Thanks for the morning chuckle. I had to give up hang gliding as my weight increased. I'd love to be able to get back to it, at least once in a while. And I haven't been horseback riding in decades (for which the horses are grateful) ... Hmmm, I've probably given up a bunch of other stuff too, over the years, and haven't really thought about it. It may be years before I can get back to some of these activities, but I can still look forward to that ...

  3. Horseback riding, yes! That was on my list of "to do" things as my weight dropped - done. As a team sports junkie in my youth (even throughout medical residency as I gained scads of weight), I am searching for a team sport for old-lady farts. Tennis might be as close as I come, but I notice there is weekend volleyball at my new gym. Not that I could spike the ball anymore (or until I lose more weight), but how much fun would that be, diving on the gym floor again? Time to get off the sidelines!

  4. Love the A.J. line as well. School is already starting? We don't start until September 7th here. PS - Travelling, but haven't done so because the plane seats are way too small for me.

  5. I dropped the Elder off at his before-school-care center and they'll drop him off for his first day of middle school. He? Is fine. His mother, on the other hand, is a wreck.

    The second grader appears fine. We shall see.

    I want to curl up with a bag of chocolate, and I managed to lose my husband's drivers license while putting it on all those "folks who are authorized to pick up the children" forms.

    Personally, I'm requesting a do-over of today. It just isn't going so well, LOL

  6. I would love to try belly dancing...wish roller derby was closer to home... and I don't canoe because I have been afraid my weight and (lack of) balance would put me in the water and I would feel foolish.

    Love your vision of being a bad-ass. P.S. you are already one!

  7. Sorry I do not have an award for you for being the first to answer my blogs riddle correctly. You also deserve one for the catchiest post title of the day...

    I feel your pain the a.m. early practices, have kids in soccer who have to be on the field at 5:45 a.m....

    Myself, have thought about moving faster than just walking. Recently got in some slow jogging and sprinting. So I have achieved it technically but I wont be satisfied until I can add go out for a jog & then jog the entire distance to my exercise routine.

  8. I really wanna be a jogger again. it was something I really enjoyed until my ankles went bad on me. I wonder if I could do it again at a lighter weight?

  9. I love the image of you kicking TKD butt! I thought about trying it years ago when my oldest did it. Wish I had. Can't imagine the hectic days in your house with three kids in three schools and activities and work! Yikes.

  10. There's this crazy adult jungle gymmy "ropes course." You know, the type of insane shit where you stand on a thin wire and carrabeener yourself to a rope overhead and then, using sheer arm strength and a little leg for balance, you walk across a 60 foot wire "bridge" over the Hudson River or whatnot. Their website says something about "unleashing your inner monkey" but I think what they meant was unleashing "your inner bipolar manic depressive self in a frightful attempt at public suicide." Or something like that.


    Yeah, well, I'm FINALLY doing it. On Sunday. Wish me luck.

    I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT! There's no way I could have even dreampt of attempting this 88 pounds ago.


  11. I'd kind of like to take up boxing - not people, mind you, but bags. I do a little at my workouts and it's scary how much I like punching something!

  12. I love the imagery of you as a Bad-Ass.

    I want to find my inner runner within. I know she is there. Now that I started walking again, I am hoping to move into a little run-walk. I also can not wait to go back packing and paddling in the lakes around here and up North. I have these images of me kicking butt walking on a trail and going up stadium steps like Paula. Michele

  13. Busy, busy, busy mornings for you Dr. I love your openess and self honesty in your blogs. You rock. There's 2 things I'd love to do but can't because I'm too obese at the moment: ride a bike, and jog longer than 60 secs which is all I can manage for now. I'd also love to take zumba classes!!! Have a great day at the clinic.

  14. We have a class called Kick box bootcamp. It is great, love it. I also have a son in 7th grade but I can't imagine 3 in 3 different schools. YOUR BUSY. Oh, I am a big Football fan. My favorite team is the cowboys!! I have been their fan for 30 years. We love football Sundays!! Have a great evening!! :)

  15. Oh yeah! Go for it. Do you have to wear the white pajama thing?? I hope not! I hope your first days of school have gone well and that everybody's happy with teachers, classmates, coaches, and the school year in general. Take time for yourself. You deserve it.

  16. I'm enjoying being an athlete again. Played on a softball team for the first time in 20 years this spring. Am riding my bike more and more. Have actual muscles in a few places. Life is good.

  17. Think of the feeling of power you're gonna get from TKD. That in itself is so alluring! Now I'm fantasizing about doing the same thing. I'll have to look around and see what's available in my area!


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