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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hot 100 Update. Water Logged.

Here we are. Another Friday? Are you kidding me?

Hot 100 Update:
1) Lose to 199 pounds: Well, see my post from earlier today. I haven't quite figured out what's going on. Earlier in the week I saw 207, my lowest yet. Today it was 209 again with no understandable reason. Sigh. Still trying. On the bright side, I did measure yesterday. I lost another .5 inches in my chest, 1inch in my waist, 1 inch in my right arm, 1/2 inch in my left.  That's since end of September, so through my illness and surgery. I think it's a definite win that I continued to lose inches during all that. I have to believe that the scale will correct itself.

2) Be a size 12:  I think I'm revising this. In light of my surgery and what not, I'm going to change this to being a size 14 in a "real" store, not Lane Bryant. I am in a 14 at LB comfortably, even with a little room. I feel like this is doable, especially since I'm back to working out.

3) Get my yellow belt: Supposed to test next Friday. Yeah.

4) Run a 5K: Well, I am supposed to walk/run one on Sunday assuming the weather isn't horrible. If it is really cold and rainy like they are saying it will be, I may have to do this on the treadmill and skip the race and try again another day. My asthma just been flared up too bad to risk a cold rainy run/walk outside. Especially this time of year which is my worst. BUT, if it doesn't happen as an official race, I know I have time to get one. I can handle cold, but not rain/humid cold. We'll see. Keep you posted.

So I'm still in Allan's challenge. I'm trying not to worry about the momentary gain. My body has just been weird since the surgery. I'm drinking lots of water. LOTS.

No really, Lots.
More than ever in my life
I can't BELIEVE how much
And yet, I keep drinking!

It's like it is so automatic, I could do it in my sleep.

Or is this all just a nightmare????

Nope. Just the SDDDY challenge. And all worth it. Even if the scale is being weird, I do feel pretty dang good with all the water. I know my skin is not dry and crusty the way it usually is this time of year.   My lips are not chapped the way they always are this time of year.   My sinuses are not all dry so I haven't had to sniff saline yet this year. And I am getting a lot of quiet meditation time at work and at home in the peaceful toilet closet.  It's the only place people aren't asking me questions or needing me for something. So.....

Thank you, water!

Hope you all enjoy your Friday night! Looking forward to a super weekend!  You?  Have you had your H20 today? GET HYDRATED!


  1. Your pictures made me laugh out loud! Hilarious!

    Sometimes measuring is more motivation that that dreaded scale. Looks like you are doing awesome. keep it up!

  2. hee heh...i'm liking the "telling a story with pictures"...i recently joined allan's sdddy challenge too and managed my 8 pints of water today, but been pishing like a race-horse! But there is no doubting that the water is doing me all kinds of good (i know what you mean about the improved skin).

    Glad the minor gain ain't getting you down...carry on as you are and it will all get corrected Doc. The weight really is only one part of the story anyway and you are right to get motivated by the other measurements going down...you are so close to the fabled one-derland so keep yo ass moving.

  3. HAAAAAAAA! Oh my goodness. That was a good laugh. JUST what I needed to end my work day. Thanks! :-)

  4. Holy Crap. I'm the same way. EAting at calories (almost all days), drinking a small lake's worth of water, and the scale is going up. I know not to freak, cause freaking just makes me wanna eat. I just gotta stay the course and assume that something hinky is up with the sodium/hormones (I am breaking out a bit), and just keep going.

    But dang, when I eat at goal weight level, I expect to see a drop. Dang.

    Anyway, the pics were hilarious. I loved that!!! THANKS. Made me guffaw.

  5. Ha ha, I love the water pics, so true! I feel like I've never drank so much water in my life, but am looking forward to the benefits of being hydrated. Cheers!

  6. I loved the photos. You look darn good, Dr. F.

    I joined Allan's challenge also, and just started today. I had gotten off track with being sick and in pain with the toe fracture, so I needed to do something different--and I'm glad I did. So far I have had almost 100 ounces of water, and bathrooms are now my best friends. I must say, however, that all that water seems to be helping me shake this respiratory virus. I definitely am feeling better today and have more energy. Have a great weekend!

  7. Bahahah!! I am *loving* all the pics of everyone drinking their water!!!

  8. The photo essay was awesome! I feel the same way about water sometimes, but it really is worth it!

  9. Nice photos. Next week maybe "Bad Wayne" will be on there. Very entertaining! lol

    At least I can blame my coupla pounds on my total slackerosity the past couple weeks.

    I love the water thing. I have been sucking down vast amounts of water almost daily for about 15 years now and I know what you're saying about the sinuses, etc. On days when I am out running around a lot or don't have access to my huge cups of water all day . .. I really feel the difference in my nasal passages. It's almost like my body's trying to tell me something!

  10. LOL! Those photos are priceless! So funny. Sorry to hear the scale is being a diva; it is always that way with me (one week down, another not). It seems the week I lose inches I never lose pounds. Bodies are funny that way. Next week you'll see a drop, I'm sure.

  11. Ok the picture story schtick was frikkin' hilarious! I am laughing still. And you are right Doc, stay the course, that scale will do its job in good time. I promise.

  12. Good for you...your pics are inspiring and fun.

  13. Cute:) I am trying to drink more water too. I include things like decaf tea, which helps me a lot. Especially when it is colder.

  14. Hahahhaha! The best post yet! I loved the photos--you are pretty funny.

    And yes, I drink lots of water, too. I drink about one gallon a day. I am like a camel :)

  15. I love the photo! keep going, you are doing great!!!

  16. Sorry about the scale lump. But, love your humor! Thanks for lightening us up, Hope your get some lighter news soon!


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