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Friday, August 27, 2010

On my way from Fat-Ass to Bad-Ass

Yesterday was awesome. It was just one of those good days. I got up at 5:07am. I was in a good mood. Got dressed, shoes and headed upstairs to ride my bike. Granted my legs were sore from the run the day before and the elliptical the 2 days before that. But, I rode 6 miles.

Then did some crunches and a few push-ups. I actually started the iPhone app, 100pushups. So I'll be working toward that goal. How cool will it be if I can accomplish that? It really wasn't that hard to start since I've been doing them, especially since my elbow is all better.

I had an egg white wrap with Canadian bacon for breakfast (246 cal) At lunch I had cottage cheese, watermelon and pineapple (365 cal). Dinner was a chicken, potato, onion, Italian sausage dish, a recipe I got from a magazine. It was really tasty and has a red wine vinegar sauce. I had my peas and squash for the veggies. I also had a little of another new recipe-okra fritters. I didn't eat much of it because it is sauteed in olive oil. But, the husband and son loved it. It was 234 calories for 2 fritters. I ate 1. Dinner finished at 693, which is above my usual, but I was soooo hungry after all the exercise I did yesterday. I burned around 900 cal, so my net calories were only 421.

And what you may ask did I do to burn so many calories? Well..I already mentioned my morning exercise. At noon I went to MY FIRST TAE KWON DO CLASS! Yeah me. It was so hard and so awesome and so scary at the same time.

I arrived with a few minutes to spare before class. Getting there by noon can be an issue. As a doctor you never quite know what's going to happen, but I made it. The most nerve wracking thing about starting the class was the damned uniform. I was worried: Would it fit? Would they have my size? Will I look ridiculous? The good news is yes, they had my size, yes it fit and yes I probably looked ridiculous but no more than anyone else. Of course I need to hem the pants and sleeves, I'm so short.

I was the fattest one there. Which didn't surprise me, but I did have a moment of that feeling. You know the one, like in gym class when the teacher says, "Today we're going to be running." Oh great. I was always the slowest and fattest and could never do that. BUT, it was a fleeting thought and I pushed it out.

The teacher I've known a long time as my kids have been going to this gym for 4 years. I knew what to expect as I've watched many classes. I think however that he was a little worried about me. He was very friendly and supportive and welcoming. He did let me know, "The warm up is pretty similar to the kids classes, so it's basic, but just do what you can. If you need to, you can stop for rests." I think he was thinking, "Dear Lord, don't let this fat woman have a heart attack on my gym floor."

I told him I'd been working out a while and I would be fine. I'd go at my own pace and see what I could do. I honestly wasn't that worried about getting through the class. My trainer puts me through hell. I've gotten used to working out in front of people at the gym. But, I haven't exercised in a class setting since college so I have to admit it felt kinda weird.

There were about 12 adults in the class, 5 of us were white belts (beginners). Master J introduced me to the class. He was very kind and everyone smiled and said hi. I have to think though that some of the people there must have thought, "Yeah, right. SHE'S going to do this." I actually saw a glance or two or worry or pity. Fuck that. They don't know me.

So the class starts with warm up-jogging in place, jumping jacks. Then rigorous, and I mean, RIG-OR-OUS, stretching. Then crunches: 25 plain, 25 with legs in the air, 25 v-ups where he had us hold our legs up, then 1/3 down to the ground, then lower, but not on the ground. Let me tell you everyone in there was breathing heavy and a few were grunting by the end.

Then leg lifts. You remember these from gym class? I do. I hated them then because they hurt so bad. I'm still not a fan, let me tell you. We did 30 of these bad boys with the last 5 holding for 10 sec, down 1/2 way and hold, then back up with out touching the ground. OUCH! Then, Push-ups (As you know one of my favs) He had us do 25 (cake) BUT, the last 3 he had us go 1/2 way down and hold for like 15 seconds, then back up, then down and back up. That was HARD!

When that was done, everyone in the class was sweating, including the instructor. And you know what? I did it. Every bit. The leg lifts were super hard and my legs were shaking, but I did it. My trainer says I need to work my hip flexors as I always have trouble with those kinds of exercises. Well. I guess he was right and he got his wish. Mental note though...no push ups or crunches on TKD days in my morning routine. BURN BABY BURN.

After the warm up, we started the actual TKD stuff. We did kicking. I learned the first kick-side kick. Plus we learned breaking holds-which are basically what to do if some one grabs you in various ways. The lady I had as a partner was way taller than me (who isn't?), but it was just her 2nd class so we were pretty evenly matched. She's also thinner than me (who isn't?) and VERY strong. She obviously works out a lot. But, I'll tell you what, I put her on the ground more than once. HA!

Since I've helped my kids practice, I knew a lot of the steps, just never really tried doing them. It was cool! I am bruised from her grabbing me and other stuff, but I don't even care it was totally so fun and cool. I have a new respect for why my kids are so tired after class. AND, for how hard that is to do. It takes so much coordination and you move in ways you just don't do in regular life.

Stupid me forgot my strap for my Polar so I don't know how many calories I burned. I estimated 500 just because I know by now pretty well based on how I feel how many I'm burning. But, next time I'll remember as I'm curious, because I suspect it might have been more.

Afterward, I was super sweaty. (Mental note..bring sweatband and bottle of water next time!) Those uniforms probably make you burn tons more calories. I've never worked out in long sleeves and pants before. Yikes, it was hot. I was so happy to get outta that thing.

