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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 136 and Word of the Week.

I am having a fabulous week except for the trials and tribulations of owning an iPhone. I love love love it, but OMG when you have problems it is a super de duper pain. I can't get the damn thing to sync right. I am a pretty computer literate person and I've searched the support site and chat rooms. I've tried all that shit. I can't get it to back up or update or even restore. AHHH! So, I'm going to call my tech dude and have him check some stuff out on my laptop and THEN I'll call apple support. I think it is a conspiracy where they figure if they make it hard enough, you'll give up and just go buy a new phone. Sigh.

So I've noticed all these blogs having words of the day or week or whatever. My word is PISSY. That's right. I am pissy about my phone, but that's not the meaning I'm referring to. I am drinking so much water right now. I've been drinking a lot all along, but I am making an effort to drink more. I am trying to get ready for Allan's new challenge. I have to say that I've been drinking a minimum of 64 ounces a day since March when I started my get fit life change. Even at this level, I find myself feeling thirsty. So now I am on a mission to see how much water it takes until I don't feel thirsty.  Yesterday I drank 4-32ounce glasses. I've found I like it cold and I drink it best and fastest with a straw. I chug at least 1/2 the glass right after the fresh fill up, then the other half in the next 1-2 hours. Today I've had 64 ounces and it is just now noon. I'm going to try for 5 glasses a day OR until I am not thirsty.

I can tell you I'm not hungry.  For breakfast I had my 12ounces of coffee w/ light powder creamer and splenda. I had a small slice of the home made banana bread Nanny made yesterday-whole wheat flour, no sugar, no oil (fat free yogurt instead). Very healthy stuff. I'd planned a yoplait yogurt with it, but I drank my water, wasn't hungry and I just realized I left the damn thing sitting on my desk for the last 3 hours. Now it's warm. Yuck.

I don't know what I'm having for lunch yet. I'm not hungry. At all.  I'm planning on going home to exercise at lunch. I have to see if I can touch base with Geek Dude, so that may have to wait until later. I've got to get back in the habit of morning workouts. I just do better that way. AND when I workout every morning, I can still do an extra at lunch so some days I get 2 in. It's what I did prior to my surgery so I'm working back up to it.

I was in Target this am picking up some canned skim milk for one of Tami's recipes. I walked down the baking aisle. Boxes of brownies, cookie mix, cake mixes, those warm in the microwave desserts when flying by. You know what? I looked at them and had absolutely no desire. I thought, "Huh that one looks good, " but I had none of the pulling, out of control urge to shove one in my basket that I used to feel. Is this what "normal" people feel?   I used to see a food on TV or in the store or heck, I might just think of a food and I would have an urge, sometimes an overwhelming urge to eat it. I might not be able to get the thought of whatever that food was out of my head until I gave in and ate it.  I haven't felt that in so long.

And then I got to thinking about the last meal I had in a restaurant. I could not remember it. Not take out, not drive thru. We have been eating at home pretty much all the time. That made me feel really good. Of course I have help with Nanny. We work as a team. Most nights she starts dinner and I finish, but the weekends are mine.  The last time I ate a meal out was the last OU game October 16th. Can you believe that? And the kids haven't had fast food except once in the last MONTH. We went to sonic and I got them a hot dog and slushie last weekend when I was down and not feeling well. I got my diet cherry limeade. Very tasty.

That made me feel really good that without a goal to avoid eating out, we just did naturally because we are trying to be healthier.   In fact, I don't really even enjoy eating out that much anymore. Fast food is OUT. There are very few things I will eat at fast food anymore. It just tastes like crap. And eating in a restaurant with 3 kids is not ideal to say the least. It's just so much nicer to come home, sit at the dinner table, no TV on and talk as a family. It just really feels nice. And the kids are thriving right now.  I was looking at my son, he has really slimmed down with football and watching his food. He looks so cute and he's growing up so fast. His 13th bday is 2 weeks away. Sigh.

So one of my patients I've known forever saw me today and realized how much weight I've lost. She was stunned. She had the lap band about 1 year ago, maybe longer and never really lost much weight. She got really sick and had to have the thing drained. I wear scrubs a lot in the office. My scrubs are HUGE on me. And with the lab coat, you don't notice as much. Today I have on "real" clothes and I was walking down the hall and she stopped in her tracks when she saw me. She of course asked THE question. What are you doing? How did you lose it? I told her I'm counting my calories and exercising. She was like, "Wow, I guess I better get off my duff." I told her she could do it with or without the band. Maybe she will. I hope so.

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!


  1. Inspiring your patients is the best! My doctor is so slim and perfect looking. I have to convince myself that her personal life must be miserable (although she's very sweet) so that I can handle it when she tells me I need to lose weight.

    (not really, but it's an idea)

    Enjoy your pissiness.

  2. Well, it was a great week for you!! I hope you get your iPhone stuff figured out, I would be lost without mine.

    I know what you mean about no desire for those sweet things and other "stuff" you see in the market. Even the Halloween candy did not really entice me. I also have no desire for most of it because I know I can have a little when I budget for it calorie wise. So, good habits are here to stay!

  3. Pissiness all the way around! I almost didn't make it home from the grocery store this morning before peeing my pants. Crazy. I also enjoy my water cold and with a straw. I keep a straw in my water bottle thingie. I just wish I could discover a way to keep ice with me.

  4. Don't you just love when someone doesn't recognize you? Yea for being such a hot momma! Knock on wood my iphone hasn't made me pissy but I am sure it will in the future. Well it does annoy me with not being able to vibrate anymore. That may have to do with the number of times I've dropped the damn thing!

  5. I'm trying like a mad woman to drink water. It's not that I don't like to drink it, but honestly I don't drink anything period during the day. A habit I've had since I was little.

    The banana bread your Nanny made sounds YUMMY!

    It's an amazing feeling when someone compliments you. It makes this all worth while.

  6. Sounds like your metabolism has shifted nicely. I'm curious about episodes of transient hypoglycemia you may have experienced during the transition, since you have the medical insights. Congratulations on the ongoing success. What a message for your pts who are wondering what to do about their weight management.

  7. I'm finding the more I drink the thirstier I am. Weird!! :)

  8. I was fixated on the part where you described the old urge to get a food and then you became obsessed and couldn't rest until you had that food. I used to do that. I would try to argue myself out of it sometimes, but the outcome was determined before I ever even put the effort of resisting into it. I just don't get that urge anymore. And I am on board with the fast food thing too. We just don't do it anymore. Our family was the well known family at fast food before all this, now the places are trying to get us back with great specials on their boards! I know these are aimed at luring us back to pad the profit margin again!

  9. Way to Go!

    We're the same on Fast Food...never touch the stuff, and don't miss it.

    Perhaps it'st time for new scrubs? I finally had to break down and buy new jeans when I could pull the fat pair on and off without unzipping or unbuttoning and they were literally sliding to my knees when I walked.

    Oh! I miss our Nanny. It's sort of hard to justify one now that my oldest is off to college and the remaining brood can drive themselves to and from school!

  10. It's always a better thing to "practice what you preach". In this case, I guess, you have given your patient an inspiration on losing weight as much as you do. I agree that what you have said on the latter part of your post regarding gastric lap band. "she could do it with or without the band"(applause!) The key ingredients to loose weight is a willingness, courage, and discipline before and after the surgery.


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