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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OK People. Stop it.

There are blogs that I read that I love. There are blogs that I read that I like. There are blogs that I read that I sorta like and sorta not, but I read hoping it will get better. There are blogs that I hate. I read 1-2 posts and quite frankly they turn me off. I won't go into the details on those as it is either here nor there.

If you are reading this, I may read your blog everyday. If I don't follow you, it may be because I've not discovered you yet. I love having a lot of blogs to follow. That way even when some of the blogs are slow, I always have something to read.   I read all the blogs in my reader every day. Pretty much with the occasional break.  Most of the blogs I follow I've found by people leaving me a comment or reading a comment on someone else's blog.

I comment when I feel like it. I comment when I have something to say.  Sometimes when I comment it is to say "Good job." Sometimes it is to answer a question, medical or otherwise. Sometimes I comment because I am particularly struck by what I read or see. Sometimes I feel sad or angry or frustrated by what I've read because I care about the blogger I am reading and that leads to a comment. I do not comment to start a fight. I do not comment to hurt someone or insult them.

I never comment on the style of writing. I never comment on the language used. I never comment on political or religious beliefs because that's not what I'm after with these blogs. I'm trying to lose weight. I am trying to get healthy. I'm interested in blogs and bloggers who are on the same journey.

I've never emailed another blogger to tell them what they should be doing or that they've offended me or that I don't agree with them.  I've never emailed to let someone know I think their plan isn't right.  WHY? You might ask. Because.....I HAVE SHIT to do. I am too busy freaking reading the blogs that matter to me OR exercising OR planning healthy food OR logging my food OR living my otherwise busy life. 

Allan is a blogger I happen to like. I KNOW you all know who I'm referring to. Not everyone digs him. Not everyone gets him. Not everyone understands his humor. I don't necessarily agree with everything he says or does. HELL, I don't necessarily agree with everything I DO.  But, I will say this. If you don't like that he is crude or talks about poop or puke or piss or uses foul language, don't read his blog. If you don't like the rules of his challenge, DON'T ask to join. If you don't like that he is judgmental and straight forward or just plain in your face, WHY put yourself through the emotional turmoil of reading him only to get upset. Stop it.

Let me tell you a secret. Allan loves when you email him and taunt him. He loves when people not losing weight criticize him about his plan. WHY? Because he IS losing weight. Talk is cheap people. We can write and plan and type all day long, but if you aren't showing results, what you are doing is not working. No matter how badly you think you are trying. No matter how badly you want it to. The scale doesn't lie.

And it's not just Allan who gets hassled. Many bloggers experience this kind of stuff.  Don't email or comment just to be an ass. AND stop with the anonymous comments. Have some balls. Speak up. If you have something to say at least own it. If you don't have a blog, that's fine. But realize it takes time and energy and honestly, a thick skin, to get out here in the blogosphere where anyone can see you and read your thoughts and feelings. Putting yourself out here is scary.  Give us some credit. We're not some "author" writing an op-ed piece. We're just people like you sharing our ideas. If you don't agree or don't like how I write, move on. There are lots of us out here. You'll find someone you like, enjoy, bond with. It takes all kinds.

To those of you who read my blog, thank you so much. I hope I bring some value to your day. I hope I help you in some way. Just knowing you are out there reading helps me more than I ever imagined. Those who comment mean a lot to me. A lot. Most of you are people like me trying to get better. Dealing with life. Losing weight. Not perfect. But, making an effort everyday. Learning from mistakes when we make them. How cool is it that we have this wonderful tool to help us in so many many ways?

OK. Sigh. I feel better.

Yesterday ended up great. I drank 5-32oz glasses of water, plus my 12oz Diet Mountain Dew. I didn't get to work out yesterday. Freakin pissed me off. But, husband had a flat tire. Son forgot his French horn and I forgot that the little chick needed cupcakes for today because today is her birthday. So errands and life prevailed. However, I went home and dragged all the Christmas decorations out and down the stairs and started with decking the halls.  The tree is up and I'm almost done with the interior stuff. That counts in my view as I had to lift and haul 5 huge boxes and lift all that crap and climb on the ladder multiple times up and down.  Calories yesterday were 1171.

Today, I am rocking the diet. I ate less than I thought at breakfast because I switched choices last minute. I had 2 pieces of low cal wheat bread and 1/2 cup egg whites and coffee. 217 cal.  Lunch was left overs 200 cal. I had an apple for a snack. 

I went to TKD at lunch sporting my brand new yellow belt. We did 100 crunches, 20 push ups, stretches, etc. I learned a whole bunch of new stuff which had my head swimming. I learned a new kick-axe kick. Totally fun.  A great workout as usual and I'm pretty sure my legs will be sore tomorrow.   Overall a great day so far.

I have to get the decorating done, probably tonight. Little chick's bday is tonight and I got cupcakes for the kiddos. I won't be partaking, but there is a small bowl of the fat free cherry frozen yogurt with chocolate chunks that has my name on it (90 cal per 1/2 cup and I usually have 3/4 cup=135 cal.). Not sure on dinner, but I know Nanny is cooking.  I know they'll be salad and veggies and I think fish, but either way I'll be eating healthy and in my calorie limit.

Hope you all have a good night.


  1. Wow! I guess I better go read Allan's blog! I have been lucky and gotten tremendous support in both comments and emails. I have never gotten one that was nasty. Some are very honest and give harsh but loving advice and I appreciate them. I don't always agree. I try to be careful when I leave comments and have actually written some that I deleted instead of submitting because I was afraid they might be taken the wrong way. To me, this is all about sharing the love, sharing the support, sharing the journey, and so on.

