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Friday, August 13, 2010

OUCH! That hurt.

Wednesday turned out pretty nicely. I am so amazed at how much better my moods are lately. I don't know if it's all the exercise or eating healthy, but I have such a more positive outlook on my life. And that's a big deal for me. I've struggled with depression since my teen years. It runs in my family. But, now I actually wake up with a smile on my face. Huh. Something else to ponder.

Anyway, Wednesday I got up and rode my bike(my stationary) 7.5 miles. Then I did my one armed push ups girlie style, well...I did ONE real one. Damn that's hard. Eating was good.

Yesterday, I didn't work out in the morning knowing I would be training with the trainer at lunch. Usually, I would do cardio in the am, but my legs were still sore from my long run on Tuesday and biking Wednesday am. I knew better. And, as much as the Trainer costs, I want to maximize that workout every time. My son joined me for my session. Can I just say how cool it is to workout with your kid? I don't remember ever doing that with my Mom. Dad was just generally yelling at me to go walk so I wouldn't be so fat. After my son said, "Mom that was fun, can I come next week?" You bet, little dude.

The workout was rough, I have to say. We did legs since my elbow is still screwed up. I warmed up with 15min on the elliptical. Usually it would be 30-45, but I ran late from the office. Doctor's life is all I can say. After that here's what the trainer had us do:
1) Weighted squats: 18#bar and red bands-2 sets of 25
2) Leg presses: I did 80#, 2 sets of 25
2)Side step squats w/ red band on our feet-Not sure how many. We walked across the gym and back
3)Hamstring lifts:30#, 2 sets of 20 each leg
4)Bosu crunches: 2 sets of 30
5) Bosu lunges: One foot on the bosu you forward lunge then backward- 20 each leg
6) Not sure what these are called but they hurt: Put your foot in this harness thing attached to cable w/ weight. Stand on 1 leg while kicking the other w/ the weight. Ouch. 20 each leg
7)Superman lifts (Or what I call Wonder Woman lifts): Stand on the evil contraption where your feet are up on a platform ,there's a padded bar at your hips, hang up side down from the waist and lift your torso up and down with arms over head, 2 sets of 20
8)Weighted reverse lunge: 2 sets 25 with 75# weight on the shoulders
9)The worstest of the worstest, Calf busters: walk down flight of stairs. ON the way up stand w/ heels hanging off the stair. Lift heels 10 times. Once w/ heel straight, then heel pointed out, then heel pointed in. Do this all the way up the flight of stairs. OMG. It hurts. Feels like the worst charlie horse ever. But, I did it.

Food yesterday was pretty good. Came in at around 1400 cals, but with the 600 I burned at lunch, my net cals were 800. I ate more than usual at lunch yesterday. I was hot and hungry after that workout. I stopped at the frozen yogurt place and had my strawberry-banana yogurt w/ berries which was 225 cals, then I had 2 string cheese for protein 160 cals. Then I had 2 afternoon snacks of fruit and lots and lots of water.

I drink so much water and I cannot believe how much I love the stuff. I always used to think I didn't like it. BS. I just liked the coke I drank better. Now I'm the complete opposite. I'd much rather have cold water than anything. I drink at least 4 32oz glasses each day, sometimes more. There are days where I'm not as much in the mood. Those days I just take a break and say, "Ok, time to chug." Usually this is when I notice myself start to feel grumpy, tired, hungry when I shouldn't be, or especially if I feel I'm getting a migraine. Can you believe my migraines are probably 1/2 what they were a few months ago? The only time I've had them this summer is when a front moves through. I used to get them every few days. Bright light is one of my triggers and I live in North Texas so bad combo.

Yesterday wrapped up with me getting a shot in my elbow. OUCH! Oh. My. God. I'll be a lot more sensitive to patients when I give these from now on. Elbow is a painful shot compared to larger joints like knees or shoulders. I tried to figure out a way to give it to myself, but it's my right elbow and I figured that was a bad idea, right? So a friend of mine whose an Ortho did it. Ack! I was fine once the numbing medicine kicked in and I thought, wow that's better. Then it wore off during the drive home. By the time I got home I couldn't really move my arm or hand. Not good since I'm right handed.

Luckily, my nanny (god bless her) had started dinner. I couldn't chop anything or open the oven door, so my son helped me by preparing the fish I wanted to bake while I gave instructions. He loves to cook and enjoys learning. He's the "grub master" for his patrol this weekend on his big camp out and he is so excited. He'll be shopping for them on a budget and cooking the food. They're going to Slippery Falls up in Oklahoma, southeast. Should be a blast if it weren't for the heat, but they'll spend most of their time in the cold streams and falls.

