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Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was a great day for the most part. I woke up feeling pretty energetic. I did my C25K running and was able to complete it. I weighed in having lost weight and I felt good about myself. I waded through my closet and found a pair of jeans I haven't worn in 3 years. They fit! AND they were loose. Glad I found them because they won't fit for long. Yeah!

Sorry for the butt shot, but I was so proud, I couldn't resist. Hee hee!

And with that I realized that there are no clothes in my closet I can't wear anymore. That's' amazing. I can now wear the 18 pants and skirts which are the smallest sizes I own. That feels very good. I cleaned out some of the largest things and gave them to my cousin to see if his wife can use any of them. Feels so good to really see results outside of those numbers on the scale. Yesterday I wore a size 18/20 shirt I haven't worn in probably 3 years. It fit great, if not a little loose. I find it amazing.

Saturday was my daughter's birthday party. Can't believe she is 6 now! I woke up early and had plenty to do. After being sick last weekend and half-sick most of last week, I had a lot to do. I didn't workout, but got plenty of exercise cleaning up outside. Sweeping and weeding and mulching and getting the pool ready and such. Then the indoor work with dishes and dusting and cleaning the floors. Then it was off to pick up the cake. It was soooo cute!

Instead of buying a big jug of ice cream, I bought little cups of ice cream and just enough for the kids. We had hot dogs on the grill for the kiddos. I made sausages for the grown ups. I had my chicken apple sausage from Costco, no bun. It is tasty and just 180 calories per link. I made a huge fresh fruit salad. The kids had chips, but I passed. Overall eating on Saturday was a success. And then...

Time to cut the cake. I LOVE BIRTHDAY CAKE. Love it. No really, I love that stuff. I admit that I had a small piece. Luckily I had just a fruit smoothie at lunch which was only 260 calories, so I had room in my budget. I probably had more icing than I should have as I did lick my fingers after cutting pieces for all the guests. But, I count this as a success because in the past I would have eaten a WAY larger slice AND ice cream AND licked all the icing off the cardboard thingy the cake came on WHICH I DIDN'T, but instead threw it immediately into the trash. Smile.

Alas, my weight was up a little on Sunday am, likely due to the sodium and not getting enough water in all my rushing around. Yesterday was spent cleaning up after the party, laundry and such. Took my son, who is almost 13 *gulp* school shopping yesterday and bought him some jeans and shoes. Aren't kids WAY expensive! The girls are on the agenda for next weekend while brother is on a camping trip with his boy scout troop.

Dinner last night was taco salad. Quite tasty with re-fried fat free black beans and a few baked Tostitos on top. Loves me some Mexican food and this hits the spot without the trip to the death trap they call El Chico's. Last night wrapped up with an evening swim. Did 500 meters in my little pool, which is 50 laps. Then, poolside crunches. I had to skip the push ups as I have tendinitis in my elbow and after all the work on Saturday it was flared up again.

It is really frustrating me as it is starting to limit my weight training. I plan on going in and visiting my friend the Orthopedist for a shot this week. I am a wimp and not looking forward to it as I know it will hurt. But, I want to be able to train and keep up my push ups. I can now do 20 real ones in a row followed by 30 girlie ones. I am working on getting up to 100 real ones and I have an iPhone app to help me, but don't want to start until this elbow is fixed.

And now we're off to the Monday grind. Weight still up a little from the fun and busy weekend, but I am not worried as I know it is mostly water from the sodium. My wedding ring is fitting this morning as proof. We'll soon just HAVE to upgrade that thing as it doesn't fit very well anymore. Oh darn, new diamonds. Ha! I'll drink lots of water today so the scale will be back down soon, hopefully. Plan the gym at noon for cardio as I had to do some work from Friday before hitting the office this am. Hope your weekend was fun and productive and week is the same!


  1. Oh I get the clothes victory! I have a funny story to tell. I had to buy all new clothes when I got my current job because I had never worked in an office. Well about 3 months in, all the long sleeve shirts I bought were not buttoning, so I asked Kathy if she was washing my shirts in hot water!! It never dawned on me that I was getting fatter from sitting behind a desk all day! haha. Anyway, I tell a clothes victory story too about a t shirt on yesterdasy blog.

  2. Your positive attitude is shining!

  3. Great Report! I'm smiling for you on the closet victories and the scale happiness. You need to get yourself a weight loss ticker to keep track (I think you can double click on the one at the bottom of my home page to get to the site, if you're interested)!

  4. Yes, the NSV's are almost as nice as the weight loss.

    Good work!

  5. Congrats on fitting into a down size. Your pics are great too! I am super impressed with how much exercise you get! Wow. You rock!

  6. Congrats on getting into those jeans. I love that feeling!

    You are doing very well, keep up the good work.

  7. My wife calls it "shopping in the Alan store". I probably have a dozen things in my closet I bought hoping to lose weight, and they never fit and weren't worn. It's a total bonus now!


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