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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today was an extremely long day. I'm pooped and can barely keep my eyes open so this will be short. Yawn.  I spent most of my day triumphing over disease, or tying to. Seeing a ton of respiratory infections and sore throats. It's is that time of year, after all. For God's sake wash your hands and cover your cough. Or..don't. It's good for business.

I woke this am knowing it would be a long day. I had meetings at lunch and after work. I had planned on working out this morning, but it just didn't happen. My son is trying out for basketball and that means he has to be at school at 6:30am. That means my workout has to come at 5am and I just couldn't get up. So instead I spent 20 min between seeing my last patient this morning and the lunch meeting to practice my TKD. I am getting ready for the test on Friday.  I did my kicks, practiced my forms and while it wasn't a super sweaty workout, I was moving.

Breakfast was an egg white omlet with cheese and Canadian bacon. Those Canadian's really know how to do bacon. Or is it ham? Either way it tastes good. Breakfast was 240 calories.  We had lunch brought in again and this is always iffy. That's why I bring my snacks and have frozen food or soups for a back up.  Today I brought in yogurt for snack, 2 plums and I got a head of iceberg lettuce which I washed and have used for the munchies. It's crunchy and near nil on calories.  Luckily today there were some yummy grilled veggie wraps. I emptied the wrap and tossed the carbs. I had salad with my low cal salad spritzer.  They also brought some yummy sweet potato chips. Can I just say how much I LOVE these?  I could eat the whole bowl, BUT I didn't. I had 10 of them and I was pleased. Lunch was 200 calories.

I went straight from work to a board meeting. I had a yogurt and plum on the way. Along with my 4th 32oz glass of water. When I arrived, I saw they had food for us. Sandwiches and pasta salad and a strawberry shortcake. Clearly most of this is not an option. However, I handled it. I noticed that one of the sandwiches was a roasted turkey. So, I ditched the bun, and ate the turkey. No pasta, no dessert. Instead I had coffee w/ some milk and sweetener. Dinner was 390 cal.  Right now I'm at 1009 cals and too tired to eat anything more. Plus I'm finishing my 5th glass of water.

Today was a success and I am doing pretty well. I weighed this am and I am seeing a loss this week. Official weigh in for the challenge is on Sunday, so I'll see how things look then. OH! And I almost forgot. I got offered Cowboy tickets today and of course I said YES! So we'll be at the game on Sunday. Hope we play as well as we did last week. It's the Lions and they've played well, but Matt Stafford has been out so I am cautiously optimistic. Good night, all!


  1. Good call on the Turkey and ensuring the day was a success! Go Cowboys, squish those kittens!!

  2. You're doing great with your calories and water. But at 5 paragraphs, your "quickies" need some work. ;-)

  3. great job on the free food avoidance Doc! To me, those are the ultimate test!! I remember when free food meant free for all! I am a heck of a lot better at it now, but still get that urge, no matter what is being offered. It is luckily just an urge now, not a reality. Are you pretty confident in passing your TKD test?

  4. Congrats on a successful day!

  5. LMAO @ Alan.

    It looks like you made great choices today. Great job!

  6. You deal with stressful crazy days really well!

  7. Psst, we call it "back bacon" here in Canada ;)

  8. I work in a medical billing office, and half my coworkers have been heading down to the nurse station for sinus cocktails this week. I may be jinxing myself, but I just realized I haven't caught a cold yet.. I'm usually lucky to skate by with just one before thanksgiving- but no sign of one yet despite being surrounded by germy folks. Let's hear it for stronger immune systems via diet/exercise! Have you noticed anything similar in your office?

    And great job on avoiding the catered meals!! We have them daily here, but it's rarely anything I can eat so I pack lunch daily. Good luck on your belt test!


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