Anyway...all I did last night was lay around with an ice pack. I didn't sleep too well. But, if I can get back to my workouts, it'll all be worth it. I miss my push ups. I'm really good at them. It makes me feel so strong and athletic (yeah 217 pounds of athlete. Guess I could play woman's NFL. I'd love that. Had a patient once who did that, but I digress..) There have been several times where people, both men and women, have said "wow you're working out hard." I just got the app for the iPhone called 100 pushups. They have one that's 200 situps, I want to get that next. But, I can't start that until the elbow is better, maybe next week.

So, without even realizing it I've set some fitness goals. ME. I HAVE FITNESS GOALS. Hard to imagine. But, I'm excited. I want to be able to run a 5K. The whole thing. I'm not ready yet, but I'm trying. I want to be able to do 200 sit ups and 100 push ups. And I want to do P90X all the way through. I've been looking at getting it on ebay. Have any of you done it? Did you like it? Was it worth the money? I know I can't do chin ups yet, but I know you can use a band.

What are your fitness goals? I've never had them before. It's always been about the scale. Always. I really like changing the focus from my eating and the numbers on the scale to fitness. It's a total change for me and I think it's doing me some good mentally. I'm not thinking about weighing all day. What about you?

How much water do you drink? Have you noticed positive changes in you since you started down this road? I'm talking about non weight loss or size changes, like me with my mood and migraines. I think it's very interesting that I'm having this shift in my thinking from the numbers on the scale to the other stuff. After all, the numbers won't go down forever and I am realizing that when my focus is on the healthy stuff, the numbers reflect that anyway.

Have a super Friday! I'm going out to lunch with a friend today, a rare treat! But, I have a plan. I'll share more later.


  1. Wow, your trainer really worked you out! My legs are having sympathy soreness after reading what you did, lol! Be sure and push the protein after those workouts - I curse my poor memory, but I think my trainer told us to aim for half (in grams) of our body weight? Seems like I used to try and get 90 grams of protein, which would make sense since I started out at 180 when I first signed up for my trainer. Really helps to repair your muscles so they can grow stronger - and as I can see, you are totally jumping on that bandwagon, which is AWESOME!!!

    P.S. Love the example you are setting for your son, from including him in the workouts to having him help prepare healthy meals. I wish I would have done that when my boys were younger.

  2. Love your paragraph about water...I soooo could write that...word for word! :-)

    Fitness goals. I too have this really weird desire to run a 5K. I think it's just to say that I did it. I have to baby my poor arthritic knees, but I'm gonna do it! (They have a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning near here...I'm kinda secretly...oops no more secret....aiming for that). I also have a previously (until this moment) secret desire to do a triathlon.

  3. You did a one armed push up? Ok, I shall do one too, tonight, I shall give it a go. Likewise, way to go with the example setting for your son. Goals got you fired up, that is going to spread ghere and fire us up too if you aren't careful. Or was that your point? :-)

  4. Fitness goals? Yes, I want to run/walk a 5K. Then I want to RUN one (maybe next spring). I think the running will get easier for me after I get to my goal weight, but I'm starting to do a little now.

    Great job with the weights. I don't go to a gym, but Husband has a bench and some light weights I can use. Pretty boring, though. Guess I need a trainer to light a fire under me!

  5. I just recently started drinking boatloads of water....and I hear you on the depression and migraine issues....been there, done that. Keep up the good fight.

  6. I need to up the H2O. Thanks for the reminder. And I agree with Shelly - great to include/set example for your son.

  7. Holy smokes, do you have any idea how inspiring you are?

    I'm in the process of moving across country (YAY!!!!), but I'm telling you one thing, as soon as we get to our home in FL, I WILL have a fitness plan. I'm going to start working on it right now. No excuses. If I've got enough time to sit here and read blogs, I can do things even before I get to FL.

    I got shots in my shoulders and thumbs last winter. Shoulder, no prob. Thumbs? HOLY SHIT! One of them hurt so bad I thought I was going to faint. She couldn't get it in and it took a full 3 minutes....my husband actually had to put his head between his knees watching! I laughed at him, that helped. Your elbow had to be like the thumbs....ouchie!!! I feel for you for sure.


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