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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday. Sigh...week finally over.

Well, my elbow is much better today. I can actually move it now. But, this morning was a different story.

I got up, or I should say WOKE up at 6am like usual. I laid there awake, like I had been for an hour, taking inventory of my aches and pains. Lets see: arm hurts, hand hurts, elbow hurts from injection yesterday. Both legs hurt, both feet hurt. Left arm is ok. No headache. Then, I tried to decide if I should chance working out. I knew I couldn't do walking or running-legs too sore from yesterday and the elbow hanging down and swinging-no go. Then I thought about biking. I think my legs actually giggled at the thought. They're like, "Yeah right, go ahead and give it a try, see where it gets ya." Then I thought, maybe a swim, but again with the sore arm and legs.

I opted not to exercise. I was having a war with myself. I really WANTED to, but I knew if I tried I was going to be hurting big time. There is no shame in a rest day, right? Instead of working out, I got up and read blogs, wrote a post, and caught up on all my work. Turned out great actually because I knew I wouldn't have time to catch up at lunch.

Speaking of lunch....went to lunch with a friend today. It's rare I have time to do this, so it was nice. She is going through a divorce and needed some support. It was a nice visit. We ate at a new place in town that has all kinds of burgers. I picked it knowing that they'd have some good choices. I had the turkey burger on whole wheat bun w/ mustard.

I only ate 1/2 the bun thought. I finished up the other 1/2 burger and toppings with my fork. Less mess that way anyway. No cheese, of course.Lately, I generally forgo the cheese. I used to love the greasy cheesy burger, but now I realize it's so much more fat and calories. And, all you end up tasting is the cheese. The turkey was fab! It was seasoned w/ fresh herbs and moist. We shared a basket of sweet potato fries, but I only ate 6-7 of them, they were long and crunchy. YUMMY! I had a small side salad, dressing on the side of course and I left about 1/2 as it was too big. Overall I calculated I had 350 calories which isn't bad for a lunch out and I was stuffed.

This afternoon a drug rep brought strawberry cheesecake and shortcake for the office. I loves me some cheesecake. But, it's a no no. TOOOO much fat. Instead, I took the strawberry shortcake and just pulled the strawberries out, minimizing the whip cream so that I had pretty much plain strawberries. I threw the cake and cream in the trash. Score one for healthy choices.

My arm is much better and I think I'll go home to the pool for a swim. Too damn hot here in Texas to do anything but swim or sit in the AC. If you have a working one. We've had power outages and I know so many who've had trouble with theirs. We had to have a minor repair on 2 of our units this summer. I think the heat is making people crazy. There were 4 accidents and broken down cars my husband encountered yesterday on his hour long drive which was 50% longer. It's the heat. Makes people nutso.

Tomorrow I'm taking my Mom shopping and to a movie at the Gold Class cinema for her birthday, which was yesterday. If you haven't been to one and have one in your area, you really need to! It has recliners-big ones, cushy chairs, full restaurant and bar service. They'll even bring you a pillow or warm blanket if you get cold. It really is first class. Cue me the martini. I know alcohol, bad for the diet, but sometimes I just want some refreshments, catch my drift? They have a great house salad and other relatively decent choices. AND they show the calories of most of their food. Nice.

Hope each of you is looking forward to a good weekend. Hope you're planning ahead for possible pitfalls. Planning ahead gives you the one up on the raging beast "CRAVINGS".


  1. Great job on the lunch AND in picking the strawberries out! I eat my hamburgers now with a fork. Can't believe I used to eat all that white bread!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. You've had a hard week and done REALLY WELL! Congratulations. It sounds like a plan with your mom, tomorrow. Just work it all into your food plan/calories (whatever) and it will be fine. Sleep well tonight.

  3. What a week! You did great with your food choices. Now that theater sounds amazing.Enjoy your time with your mom!

  4. The heat here too is making people crazy - almost like a full moon every day. Good job on the cheesecake - that is some serious will power. I used to work in a clinic and drug reps bought full on meals every day. It was heaven and hell all at the same time.

  5. Your lunch choices sound perfect - I love that you had the turkey burger option...and sweet potato fries? Heaven! Good on ya for only eating a few, though.

    That movie theater sounds awesome - we don't have anything like that here in our town, but I bet it would be huge. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Doc, I am the same way about workouts, but I think you have to listen to your body when it says no thanks. Plus if you get too intense, you are more likely to burn out, or at least I am. And your devotion to good food choices is just absolutely inspirational! Thanks for sharing Doc. Now I can reference this post this week if I try to backslide or anyway make a bad choice.

  7. I won't let myself take a personal pain inventory in the morning anymore - it starts my day off on a negative that's hard to break free from, so I just make myself get up and start the routine. Course, I often have to go back to bed but if I keep working, that'll get better!

  8. Great job on staying strong with the strawberry cheesecake. That is a weakness of mine. Great idea of keeping the strawberries and throwing everything else out. Keep staying strong!

  9. Happy Monday, Doc!! How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun, productive, and weight-loss enhancing? :-) Did you have any non-scale victories?

  10. When I feel like I want a workout, but my body isn't quite on board, I tend to go with a nice, easy yoga routine.All that stretching will do wonders for tight muscles!


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