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Friday, November 19, 2010

Wish me luck! AND Hot 100 Update.

I am so glad it is Friday! Woo hoo! Despite the fact that my ass hurts. That's right. You heard me. My. Ass. Hurts.  I've been practicing and working hard on my TKD for the test tonight. All this kicking and jumping and what not has made my butt sore and my legs sore.

Yesterday, I got up and did about 20 minutes of practice. Believe me it is a workout. I sweat and my HR gets up pretty damn quickly.  Breakfast was an egg white omelet with Canadian back ham(? according to one commenter from up north) and cheese. For lunch I had 1 cup of pasta left over from a couple days ago dinner. And salad. Dinner was Chicken enchilada casserole and salad and a 1/2 cup black eyed peas. I was pleasantly surprised that my girls ate it up, for a change.   Total calories for yesterday was 1245.  I drank 6, yes SIX, 32 oz glasses of water, plus my coffee in the am. I cannot believe how much I love my water. I think I am just more in tune with my body and when I need to be drinking now. 

I had TKD class yesterday. An hour of hard work. For warm up we did: jogging in place, jumping jacks, a million stretches, kicks, punches, 30 push ups, and....are you ready?......150 crunches. You heard me. That was the warm up. No wonder I was a wheezy mess. I had to puff a lot yesterday as my asthma was a problem.  Then, I got lucky as the other white belt in my class wasn't there. One on one teaching. Sounds awesome and it was, BUT it means there was no down time for me. No waiting my turn. I did a zillion kicks.  I did my form many times. Now you know why my ass hurts.

Then last night, my kids wanted to see my stuff. They were quizzing me, they wanted to practice so I did about 30 MORE minutes of practice. I got up this morning and I had planned on running. BUT....I have the test tonight at 7:30 and I was worried that if I ran my legs would be too tired to do well. Instead I did about 15 minutes of practice and review.  I'll run in the morning. Assuming my ass cooperates.

To be honest, I'm a little nervous about tonight. Not because I'm afraid of messing up. I know the material. Not because I'm afraid of not being able to finish, I know I can. But, I'm having a bit of that old "fat-girl" fear. I'll be the only adult white belt testing. I'll be with a lot of little kids. That means a lot of parents watching and video taping and STARING at the fat lady in the giant white belt. Sigh. On the other hand....I'll be doing shit they can't and haven't had the guts to try to do, so FUCK THEM, right?

Plus....I think I might get to break my first board. AND...I'll make one of my Hot 100 goals. And, my BFF and I have always had the motto, "embarrassment is the spice of life."  It's fun to be silly. It's fun to GO FOR IT. I've always believed it and I don't really care what other people think.  They can't criticize me if they don't have the balls to do it too. So over all, I'm excited about tonight.

Hot 100 Update:
1) Be 199 pounds:  Thanks to all the water and tracking of calories and exercise, I've lost 2 pounds. I am 205. That's the lowest weight yet. And that means only 6 more pounds to meet this goal. I know I can do it.

2)  Be a size 14, in a "real" store. Well, I measured earlier in the week and I am continuing to lose inches. I haven't tried this yet, but I can comfortably wear my 16s from Kohl's. And my 14 jeans from Lane Bryant I'm wearing today and there is plenty of room.  And I wore my new size 14 sweater the other day to work. I'm wearing my T shirt from my first 5K last weekend and it is a....get ready for it....  LARGE. A LARGE! Hell yeah! I hope to make this one, I'm on my way.

3) Get my yellow belt: SEE ABOVE. Wish me luck tonight and pictures will be posted either tonight or tomorrow.

4) Run a 5K:  SINCE I'm wearing the T-shirt today, you'll note I actually did one. A real race. But, I didn't run the whole thing. My running took a step backwards with the whole, "I had an organ removed" thingy. But, I did walk/jog it and I finished AND I wasn't the last one across the finish line. I'm working to increase my running so I can get to the point I can run the whole time.  But, I'm very proud I had the balls to enter and do a race.... finally.

How're your goals coming along? Are you making REAL progress?  What do you need to DO to get those goals DONE???


  1. Congrats on the 5K. That is awesome! Do you want to share your time?

  2. Good luck tonight with TKD. I will think of you kicking ass and chopping boards. Congrats on your 5K (I am little behind in bloggy reading).

    Finally, I love the post about commitment and junk food and such. This journey definitely has points with more commitment and momentum and others that are less. I keep going, plugging along, slowly, but the NSVs are stacking up (like more stamina, clothes looser, fitting great in an airplane seat). I am learning more patience than I thought possible. It just feels so good to finally be taking care of ME and I can wait!

  3. Good luck tonight on your yellow belt test. I stopped at blue belt. I wish I didn't but I was/am/still is the fat girl and it got harder and harder in class because of my weight. I was TKDing at 260 lbs for one year and I never lost any weight. Sorry...I digress...

    What I wanted to share with you was the board experience. Breaking the board the first time is the coolest experience and when you have that, "I'm too fat" mentality it's exponentially higher up on the scale. You will do great.

    A few pointers...Just remember to breathe. VERY important! Before you kick through the board visualize how and where you will hit the board, exhale watching yourself kick that board. Then go! You'll be surprised what you can do. You might even daydream about capes and tights and stuff. ;)

    Good luck again!

    P.S. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I really appreciate the feedback and more so appreciate that someone is listening to my rants.

  4. You'll get your yellow belt tonight because you already have your black belt in determination!

  5. Yessah!! I bow to your balls, Doc! (Dang that sounds weird.) What I MEAN is I admire your guts over the whole TKD issue!

    5K? - Whoot! I know what you mean about the T-shirt size. I have on a medium tee today for the first time since, oh, childhood, and it isn't tight at all. It's such a strange thing to get all worked up about, but I am. I'm a normal, average size again.

  6. I so want to hear how it goes tonight!! You rock!

    Love the tshirt! You are so close to 199! Can't wait!

  7. Crap, I am such a guy so I can't pass on this. The pics of you in the shirt, I was waiting to see boobs the way you were pulling the shirt up..... I am sorry but I am being honest.

    I am so excited to hear about TKD tonight. Please don't make us wait. I now think if I can find a place I can afford, I would like to do that now. And yes, fuck those parents. I am the same way, I kinda like making an ass of myself to be truthful, it is liberating to not care what the crowd thinks. For me anyway.

  8. I can totally see you reaching 199 by the time this challenge is over! You are kicking ass and taking names. Good luck tonight! I want to see pictures of the broken board. Just imagine it being Shane G's face about the boob comment. LOL just kidding Shane. :)

  9. Psst, "Back Bacon" is what we call it. Because there is a difference between bacon and back bacon. And saying "Canadian bacon" is generally how non-Canadians refer to back bacon but as a Canadian, we have "regular" bacon that's from here too.


    Sorry your ass hurts! I sympathize (even though it's other parts of me that hurt).

    P.S. Good luck at TKD!!!


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