Several people came up after class and said they couldn't believe it was my first class because I did so well. They said they were dying the first time or two and I seemed to breeze through. You can read into that, "I can't believe someone that fat can move that well."

Last night the kids were so excited. They wanted to see my uniform and my white belt. They wanted me to demonstrate my skills, which I did. This is great for them as it is all review. My little 4 year old said,"Don't worry Mommy. I'll help you learn all the stuff you need to know. I can teach you all the stuff." Sooo cute.

AND....the best part is that the owners of the gym are not charging me for my classes! They said since we've had 3 kids in their gym for so long, my classes are free. All I have to pay for are uniforms and belt tests. Yippee!

The very,very bestest part is that they told me it would be the same for my husband if he decides he wants to start. He actually asked me to ask them about it. He initiated, not me. I want him to exercise so badly, but I can't make him. He has to decide. It would be super great if he'd try it out. It might get the ball rolling. I think he'd like it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as he needs to lose weight and get in shape. He has a family history of heart problems. I will not nag him about it though as I know from experience that it only makes people feel bad and angry, so I'll just continue on and see if he catches the bug.

Plus, I heard from my BFF yesterday. She has been sticking to it, eating right, tracking her food and exercise. She's down 14 pounds and under 200 for the first time in a long time! I'm just so happy I could jump for joy if my legs weren't so sore. Ha ha! I've never been more happy to be in pain though. Badge of honor my friends!

And so, no workout today for me. Going to swim tonight as the pool is finally refreshing again with the cooler temps. We swam a little last night and it felt soooo nice. Tonight I'll have more time and it helps loosen my muscles from all the other working out.

Right now, I'm headed out to treat myself to a few new clothes. The smallest pair of pants I own, a size 18, which were always a little snug even when I first bought them are now big. They fit, but I have about 2 inches or more of room. Plus, every shirt I tried to wear is too big. I'm not buying much, but I deserve one or two new outfits. Plus my undies are absolutely falling off and THAT is a bad place to have bagging around, if you get my drift.

Oh....I almost forgot. I ordered a new lab coat last week. It is an XL, no numbers in front. And it is TOO BIG! HA ha ha ha ha ha! I am going to have to send it back to get a LARGE. HA. I've never had a plain LARGE anything!!!! Amazing...

What victories have you had lately? If you haven't had one lately, what are you doing to change it?


  1. I don't need any victories today. I read your post and their are enough for the two of us.. Thanks for sharing !!!

  2. That sounds amazing! And I am so impressed that they are not charging you. I need a little victory, I think, or maybe a big kick ass one like you just had:)

  3. WOW! You are a Bad-Ass! I know it felt good to make it through that class the first day when the others were about to drop dead.

    Keep it going!

  4. That TKD class sounds like so much fun! I've always wanted to try to take classes like that. I bet the workout is phenomenal! Congrats on surviving, and I look forward to hearing you move up in the belt system! And congrats on the clothing being so big on you. That's fantastic and such a great feeling!! It sounds like you had an all-around awesome day!

  5. WOW, You go girl!! I bet it also felt great having your clothes too big. Your doing a great job, keep it up. Have a great day :)

  6. MMM, did someone say egg white wrap with Canadian bacon ???

    Oh we need pics of you in your new TAE KWON DO uniform. Great motivation comes from seeing someone get after something challenging.

    Ugh, leg lifts; should neither is a 4 letter word but combines I count 8 letters which is two 4 letters words I believe, no?

    Best part of this, your kids were excited you did this. You are setting the example and getting healthier in doing it. Thats the stuff that fires me up!

    Aweome stuff through out this post,keep it coming :-)

  7. Have I ever mentioned I love me some Doc!!! You are so frikkin' awesome and it gives me motivation each day I read your blog! Thank you so much for a great post Doc!

  8. So cool! my bil lost a lot of weight and felt so much better when he did TKD. I am craving the feeling of empowerment that I've witnessed in martial arts training and may re-join the local YMCA based on that!

  9. I'm sitting here with a big ole smile on my face. I'm so happy for you. What a great day and a great workout you had. Large? That's great. I remember so well my first foray into the "regular" side of my favorite store. I was sure it wouldn't work, but it did. Large is normal! Don't you just love normal? Keep up the great work. Same for the inspiration--I love being inspired.

  10. I love this post!! How great to FINALLY begin something you wanted for so long, and to kick ASS at the same time. Way to go girl.

    I love this line: I can't believe someone that fat can move that well.

    Well, I felt a little self righteous today: I went on my bike ride along a trail to the Falls (about 12 miles) wearing these little Nike green shorts I have had for a while. They are above the knee which for me is short. Well, I came home and figured out we need some healthy food. Popped on my bike again (in THAT outfit) and went to the nearby and my favorite market (Kowalski's-upscale). So, first people noticed that this fat girl was on a bike. Second they noticed my fat, little short legs. When I came out of the store there was a bunch of teenagers sitting at an outside table next to the bikes around eating something I formerly would love (pastries) and being kind of snarky as they looked me up and down. This is the fun part: I amazed them all by hopping on and off my bike and heading up the hill without walking. I could feel their stares. I know they were impressed and I KNOW I was showing off. Sweet little victory!

  11. You are bad ass! I felt the same way about kickboxing, but I don't make it through all of the drills. Congrats on the size Large, I can almost fit into a Large trench my sister was going to throw out and it's...trippy! I bought new pants, but forgot about the new undies part, good thinking.


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