  2. I have been lucky myself with not getting anon comments or mean ones. If someone bothers me by what they said I just delete it - my blog - my rules.

  3. Love your post today! It makes me laugh when I read Allan's blog and notice that he's heard from these people over and over again. Why not just stop reading? Drama lovers I suppose!

  4. I think I sometimes offer advice when it's not asked for and not wanted; sometimes that makes other bloggers a little pissy with me. But otherwise I completely agree with you, and I pretty much do the same thing: I read the blogs I like and try to leave encouragement. For the rest of them, if there's something I don't agree with, I always just keep my mouth shut. I try to be positive, you know? Anyway, yours happens to be a blog that I LOVE, and I read (almost) every day, even if I don't write every day. LOVE YOU TO PIECES! You're doing great so keep it up! And happy birthday to your munchkin!

  5. Well said, Dr. F. I agree with you. I'm glad you're "rockin" the diet.

  6. Amen. Reading blogs amuses me. Some days I have more time than others to be amused. Allan takes this seriously and wants us all to get to our goal and quickly. I have learned a lot from his posts. I have asked his advice privately and he has freely given it. I have participated in all his challenges. He is a great friend for me to have in Blogville. I hope I have at least given him encouragement from time to time. I realize and understand that his style is not for everyone. If I don't like it, I can read someone else.

    You inspire me to get my act together for the decorating, and let me tell you, that is no short order.

  7. It takes all kinds in this world... including the blog world!!!!

  8. I am a little moist over here.. XXOOXX..

  9. That was an awesome rant - and I couldn't agree with you more about it.

    If you don't like the blog/content/language .. don't read!

  10. I've not been lucky enough to receive any hate comments. Humph. I'm sad.

  11. Amen! I will never understand why people just don't stop reading if they don't like it. It's a blog, not a homework assignment. I have no love for those that live to grinch people.

  12. Nothing like a good ol' fashioned axe-kickin'!

  13. I like your bluntness! There are some big-name bloggers out there that I don't particularly like and guess what? I don't read them. Easy-peasy...why would anyone read a BLOG if they don't like the writer? Life is too short, people.

    Glad you had such a kickass time at TKD, you yellow-belt-wearing ninja! And happy birthday to your little daughter!

  14. I really love this post. I just don't get people. Don't we have enough freaking drama in our real lives that we don't need to get riled up every day over a blog? I'm not totally with you on the political views thing, because I do enjoy a good argument over politics, but some of the crap that Allan gets in his inbox...just stupid and unnecessary. You don't like someone's blog, don't read it. Damn!

    Anyway, you said it all :)

  15. Happy Birthday to your little girl! Today happens to be my oldest daughter's birthday as well, she's 13.

  16. I love it when you rant. It makes us all feel better. Plus, I think lots of blogger-people pay attention. Whiners, beware. The bad-ass Doc is better.

    Seriously, you are an energizer bunny. Christmas decorations, up and down the ladder, cupcakes, parties for the kiddos, house cleaning. All of those things are full time efforts and you have a DAY JOB!!!

  17. Now I have GOT to go read that blog! You make it too tempting not to. Amazing that you can make cupcakes and not partake. That's Herculean, in my book.

  18. Tell it like it is. :) And now I want a cupcake. Dang it.

  19. omg totally!!! hahaha

    @Kelly. HAHAHAHAH I totally wish I was as bad ass as Allan to get hate mail!

    I need to try harder! :)

  20. Nobody's had a better comment than your comment on my blog today! Hilarious...

  21. LOL! Great post. Made me laugh. And you keep rockin that diet! Wooooohooo!

  22. We all have our own style. As long as people respect that, it's all good. I have no issue with anyone commenting how they wish. I have issues with people commenting on how I roll. Mind your own, I'll mind mine. nuff said.
    Like this post.

  23. I have nothing to add other than AMEN!! I love this community after only being here a short time, and I just don't understand why people waste so much energy on attacking others. We're all here for the same reason, and it pisses me off when people start hassling him when he's spending so much of his personal time trying to share what he's learned and help US meet OUR goals. I call BS.

    And awesome job staying away from the cupcakes- they're not worth it!!

  24. lol...easy there doc. I know what you mean with regards to Allan - he is a straight-talker who is actually brave enough to put all the details of his journey out there (poop and all) and when he comes across folks who are kidding themselves, he says so....i have been guilty of coddling bloggers in the past but he is right - it doesn't them any favours. And i guess that brings controversy.

    Still, it's fun to read about some of his epic blogger battles. lol

  25. Doc, if I weren't married and deeply in love with my wife....... just saying!

    TKD Queen! I am so jealous of that part of your life. I need to start making money so I can do that too!

  26. Glad you are still rocking the diet... and diet Mountain Dew!

  27. Good For You!
    Yahoo on the Yellow Belt! (Totally missed that if you posted earlier.)
    Happy Birthday to the Daughter!!

    And yes. Schlepping Christmas decorations up and down the attic ladder COUNTS as weight bearing exercise! So does climbing up and down the step ladder 15,786 times to decorate the tree.

  28. Woo hoo! Glad you got that off your chest! I appreciate your support on my blog! I enjoy reading yours, you make me laugh, sometimes cry and I am always learning something new from you.

    Happy birthday to the kiddos! Sounds like a busy week at your house.

  29. You are way ahead of me in the decorating department! I do have the outside done but only because I was taking advantage of the 70 degree day before the nasty cold came.

    I love that this community has all sorts of people in it! I always appreciate all the post I receive. They have always been positive. I always appreciate your support and knowledge!

    Thanks for this great post!


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