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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday. Rainy and Cold....I love it!

Yesterday's post felt really good and I've been A-OK since. I really shook off whatever had me down. I'm feeling so much better.  Today was busy as usual. It is that time of year for me when all hell breaks lose at the office. Today the weather turned rainy and cold and I suspect the phone will be ringing tomorrow.  I love this weather actually, although since my weight loss I soooo much colder all the time.

Today was great food wise. I ate well and drank a ton of water. Consequently I spent a lot of time in the potty today. The upside is I get to spend those few moments thankfully alone in peace.
Here's the tally:
Breakfast: oatmeal muffin, yogurt, and an orange=282cal
Snack: apple=95
Lunch: baked sweet potato, green beans, mixed veggies=240cal
Snack: muffin and watermelon=152cal
Dinner: pork chop, green peas, tomato salad, roasted potatoes=437 cal

I even came home at lunch and rode my stationary, 7 miles. I felt great. My legs definitely felt it as they are still a little sore from the hilly walk on Sunday with the girls.  It felt so good to sweat again. I wanted to do more, but the first day back is not the time to push too hard. I know what happens when I do that. BUT, tomorrow morning I am hitting the push ups and cardio. HERE I go. I'm back.

Tonight I packed up all the Halloween decorations. I got all my Thanksgiving stuff out. It felt good to get that out of the way.  While I was at it, I put all the candy from the kids pumpkins into a big ziplock. I didn't eat any. Didn't even want that shit. Also, I passed up donuts and banana bread at work. PLUS dinner rolls at lunch and cookies and brownies. I can't believe the CRAP that comes in the door at my office. It only gets worse the closer it gets to Christmas. I am resolved to ignore all the crap that comes in.

I had plenty of calories to spare, but I'm full. It is after 9pm and that means it is time for bed. No need to eat if I'm not hungry. I did go to the grocery store. I found some fat free frozen yogurt Cherry with chocolate chip, 90 cals for 1/2 cup. I am looking forward to trying it, but I'm too cold and not hungry.

I had to pick up a few things to make the Chicken Enchilada casserole I saw on Tami's blog today. Sounds delish.  I don't know if you read her blog, but she has some great recipes and she is a great writer. There are only a few recipe heavy blogs I'll read. For 1 thing, the last thing I need it to think MORE about is food. For another, I don't have a ton of time in my life to cook. I love to cook, but little time. Tami's blog has simple, but good recipes in nearly every post. 

The other recipe heavy blog I enjoy is Biz's.  She has some great food ideas and also is a great writer. She is always coming up with new ideas and posts great pics. A lot of recipe type blogs post fancy stuff I know my kids won't eat or fatty foods.  After reading a lot of these sites I end up feeling well..... inadequate. I don't need any more of that in my life either. I like the practical, but yet interesting recipes both these ladies come up with AND they are healthy. Score!

I got some FABULOUS comments on my post yesterday. I appreciate them all. But, if you are like me you don't have the patience to read all the comments on someone else's post. Because some of them were full of great advice, I have highlighted them here. 
Philat Couch Potato to 10K
Me? How do i keep my eye on the prize? Well...i come to blogland and read about what other people are struggling with and the successes they've had, but most of all i try and remember that i have 2 arms and 2 legs that all work, a roof over my head and 3 square meals a day and that I should be grateful that i can walk or run, throw a ball or any of the millions of things our amazing bodies allow us to do, and just who the hell do i think i am to complain about choosing between a bag of M&M's or eating an Apple, when there are millions of people who are starving, homeless, malnourished (or all of the above) in the world..
Tami at Nutmeg Notebook
I just want to continue to be healthy and wake up each morning with out any regrets about my choices from the day before. That is what motivates me to keep living healthy and being kind to my body.Health and peace of mind. 
Christina at I'm Sick of Being as Big as a House
when I think I might want that extra helping of food or that candy or whatever, I stop and ask myself what I want more: A healthy lifestyle that will last a long time, or those few moments with that food? And when I hear myself making possible excuses, I also stop and ask myself "Is that something a fat person says?"

These all spoke to me yesterday. I have read all the comments from yesterday several times today and I believe it has helped me so much. But, the one that spoke to me the most was from my buddy Shane.  Today when I was tempted to skip the workout at lunch, I thought of him and I just couldn't post AGAIN that I didn't do what I said I was going to.  So I got myself out in the rain and cold and dragged myself home for that bike ride and BOY am I glad I did. Thank you Shane for kick in the ass I needed.

Shane at Losing it For the Family
I used to just LOVE seeing your posts about the C25K workout you just finished, the weight workouts, the TKD that you just did and how you impressed the class because you were a big gal that made the whole workout, sweaty and tired but finished! You are an INSPIRATION when you are that Doc! You not only help you, you brighten the weight loss blog community up by a thousand watts. Is it unfortunate that you had a gall bladder issue, yes. But you are now over that. You are ready to pick right back up where you left off. You are not this Doc, you are THAT Doc. Please for the love of God, be THAT Doc again, I am begging you! 

I AM that Doc, Shane. I just needed to remember that.

What bloggers have inspired you lately?


  1. And there is the post I wanted to see. Thank you Doc!!!

  2. aside from you of course, I really enjoy "The Fat Mom" she is a funny lady with lots of heart. I have a recipe blog, but I only post recipes on it. It's not a real "blog" more of a place to share the healthy recipes I come up with. Let me know if you want to see, I'll forward you a link.

  3. Great post Doc. Actually your blog has been inspiring me lately. I'm glad to see you are feeling better and working out again.

  4. I here ya on the being cold thing! Dang, I worked hard to lose weight only to add it back in 30 sweaters to keep warm. Great post! Very inspiring for the day!


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