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Monday, August 2, 2010

I have the metabolism of a slug. An obese slug.

I was sick all weekend. I was in bed all weekend. I drank water. I ate toast, saltine crackers and soup. I gained a pound. This seems exceedingly unfair as I did not eat anything other than the above mentioned foods. I did drink sprite twice. I did have hot tea with honey and BOY does honey have calories. I guess I'd never read the label on honey before this weekend. I mean it makes sense that it is high in calories as it is, in fact, straight sugar. I think it is a victory and proof that I am a new person that even when sick, I checked the label on the damn stuff. And I recorded my calories. And I gained a pound. Whatever.

My throat was so sore. My nose was so runny. My cough was so...coughy? And today I am at work trying to see patients with no voice. I sound worse than most of them do, but my NP is on vacation and I have no back up. Such is the life of a solo FP. I am not running fever any more so I am not putting them in jeopardy. I am just tired and well...still sick. So I'm going home to nap. And me and my non-existent metabolism are going to have yet more chicken noodle soup, the healthier, low sodium kind. So I can come back to work and finish my day.

So what do you do when you're sick? Do you eat steamed veggies and salad? Because frankly I can't stomach even the thought of vegetables right now. I. Just. Can't. And my weekend workout plans, out the door. I didn't work out this morning either, although I felt like it after my shower. I feel guilty because I haven't worked out in 3 days. I really wanted to go for a long run on Sunday. Had it all planned. You know what they say about the best laid plans? But, alas, I am still human. I am not a diet and exercise automaton, although there are plenty of times I wish I was.


  1. Oh, hope you're feeling better. Your plan sounds good to me. Don't we always revert to our moms' comfort foods when we're sick. Campbells chicken noodle soup and saltines and lemonade (or gingerale as the tummy dictated). Your gain was probably from the soup. Even the lower salt ones are pretty concentrated. Start drinking more water and it'll flush right out and you'll shake that pound. Don't fret about the exercise either. Maybe walk when you feel you can. Take care. Oh, I sent you an invite to the Nike+ August challenge. Plug in your Nike+ and you'll see it.

  2. Yeah, sick automatically means chicken noodle soup, saltine crackers, and ginger ale! That probably is where the excess weight came from....all that sodium. Don't fret, it'll go away soon enough! And don't beat yourself up about the exercise, you'll get right back to it!

  3. Sorry you were sick over the weekend. When I am sick I eat what sounds good diet food or not!

  4. When I am sick I want potatoes. Baked or mashed. Husband wants crisp bacon. Ugh!

  5. Respect your body. Just heal and then get back to working out.

  6. I agree with the jury here - you don't have to diet through being sick. I'll voice a minority opinion on the exercise. While it's very reasonable to skip exercise when you don't feel well, there are times when exercise jump starts your body and can seem to knock back a common cold. Might be worth a try next time.

  7. This is indeed a hard journey, especially when you are sick. Nothing tastes good either. First get better, than back on track. I have just started my journey to better health by creating a blog. I just found your blog. We are in this journey together through the blogsphere.

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  8. Sorry you are not feeling good - that's the worst being sick in the summer!

    I am a ramen noodle freak (half the packet of seasoning though) and I like it really hot - and I add hot sauce to it! I kinda sweat out the sickness!

    But come to think of it, other than having bronchitis two years ago, I haven't been sick enough to stay home for years - probably all the hot shit I eat scares away the germs!

  9. Hey! I just remembered that you're a doctor! I have a bruising question on my blog...would you mind checking it out? *Sheepish look*

    What do I eat when I'm sick? Why, tomato soup of course! And...grilled cheese sandwiches sometimes, although with my gastric band that's evolved to just be cheese & crackers. But the tomato soup is a must-have!!! :-)

    Feel better soon!


  10. Sorry you were sick - what a bummer. I eat what I crave when I'm sick, which is usually Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup and saltines. And yes, the scale does go up from all of the sodium, but at that point I really don't care. Once I'm well I can flush everything out with water.


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