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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Got a phone call yesterday from my uncle who's boss has a suite at Cowboy Stadium. Apparently they are not OU fans and not using their suite for the Big 12 Championship Game on Saturday. He wanted to know if I wanted to pitch in with him and get the tickets. There are 12 and they are GET THIS $132 a piece. My answer: HELL YEAH!  So now me, my husband, my BFF, his BFF, my son, my good friend from work, her son, and my uncle's family have a FREAKING SUITE for the game! OMG OMG OMG OMG!

I'm so happy. We weren't going to go because we have the 2 kids b days and all and the tickets are expensive and we couldn't get very good tickets and we'd need a baby sitter for the night and all that. BUT, NOW.....my Mom said she'd babysit and I get to GO! 

This is like CHRISTMAS came early for me baby. This is the last time OU plays Nebraska in who knows when since they are changing conferences next year.  I feel like the chick in the front row and Elvis just threw me his sweaty scarf! I feel like I just found the golden ticket in the Willy Wonka Bar. I feel like I just came downstairs on Christmas morning to find that big pink Huffy bike with the puffy seat and the pink tassels hanging from the handle bars.  I feel like I just won the lottery. OK. Maybe not that great. But still pretty damn great!

I feel awesome in spite of the fact that I still haven't had a great poop and the scale still says I'm up a few pounds. Whatever. Considering I am sticking to the plan and drinking like Tommy on Rescue Me ONLY I'm drinking water instead of Irish Whiskey, I know it will all come out in the wash. OR, the TOILET as the case may be.

Yesterday finished strong with total calories at 930 calories. I was so busy. I rushed home and finished the decorating inside, except the banisters on the stairs. I'll do that tonight. Then I put all the boxes away. Now, I just have to finish the outside. I have the porch done. Then, I've got to get the house in order for the parties this weekend and NOW our out of town guests.

Today, I'll be off to TKD in a bit at lunch. Office is hopping today. Then tonight after work I have to pick up and deliver the poinsettias my son sold for band. Then, home to do some of the work I have to get done. Then tomorrow is an action packed day. I'm off and I have a whole bunch of activities with the kids, but I'll fill you in on that later.

Right now I just can NOT STOP SMILING! Gotta work. Damn you mortgage!


  1. Football games in suites are very very awesome! I'm happy and jealous for/of you.

  2. Whoot!!! I've been in a suite there once. It's amazing. Have a wonderful time!!

  3. You're one busy lady. I'm so happy for you for the tickets. I got to go to the Rose Bowl twice when Stanford played there in the early 70s. We won (against all odds) both times. Hope your Boys pull a win out of the hat in this one. Keep it up with the water. This too shall pass (as they say).

  4. Congrats to you! I love your enthusiasm Ann!

    Stop by my blog I have a cookbook giveaway you might enjoy entering!

  5. Oh my, you found that Willy Wonka Bar. ticket; so cool, enjoy that game lucky you!

  6. Have fun at the game. Your post reads like your life sounds right now...frantic and exciting! Glad you get your Christmas early and how are you with your fiber? I have such a tough time with my offerings to the porcelain gods too! Let me know if you find a solution.

  7. That's awesome! Have a great time!

  8. Wow, that will be a great memory for your whole family. So much fun! I'll be taking in the Apple Cup this Saturday (on TV), the first one that has something really riding on it in years. The Huskies haven't been bowling since 2002, incredibly, but could actually get a decent one if they become bowl eligible by beating the Cougars. It will feel great for Jake Locker, a local kid who went to UW to restore the program and has stayed to his senior year (and probably cost himself five figures, unfortunately). But his legacy will be HUGE in Washington if he restores the Dawgs to the post-season. Pullman, WA is frickin' freezing, so that might be the biggest challenge, as the Cougs probably couldn't beat many teams in the non-AQ conferences.

    Well, enjoy the game. I'm sure you'll tell us all about it. Should be fun to see some quality football in Cowboys Stadium for once. Boom! :-)

  9. How awesome that you get to go to the game!!! I really hope OU beats Nebraska, just to see Nebraska's coach have another meltdown...he was a grade-A jerk during the A&M game, and it was fun to watch.

  10. You lucky dog, you!! That will be fantastic!! A suite, too!!! Plan, plan, plan to eat well so you don't over celebrate!

  11. That is awesom have a wonderful time!

  12. Oh wow -- that sounds awesome! I'm excited for you and everyone going and I'm not even a huge football fan, LOL!!

    Enjoy yourself :D


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