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Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 136. FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!!

So home at lunch I went. I rode 7 miles on the stationary. I did 50 push ups-20 "real" and 30 girlie ones. I did 50 crunches, 40 reverse crunches, 60 bridge, and 2-30sec planks.  I felt great after. Even my belly. I drank and drank and drank today. I have already consumed 100oz water and I will get another 32oz on the way home from work in a minute and likely at least another 1/2-1 with and after dinner. Yeah pee!

After I had 3.5 oz of pork chop left over w/ a small salad and watermelon for 282 cal and an apple for snack. You can rest assured that I will enter all my food and add it before I eat it tonight so I don't go over my calories again.

I plan to go home to my family and watch Toy Story 3 on DVD and eat dinner. I don't know what we're having yet. Then tomorrow there's a lot house stuff, football and exercise to do. I also have to plan my kids bday parties so I'm busy busy. I'll post tomorrow sometime while I watch the games.   There are so many good ones for this week.

OU play TX A&M, I think we'll win that. I'm looking forward to the TCU v Utah game. Should be a good one.  Alabama v LSU will be a good game. Who would've thought TX v K-State would be so irrelevant? I like it. The NFL is a mess with my Cowboys in the toilet. I keep watching just so I can laugh at how bad it gets. Is this how the Browns fans felt all that time?  Who knew the Raiders vs Kansas City would be a better game to watch than Dallas at Green Bay. Whatev. I'll be watching my Boys. No fair weather fan here.  And the Vikes, my other team. Favre, Ohhhhhh Favre. What body part will you destroy this week? And the Redskins drama. Who can stop watching?

How do you know when you are a football addict? When you are watching Rutgers v South Florida on a Wednesday night. Yep. I was.  Just mad I missed most of the Gtech vs Vtech last night. Kids...they have this weird thing about needing attention and food and bathing. GEEZ! But even I can't watch Central Mich vs Western Mich. There is a limit. I think I found it. Ha ha ha.

Enjoy your Friday. Drink your water!  How much did you get in? What workout did you do today?  And what sports will you be watching this weekend?


  1. I'm loving the lunch-time blitz-attack on flab....that's some nice midday workout. What's a girlie press-up?

  2. We're watching Toy Story 3 right now with the kids and eating black bean pizza. Well, I'M eating black bean pizza and they are eating pepperoni.

    You are rocking on the exercise. Very nice!!

  3. Your lunch time routine is awesome! Way to find your time and use it to your best. If I did all of that, I would be a sweaty mess and need an extra hour to clean myself up.

    Enjoy the movie and football watching.

  4. Wow--you rock. I'm going to re-read your post tomorrow morning and try to borrow some of your get-up-and-go-ness! Football? I root for Stanford, the Redskins, Navy (DH is a retired Navy JAG), and Army (my poor Dad is a West Pointer and hasn't had a win in his big game for several years. He's 93 and still cares A LOT!---gooooo Army (even if it's the only game you win, BEAT Navy) Really though, I'm fairly apathetic about football. My favorite two games were when Stanford went to the Rose Bowl and won (72 and 73--I was there, cheering them on).

  5. I drink 2 liters of water a day on average.

    Whew, that is a serious work out you had there. That is going to give you some serious horse power for your weekend - enjoy!

  6. You are one energetic sports fan! I bet you are a lot of fun to root for games with. Great job on the working out and portion control. Good stuff.

  7. You sound so energized! All that water and exercise seems to be doing its thing. And your sports obsession cracks me up!

  8. wow Doc, I love your obsession with football. I am an ex addict. getting married, going to school and having family obligations have severely curtailed my football watching. I used to start saturday morning and watch it all till Monday night! Never caught the weekday college games unless they were headline makers.

    I am going to be doing two days worth of 5 mile walks this weekend. I opened a door and prolly won't be able to close it now! It think it is a good thing, right? My only issue is I have to get started sooner on those days now as five miles takes longer than three!

  9. Great job with the exercise, lady! I hope that your weekend is fantastic!


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