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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's Veterns Day??

This was our conversation last night at the dinner table:

Me: Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. You are supposed to where red, white and blue to school.
4yr old: What's Veterns Day?
6yr old: Oh I know!  It's a doctor that takes care of animals.
4yr old: Oh. Yeah. That's right.
12 yr old: NO. That's a veterinarian.
6yr: I thought that meant you only eat veggies?
12yr: No that's a VEGetarian.
4y: I don't EVER want to be that.
Me: BUT, we're talking about VETERANs. They are the men an women that serve in the military.
4y: What's milary?
12y: OH GOD.
Me: No, honey. Mil-i-tar-y. The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.
12y: COAST GUARD? I didn't know that was the military.
Me:  Yeah. Well....ask "Dubyah" about that.
12y: What?
Me: Never mind....(chuckle from Dad) The military are the people that work to keep our country safe. They are the people who have fought in the wars in the past and the one going on now.
4y: There's a WAR right now?
Me: Yes sweetie. Unfortunately. There is a war in Iraq.
6y: A RACK? Mommy. That doesn't make sense.
12y: I-RAQ. It's a country across the ocean. Geez.
4y: OHHHHH. Like China. Is there a war in China?
Me: Not yet.
6y: You know....lots of stuff is made in China and it breaks and it is crap.
Me: Giggle...
4y:  Mommy. I don't think there should be war.
Me: Me neither.
6yr: Then why do we need a miliary?
Me: Because sometimes people don't get along and they fight even when they shouldn't.
6y: OH. Like when brother throws stuff at me and CHASES me and makes FUN of me and IT is WRONG!(staring at him with an angry look)
Me: (trying to be serious) Yes. Like that. And the military, fights if we need to to protect the United States.
4y: What's the United States?
6y: AMERICA. You know. .... Like TEXAS.
12y: TEXAS is NOT AMERICA. It is IN America. Haven't you learned that? God, you're so...
Me: Well... ANYWAY. We should be thankful for veterans. It is a very important job.
4y: Like YOUR job?
Me: WAY more important than that.
4y: Mommy, did you know that even BOYS can be doctors?
Me: Laughing hysterically at the irony that she thought doctors are usually women. I'll save that lesson for another day.....
Yesterday was a very busy and hectic. I had yogurt and a banana for breakfast. I had no lunch. For dinner, I had some pasta with marinara, green beans and a HUGE salad.  Calories ended at 887. I didn't get as much water in as I was just BUSY. But, I did drink my minimum.

Today I have an NSV. I am wearing a black dress I've had for a while. It still fits but it is almost too big. It hangs nicely. With it I am wearing the knee high boots I ordered from a plus sized catalog to get ones that fit my legs. They fit, but they are loose. I can get 2 fingers in the boot. I am bummed that I probably cannot wear these again, but maybe this means I can buy ones from a real store now?

Hope everyone has a great day. Remember a veteran today!


  1. Great conversation with family about wars and veterans. It's hard to believe that in this world, at this point in the progression of civilization, that we can't figure out a way to avoid war. Go figure!!

  2. WOW kids always put a new perspective on things. I love the part where the 4yr old completely agrees with the 6yr old about the animal doctor. If it was my nephew it'd be said in a voice indicating he knew that all along and the conversation is over. Thanks for your post and support of the veterans. and veterinarians, and vegetarians.

  3. OMG that is too cute and the boy doctor part had me LOLing. Congrats with the NSV.

  4. Great post with family reality. Slowly but surely your family sharing will have them understanding about America, The United States, Veterans, War, Texas and finally they'll know the best part of all...Peace. Peace to all from a Viet Nam Veteran.

  5. I hate my internet explorer it makes this comment box so fracking tiny that I have to type my comment in a word document and then play the copy and paste game, blerg! Anyhow I wanted to say that I love your conversation. I have had some funny one’s myself but since my oldest is only four they usually are only funny because I speak like a college educated adult and she mis-interprets irritated as “meat-a-tated”

  6. You are creating high expectations for your girls and boy for all people and modeling respect for all of those in the service. Thank-you!

  7. you know the conversation has a comic feel to it, but I love that you had the conversation and let the kids know that Veteran's day is important and why. I know Lauren doesn't seem to quite get it yet, but if you keep emphasizing those things to kids, they get it eventually.

    Great job on the clothes NSV's I posted about my recent clothes NSV today too! We are pretty awesome Doc!

  8. I LOVE THAT CONVERSATION! best thing i have read today!!!!

  9. I am thrilled that your daughters see women doctors as the norm - that is just so awesome! ::Fist pump:: girl power!!


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