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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weird, but cool.

Yesterday was a great day. For a Monday. I sure am busy at the office right now. Good news/bad news there I guess. That's how it is this time of year. Hectic, busy, overbooked. And flu hasn't even arrived here yet. Usually it hits around here in January, just about the time kids return to school from the holidays.

I'm still rockin along with the SDDDY challenge. The water is fabulous. Really I am so used to it now that when I don't get it all in (like today, I'm behind.) I feel like crap. And I'm not peeing as much as I was at first so I guess my body is adjusting as expected.

Yesterday, I did well with my food. Really well I thought. I had Egg whites and a bagel thin for breakfast. For lunch I had low fat Progresso tomato basil soup. It's pretty yummy. Especially for 200 calories for the whole can!  For dinner I had a huge salad, some broccoli and 2 small lobster ravioli.  Total calories was 1251. I drank 128oz of water.

I didn't work out yesterday. My legs needed to rest from the 5K on Sunday. Instead of a workout, I practiced some on my TKD.   I had thought I might workout at lunch, but ended up working through. Yeah. we're busy.  Last night I crashed early. I was asleep before 10pm which hardly ever happens, but I guess I was still tired from the busy weekend.

Today was a great day, but super busy.   The office was hopping. The phone won't stop ringing which is great, but annoying sometimes.   At lunch I changed into my TKD stuff and rushed out to class. As usual the workout was hard. Really hard. We did a lot of practice today as I plan to test on Friday for my yellow belt test.  I figure I burned at least 700 calories in that 1 hour. Yeah, my legs are sore now from all the kicking.

As a side note....I cannot believe how much I sweat. Good lord, I could float a small boat. I think maybe I'm drinking so much water it just oozes out my pores.   I thought that the more I work out and the thinner I get that the sweat would decrease. Doesn't  seem to be getting any better. The good news is my sweat doesn't stink. No seriously, it doesn't. I've asked. But I'm just drenched-hair, neck, chest. Pretty much everywhere. Which is OK except that sometimes people actually have to touch me during class and ewww...it's yucky. 
Does anyone else have this problem?

Today I took along my fitness warrior towel I bought from Bobbie at Anonymous Fat Girl.  It helped and I plan to never go to TKD without it again. She wants pictures of people with their gear so I'll get someone to take one sometime soon. And of course I'll have to show pics when I get my new belt.

Today I ate egg whites and bagel thin for breakfast.  Since I had to rush home from TKD and shower and change into dress clothes for my business meeting tonight, I didn't have much time for lunch. I ate 2 string cheese, an apple, a banana and 6 crackers for lunch so I could eat it while driving back to the office for yet another meeting.  Dinner tonight was 1cup of pasta with marinara and some broccoli. Total calories for today was 1255.

I didn't drink enough today.  Oh not for the challenge. I beat that amount. But, I guess the exercise and all the sweating put me behind in the fluids. I've had nearly 64 oz this evening and haven't peed that much.  The more I drink, the more I need.  Can you be addicted to water? Is there a  water addict anonymous I can join? I just can't figure out how much is too much. When will I find the right balance? I know it depends on your activity level, sodium intake and a whole bunch of other factors. I just know I drink so much that I can't believe I still feel thirsty. But, on the bright side, my body feels better, I'm not hungry and Allan can't give me shit for not following the rules.

Oh and here's an NSV for you. The other day I went to pick up the kids from their TKD class. I stood at the large window watching them finish class. Across the classroom the whole wall is covered with mirrors. I saw my reflection and thought, "who's that lady? " Then I kind of shook myself and realized it was me I saw. I looked so much smaller I didn't recognize me. I guess from that distance I could see my whole reflection and with the other people in the room I could get a perspective on what I look like compared to other people and I don't look that horribly big anymore. I'm still big mind you, but less. I guess I hadn't been able to see what others see. It was cool. Weird but cool.

And now I'm pooped again so off to bed. Good night all!


  1. Wonderful NSV! Love your blog and sense of humor!

  2. That moment when you don't recognize yourself if so crazy! It's great, because you're pleasantly surprised, but it's also just really strange. It takes awhile for your brain to catch up with your body.

    I'm totally with you on the water addiction! I'm not doing the DDDY Challenge, but I just drink a lot of water at work - like 4 or more liters a day! It doesn't seem to be a problem except on the weekends when I can't really keep up with it. Then I start feeling crummy.

  3. That's such an awesome NSV! And very unfortunate about the influx of people. Sort of. Good for business, bad in general. I plan on being a pediatric surgeon, so I'm going to have to figure out if a lot of patients is a good thing or a bad thing, lol. On one hand, it's more lives saved. On the other hand, it's more kids that are sick. Eh, I'll figure it out when I get there.

    Anyway, you're doing awesome!! Keep it up :D

  4. I like the NSV!! Love it actually. Ok, in all this, for whatever reason, I clung to the you are going to get your yellow belt! I am so excited about that. I honestly wish I had the time to take TKD and may eventually when I get done with school. I want to see that picture with you in the belt when you get it please.

  5. I am a hysterically dramatic sweating individual. I am with you in that not-so-great club. But hey at least we look like we've REALLY worked out after we work out, right?

    Also, LOL at not recognising yourself! Excellent.

  6. WAY to get another NSV!!! Also I love progresso light soups. The grocery store had a sale 10 for $10 so I'm pretty stocked up for a while.

  7. I have had that same mirror experience myself. good for you.

    I also love prgresso soups, eating one right now, the italion meatball, 160 for the whole can! FTW!!!

    Hey we can start the Down With Pretzles movement which will be big all over the world, except maybe Bavaria. "...At DWP we belive that salty snack foods are responsible for the downfall of human society and the increase in fat asses world wide."

  8. Cracking up at not recognizing yourself - it takes a while for the mind to catch up with the outside appearance!

    I sweat like a madwoman. Shoot, remember my sweaty boobs picture from that 10 mile race? So gross, but what can you do - at least we look like we're working out, right? And I think my skin is better because of all the water I drink - are you having any G2 Gatorade or coconut water after one of your hard workouts? You might need that on top of the water. Haha, look at me, telling a doctor what she needs!

  9. I'm kind of envious that your sweat doesn't smell!! Wow. I don't sweat a ton, but when I do it certainly doesn't smell like flowers. =)

  10. I'm an everywhere sweater, too. Pretty stinky, too. But what a great feeling afterward!

  11. Wow, i can't believe you have lunch-time TKD classes available there - that would be awesome.

    I hear you on the sweat - i thought as i got fitter that i would sweat less, but it can sometimes just pour off me, mine smells of roses too. lol.

    Also, on the water front, i am regularly drinking 9-10 pints (172-192 oz) a day and i still wake up feeling dehydrated. My body has adapted to Allan's challenge and i don't have to pee all the time now. I am definitely feeling the positive effects of it though, so i think this is something i will be keeping up long after SDDD challenge is over.

    Great NSV...that's what it's all about. Nice one, doc.

  12. You rock! Love you NSV with the mirror. Now I'm going backwards to read about your 5k.


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