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Monday, November 8, 2010

Hangover Monday And WOW it's Bright!

Here I am on Monday morning. Can I just say i hate when the time changes? Yeah it's all bright in the morning, but it gets dark so much earlier. It's dark when I get up and dark when I get home. Plus any change in the kids routine and they become freaking idiots. So for the next week or so we'll be trying to adjust.

Overall I had a great weekend. It was busy, but fun and productive. Yesterday I got a lot done around the house, not everything I needed to do, but then when is there NOTHING to do at the house? The kids had a great weekend overall. Except for the incident with the little one deciding to write her name in pen on the sofa. Now see why we have the shit furniture in our new house? Kids.

Eating wise I did well and I was very active with all the chores and yard work and such. Of course I had football on all day listening in to the NFL. After the loss with my Sooners yesterday, I wasn't looking forward to the Cowboys game. I knew it would be bad, but holy crap! That was AWFUL. It was so embarrassing. I'm glad that I fell asleep before the 4th quarter. Woke up this morning hoping I dreamed the horror, but alas it was true. Sports hangover Monday. Sigh.

Today, I'm back to work of course and the rat race. Tonight the Boy has Boy Scouts and I have a project to help my 1st grader work on that is due on Friday.  The boy is going on his first real backpacking hike and camp this weekend. He's excited and we have to help him get all his stuff ready to go.

I will be going home at lunch to work out. I am starting back to TKD tomorrow. And..this weekend is the 5K which I'll likely have to walk most of since I'm not up to running the whole thing yet. I plan to run today at lunch again. Likely going to start back with C25K week 5.  I had just finished week 9 day 1 before I got sick, but I've got to get back to speed.

I didn't have time to do much reading and commenting so that's what I'll be working on today.  Hope you all have a great Monday.  What did you do for your health this weekend?


  1. Amazingly, I kept my calories down all weekend. I was busy almost all weekend and though I did not "work out" I did clean my whole house, take my two toddlers to Chuck E Cheese, Dress up and go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and spent a long time cuddling on the couch with the munches. I am of the opinion that intentional inactivity can be as good for me as a workout. I re-charge every minute I spend with my girls with thier little arms around my necks and thier faces pushed up against mine.

  2. That's why the gods made shades, eh?
    lol - back to the Rat Race!

  3. Greetings! Ditto on our weekend. Ate well, got some exercise for myself, spouse and offspring, lots of cleaning done, and experienced an overwhelming load of embarressment about the Cowboys. Seesh.

    What I wonder...why do owners always fire the coaches? If I could decide, I'd start with canning the players themselves. Sort of like I tell my kids at the dinner table...eat what's been prepared or go hungry. I'd tell the players - suck up your neverending ego and WORK or just go home. I don't owe you a ridiculous salary for doing nothing.

  4. I loathe the return to standard time. The extra hour is grand and all, but I hate driving to work in the Bright!Light! and it annoys me to return home in the dark.

    I swear, if I were a more paranoid sort I'd thing da gubmint was out to get us :P

    As for me this weekend, I was in NYC visiting my little sister and my two-month-old niece. It was an awesome trip. Food-wise we ate in most of the time, and kind of did a "moderation, moderation, SPLURGE" eating plan for the day which, after I tallied my calories, had me fitting into my range just fine.

    Exercise-wise, nothing formal, but we marched that baby all over Brooklyn in both her carrier and her stroller. We hit the subway once, but after that took a hugely long walk in a park and then trekked over to the museum so... yeah. Tons of walking.

    We had a lovely weekend :)

  5. Sounds like a good weekend. I definitely need to get my house in order. Lots of birthday celebrations this month, houseguests at T-giving and 15 (and counting) at the table on T-giving day. Yes I need to get to work.

    For myself this weekend? I ran 4+ miles on Saturday (still definitely run/walk, but it's getting easier now that it's not a zillion degrees and humid outside). I bikes ~12 miles yesterday--getting almost too cold to bike, but it was a good ride.

    Sorry about your teams. You're welcome to cheer on my Stanford football team with me . . .I'm afraid I don't give them the attention and adulation they deserve--they need a loyal fan like you!


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