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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Damn you, Axe Kick!

Oh Boy am I tired today. Also, I am constipated. That's right I said it. I spend all day talking about mucous and pee and vomit and poop so, It doesn't really bother me. I also weighed this am and I was up 2.5 pounds. Seriously? That's what happens when I snack on cheese a couple of times. Damn you yummy laughing cow.

And oh MY, my legs are sore today. Damn you axe kick. I learned that new kick and it is a straight leg kick. You kick up an out, swinging your leg back down and striking the target with the bottom of your heel. This means to do the kick properly you have to fully extend  or dorsiflex your foot.(I have to flaunt that 150 grand in education sometime) This means that  I am using my gastroch and especially hip flexors and extensors as the hip has to do all the rotation. Hip flexors are one of my weak areas, so that made it super sore.  I'll have to post a pic or video, assuming I have time to figure that shit out. I must have done 50 each leg of just this kick, plus the other stuff and.... ouch.

And, no workout yet today. Again. Ugh. Apparently son forgot money for the order for more of the crap his football team sold, so I had to run that up to the school. That blew working out at lunch as I had only 30 min left and that's not enough to workout and shower and get dressed again. So, I ran a quick trip to Wal-Mart to get toys and stuff to donate to the kids' schools as each is collecting stuff for various charities. Tonight I'll be finishing the indoor decorations and hauling boxes back upstairs for storage, so that'll help.

If I get lucky maybe I'll ride the bike or do the Just dance Wii. Have you done this? It's so much fun and a good cardio work out. Just dancing. When I try to exercise in the evening I have super bad Mommy guilt so I try to find things to do with the kids.  Outdoor stuff is not that reasonable now with the allergies and asthma and cold.

So far I'm at 3-32oz glasses of water and a diet Mountain dew for lunch. Also, my coffee. Lord bless you coffee inventor man. I had egg whites and whole wheat lo cal toast for breakfast and a healthy choice fish meal at lunch. I had a yogurt and an apple for snacks so I'm at 652 calories. Plenty of room for my dinner of salad and veggies and some sort of protein.

Well....I have work, work, work to do. So busy this week with 2 kids birthday parties and Christmas and work and all the other stuff. This time of year is nuts. It's is a shocker I'm not a total Scrooge. I used to wonder why my Mom hated Christmas so much. As a single mom working 2 jobs, NOW I sure know why.

Have a fabulous evening!


  1. Sounds like you're still getting quite a bit accomplished -- that's awesome!!

    I know what you mean about Laughing Cow cheese. I love that stuff beyond reason. Tonight, I also tried my first little round of Babybel cheese (same company) and Oh. My. Goodness I am in trouble.

    Cheese is kind of my Waterloo... LOL

  2. A really great alternative to dairy cheese is cheese made from nuts (I am always so reluctant to say nut cheese lol, but that's what it is!). I like the cheese made from almond, but you just have to find what you like. They are made sweet or savory, so that's pretty easy. It also keeps your protein and fat from a natural (rather than processed) source. Let me know if you need help getting a source for it. Constipation from animal-based proteins was a big deal for me until about 2 months ago when I discovered the nut cheese phenomenon. Keep up the great work, Doc. You rock.

  3. Oh! My post involved Laughing Cow cheese as well. Yep, even took a picture. Only 35 cals for a low fat wedge! Count me in. Oh -- and I had them with some Fiber Select Wheat Thins. I think that fiber combo might be just what you need! ;-)

  4. 1. MMMMM, cheese!
    2. I totally want to see you do an axe kick!
    3. Just Dance Wii is the bomb!

  5. "Lord bless you coffee inventor man."


  6. I love Just Dance and the sequel is either just out, or about to come out. Sometimes we just turn on the radio and dance - but now it's mostly Christmas music which is harder to rock out on.

    Way to kick some axe. I hope you have a quick recovery. I am currently avoiding bedtime because I' know I'm going to hurt like hell in the am.

    Mmmmm. .. . cheesey nuts/nutty cheese . . .must have!

  7. Does it say nut cheese on the box? Because that would be really funny. I might actually have to buy that :)

  8. I had to laugh because I have a little poop issue I'd like to ask my doc about when I see her this month... but am applying for new health insurance and want no such issues on my record! I think I'll lead with... "Can I ask you something and not have it written into my chart..."

  9. 2.5 pounds? Snacking on cheese a couple of times? Pull the other one, it's got bells on. That would have to be a whole lot of cheese dude.

    Really glad you are back into the TKD and kicking ass at it...one of these days i might follow your lead and have the cojones to take up a martial art too.

    I think the Wii Fit concept is near-genius. Gaming-peeps, getting off their ass and moving?!? The folks at nintendo marketing dept. must have been dreading having to sell the idea to people. lol

    Kudos on the water too - i'm at 80 0z so far, still another 60 to go. Where's that water bottle got to?


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