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Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm an Idiot and Hot 100 update.

Well. I'm an idiot. Officially. Yesterday I went over my DDDY challenge calories by 200cal. Why? Because I made a conscious choice to eat more? Because I decided to have a little extra? No. Because I'm a math idiot. I just miscalculated how many calories I had left and ate too much. UGH. But, I did drink 5 32oz glasses of water.  I am so frustrated with myself. But, I will persevere. Plus I am under the challenge calorie count over all for the week.

As a side note I will tell you that math is REALLY not my thing. It takes effort for me. I should know better than to rely on my brain when a perfectly reliable calculator is nearby. Sometimes I'm a dumbass.

The scale however has not moved and I'm started to be irritated, grrr. Maybe it's my body adjusting to all the extra water. I don't know. But, I came to work fasting today and had all my labs drawn, including my thyroid. I've had problems off and on before, especially when I was trying to get pregnant the second time. So, I'm wondering if it is playing a role in my scale not budging.

That being said, I'll move on to my Hot 100 goals:
1) To be 199 pounds, well, I'm 10 pounds from it. If I can get the scale moving and stay on track with Allan's challenge it should be totally doable.
2) To be size 12: we'll see. I've restarted on the exercise and next week I'll get back to TKD and training harder. I haven't measured lately.  I'm wondering if this is unrealistic. Maybe it should be to be a size 14 in a regular store?
3)  To get my yellow belt in TKD: Finally I'm able to start back on Tuesday.
4) Run a 5K: Well I'm all signed up for my first one on the 14th.  We'll see how much of it I can run. Then maybe in the next 6 weeks I can continue to build my running back up and meet the goal of being to run the whole 3 miles.

I still haven't gotten my iphone thingy straightened out. It works so I'll get it figured out some day. Sigh.
Hope you all have a great day. I'm off to workout at home. This weekend, I'll be running at the park, I hope, AND getting my gym bag re-packed so I can make my triumphant return to the gym next week. Yeah!

Why is getting BACK in the grove of exercise seem to be so much harder than starting the first time was? Likely it's just attitude. I guess. Today I'll bike and stretch and do my core training. Back to work body, whether you like it or not. Actually, my body LOVES it, it's that stupid corner of my brain that complains. TOO BAD SO SAD. MOVE IT!



  1. I have done that too... do you log your food or do u just keep a calorie tally... you might want to start logging your food at a site like Caloriecount.com because it tallys your daily total for you.. and if you have an iphone you can get the free app from the appstore and have on your phone easy to use.. and u can log your food and tag it so that you can find it in favorites .. makes it easier to log I think.. I like it. have a wonderful weekend .. :- [)

  2. I'm with you - getting back in the groove is hard!

  3. Interruptions in our routines sometimes make it hard to get back into the groove, but I actually think you're doing quite well, considering the surgery. Keep on working it, and it will come. I think I will take Honibi's advice and start tracking seriously again.

  4. It is hard to get started again but once you build that momentum up again, it won't be so hard. And maybe you can get a muzzle for that complaining part of your brain.

  5. I've done the wrong calculations a couple of times, too. So I write everything down. Also, I like to look back at my journal from time to time and see what I was eating at certain stages. Like, what did I eat that week I lost 3 lbs? Interesting.

  6. Yup, move it baby, move it!

    You'll soon enough catch that exercise bug and wonder why you had a hard time getting going again. It's like a drug them endorphins... :)

    Oh and stop calling yourself an idiot - you made a little mistake - we all do! Part of being human I guess. Wouldn't being perfect be boring? Nothing to learn from...

  7. If you're gonna go over, I hope it's at least with fruit! 99 more to go chica!

  8. So glad to hear that you are feeling better and getting back into the routine! You are doing amazing!

  9. I hope my call for fruit did not put you over... watermelon is addictive, self admission. I have to be careful with it myself.

    Have a Great weekend!

  10. I think you're doing awesome! Keep up the great work. Definitely measure to see whether YOU have stalled or just the scale. I have to admit I've been out of it with Allan's challenge so I don't really know the deal with that, but didn't you say, you're eating more? Could that be messing with the scale?


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