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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

10 Simple Things and A few questions....

Today is great. I am having a super week. Things are looking up. Today I have had yogurt and a pear for breakfast, the last bowl of homemade dumplings for lunch and an apple and watermelon for snacks. I have had 438 cal so far today and 96ounces of water. I'll have at least another 32 ounces tonight. I'm ramping up because apparently the SON of DDD Challenge is coming and it means drinking something like twice our body weight in water. Just kidding, but it'll be a lot. So, I'm ready. I'm on board and Allan doesn't scare me. No much anyway.

I went home at lunch an ran. Well, I tried to. I was able to do 8 min and then another 6min of running. I walked the rest for a total of 45min and 2miles. I have a 5K on the 14th and I'm ramping up for that. I could've walked more, but I know I needed to stretch, man I really can tell I've lost strength in my abs which affects my posture and therefor my running. I've lost flexibility in .....well everywhere. So I made myself stop and do some heavy duty long stretches. Wow I feel better. So I'm bummed in a way that I couldn't run more and go faster, but on the other hand I have not ran in 6 weeks. What did I expect?

As I was walking, I thought of these:

Ten Simple Ways to Tell It's Been Too Long Since You Worked Out
1)  Your gym bag is buried under that pile of clothes that you WISH you could wear. You know the ones you keep trying on and they keep getting tighter.
2) The treadmill is so covered in dust you have an asthma attack before you get on the dang thing.
3) You can't remember how the program works on your exercise bike, hell, maybe you forgot you had one.
4) Your kids have taken your resistance bands and used them to torture their stuffed animals. Poor Elmo.
5)  You forget to change into your oh so comfy running socks. DAMN it, blister.
6)  Your daughter says, "Why are you wearing that clothes, Mommy?" As if she's never seen you in workout clothes before.
7)  Your legs literally laugh as you try to make them take more than 10 steps and you wind up looking like a bow legged cowboy instead of the lithe athlete you envision.
8)  The Sweat. Enough Said.
9)  Your heart rate monitor won't pick up your heat beat, just because it's pissed you've been ignoring it.
10)  The pimply faced kid at the gym tries to sell you a membership. AGAIN.

The Ninja over at Cooking It Off tagged me in a game where I'm supposed to answer these questions and then Ask 4 different questions of 4 different people. So here are the questions she asked and my answers.

1.  What's your guilty pleasure food? Seriously. This is a hard question because I feel guilt and pleasure about soooo many foods. But, I guess in the context of something I can easily fit in my healthier lifestyle, I would say frozen yogurt. It is so good and makes me think I'm eating ice cream, but it is much healthier.

2. How often do you look at yourself in the mirror, be honest.   Umm..I've never counted. Definitely in the morning and evening and every time I potty, which is a lot lately considering the water I'm chugging.
3. What habit bothers you the most? (think chewing with mouth open, blowing nose at the table, etc) I hate mouth open chewing and nose blowing at the table. I also loath people who answer their phone in the movie.
4. What is your favorite Christmas song? Oh. That's hard too because I LOVE Christmas music. I am not much ready for this subject, but I'll play along.  Probably "White Christmas" and "Oh Holy Night." 

And now it's my turn. Here are my questions:
1) If you could be any animal, what would you choose?
2)  Name 1 thing you would NOT do, even if I payed you a million bucks?
3)  Name one big news event that made an impact on you other than 9/11. Why and How did it impact you?
4)  Where did you go or would you like to go on your honeymoon?

And Here are my 4 victims:
1) Allan
2) Patrick
3) Shane
4) Jack
And just in case Mr. Sh*t is too busy, I'm picking and extra person.
5) Alan

I picked all MEN because they very often do not get included in these silly games AND these 5 have a sense of humor. I like funny.

I'll post more later. You boys better play along, now.


  1. I love the 2nd and 3rd question! I'm going to have to stop by the boys blogs and find their answers.

    I thought about doing the DDD Challenge, but I'm afraid I'd drawn myself with all that water. Geez!

  2. I like your list it made me chuckle. I didn't know you were a comedian too! :-D

    Thanks for sharing!

    We'll keep a life-bouy handy in case you drown in liquids next week, but I'm sure you'll do great!

  3. Nice list. Great job on the running!

  4. That was a fun post! Good job on the exercise!

  5. my life is back to normal, and I am happy.

    Doc sounds like a great workout day to me Doc. I have been chugging water too but I always do, so yeah, I get the going to the bathroom a lot. Our bathroom at work gets a lot of company, let me tell you. I will answer the questions but I am prolly not gonna tag other people. Sorry.

  6. Ah, Good Doctor...you've chosen sides and encouraged Alan at Pounds Off Playoff to kick my ass. Bummer...I thought we were friends.

    He's a good guy, so I'll take this like a man. (You can still come to my victory party when I kick HIS ass.)

  7. hehe. I love your list. I hadn't used my exercise ball in like a year. My kids claimed it popped, but I found it in the basement. Why would they tell me it popped?

  8. I love your 10 list :) Made me smile!

  9. Oh those are some good questions... I shall make them the focus of my Friday blog post.

    Um, comfy running socks... where? Send me a link. I'll take all the comfort I can get when jogging :-)


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