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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Weigh in and Other issues....

Yesterday was a good day over all. Although I still am not as hungry as I used to be. Could it be the heat? Could it be hormones? Could it be fatigue? I'm not sure, but I find myself skipping snacks and such because I'm not hungry. Whatever it is, it's OK. If I'm hungry I eat, if not I don't. I'm still eating plenty of calories, even with the exercise.

I had cheerios for breakfast, which I don't generally do because I have trouble controlling portions. But, with me not as hungry, 1 cup was plenty. That and a banana and breakfast with my coffee was 362 cal. Lunch was my after workout 1 time a week treat of low fat no sugar added frozen yogurt with berries at 243 calories. What used to be dessert is now a meal. I went home to the roast I had in the crock pot and it was YUMMY. I don't eat a lot of beef lately, but sometimes it is just necessary for me. Plus with all this exercise, I need the protein. Dinner with the potatoes and corn and such was 650 cal. So, total for the day was 1255. With the 511 I burned in exercise, my net was 744 for yesterday. Smile.

And speaking of exercise, I am kicking butt and taking names. I did 2.5 miles on the elliptical yesterday at lunch. And not JUST 2.5 miles. I pumped the sucker up to the highest level I've ever done, Level 18. I did 5 minutes there, then I worked down every few minutes until I ended on level 1 with my cool down. It was hard and my legs were shaking, but I loved it. Then, this morning I finished Week 7 of the C25K! I am very proud as I feel like I could have run more after the walk at the end. PLUS, I had to get up at 5:15am to make it happen. That is really super early for me, but the new schedule is what it is. If I don't make sacrifices, I'll never get to my goal.

I didn't see my trainer this week as usual because with it being the first week of school, I wasn't real sure how my schedule would go. That and damn that gets expensive. I've learned so much from him that I'll probably go to every 2 weeks. Between my schedule and how expensive it is, that's just what I need to do if I'm also going to start those TKD classes like I want to.

Weigh in this am: 213.6

A loss of 1 pound. While this is below my average, I did lose 3 last week. I'm averaging 1.6 pounds per week. I might have lost more if it weren't for my sodium habit lately. But, oh well. Drink, drink the water and spend a lot of time in the BR.

On to other issues.....
So the following is not really that weight related, but they are things that are annoying me lately and I need to vent. My blog. You can always stop reading here.

Things that are peeving me:
1) People who drive around in circles trying to find the closest parking place at the gym: I'm not talking about legitimate old people or sick people or handicap people. I'm talking about yoga class taking skinny soccer moms and buff 20 somethings. Stop it. You are at the gym. For goodness sakes just freakin park already and get out of my way as my fat self needs to get in the gym.

2) Speaking of parking: Park in the dang lines. I mean really, how hard is it. Let me guess you people are the ones that never colored in the lines in kindergarten because you didn't want to "conform." Well, that's gonna get your dang car busted up. Conform that.

3)Skinny bitch that gave me that look yesterday in the gym locker room: Yes I go to the gym. Yes I'm fat. Yes I dress in the locker room. I really feel sorry for you. Being so insecure as to make yourself feel better by glaring at me and then, not having the guts to disrobe in my presence. Instead you took your clothes into the dressing room. Sad. I don't see the big deal anyway. It's not like that short short yoga pants and sports bra covered that much. Get some self esteem already.

4)Forms for school: Can someone please tell me why I have to fill out my name and address and phone number and other info for every one of my kid's teachers? Do these people not have a computer? Email? I'm sick of these dang forms. And since when does a first grader know how to sign a form? Geez.

5) Lack of planning on your part does not necessarily dictate it's an emergency on my part: nuff said.

6) People who try to gun it and beat me at stop lights: OK..... Dude. I drive a freakin Toyota mini van. Do you you really think that beating me by gunning your engine is that big of an accomplishment? Let me tell you, it doesn't qualify you for Nascar, buddy. Less testosterone please. AND, go on ahead since you're almost to that spot the cop always sits. Dumbass.

I feel better now. Thanks. Back to work...


  1. Oh I could add so many things to that list!! Sounds like you are doing well with both eating and exercise:)

  2. Heh heh heh...

    And those school forms. Oy vey. I hate those things. I mean, the kid's only been in the system since he was THREE because he refused to talk (on a side note, he got over that and now is rarely silent). You'd think there are enough computers out there that have his information on them that, I don't know, we could just verify the information is correct online or something?

    Shoot, failing that at least make the freaking forms into fillable PDFs and let us fill them out online already and print them out. It is Not. That. DIFFICULT.

    /sympathy rant off.

    Congrats on the pound, and way to rock it on the elliptical!

  3. Your list make me laugh, and I needed it today!

  4. Level 18 on the elliptical?!? ::faints::

    Those school forms used to irritate the heck out of me - I would fill out the same info over and over (times 2 kids). SO GLAD to be done with that!

    And the parking space situ cracks me up. People are dumb.

  5. congrats on the weight loss and for kicking ass at the gym!! YOU GO DOC!!!

  6. Congratulations on the loss. Keep it up!

  7. I think you may have burned some calories typing the end of this post. My heart was in target range while reading it. People are crazy, inconsiderate assholes sometimes aren't they?

    (present company excluded, of course)

  8. LOL ~ I love your peeves!! I have many of the same ones!!!

    Way to go on your exercise and weight loss. You're making it happen!!!

    Keep at it!!


  9. I will take the liberty to add #7:
    What is it with the two dumb sh*ts at the crosswalk yesterday. I was stopped at the stop sign, when crazy child- girl behind me honked her horn multiple times because the dumb sh*t biker (DSB) was crossing on the wrong side of the street and she was too distracted to notice the DSB crossing on the wrong side of the street because she was TEXTing. For crying out loud: doesn't she watch Oprah?

  10. Likewise, People who drive around in circles trying to find the closest parking place... just chaps my hide raw.

    Hmmm, for those people who try to gun it and beat you at stop lights, we can fix that. Mini van or not, a little modification under the hood and we can have you ruining a corvette owners day :-)

  11. Hey Doc-
    I have trouble with portion control, too.
    I am the dumb @ss that eats the whole box.
    So I buy pre-portioned things.
    And sorry about the lines. And parking.
    Now that I am blonde, I have no other excuse......

  12. Yep, love those engine gunners. I always think, wow, there goes a Millionaire...burning up the extra gas and all to beat me to the next light.


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